Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 2 (BEA Recap)

Today I'm talking about Thursday of BEA, which might have been my favorite! And I actually have pictures for y'all that almost all Shannon took! Haha. :D


CGc6DbUUgAAbZcE.jpgDay two of BEA went much easier than the first one. This time, all three of us went there together. Once the exhibits opened, Val and I rushed to the Disney booth for Passenger (which was Thursday’s MUST HAVE book). Val was so nice to grab the copy for Shannon. And I got to meet and get a picture with Alexandra Bracken, which was so awesome! Her line took a long time, but I loved that she didn't rush it and took pictures with everyone who asked. I was #50 in line (which I thought was really cool), so Val and I did get out of there quickly.

After Passenger, I’m not quite sure where I went? Haha, it’s all a blur. OH! I’m pretty sure Val and I went to the autographing area because we both wanted to meet a different author around the same time. That was when we met up with Shannon again, so she and I helped start an unofficial line for Heather Demetrios. It was in that line that I FINALLY got to meet Danielle! I’m so happy I found the courage to say hi to her. It was SO AWESOME meeting her! Of course, we couldn’t really talk for long but that’s okay. Shannon and I got a picture with her, and I also met Lauren from Love is Not a Triangle.

danielle shannon & i.jpg
(Myself, Danielle, and Shannon)

Remember how I was freaking out about not being able to do everything I wanted? Yeah, well, that was ridiculous. I stressed myself out so much about my BEA schedule and such, but I had no problem picking up every single book I wanted (except for Truthwitch, and I may even be a little bummed about Black Widow). I remember being upset that I had two authors signing at the same time during this day and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to meet both of them. But luckily we were pretty far up front during Heather’s signing and I was able to hop over to Carla Neggers’ line afterward (which wasn’t long AT ALL). Meeting Carla was definitely one of my favorite moments. She is an all-time favorite author and one whose books I’ve been reading for YEARS, ever since high school. For all of these other authors, I’d only heard of them when I started blogging (which wasn’t until two years ago). Carla’s books have gotten me through some tough times, so it was fabulous meeting her and I just completely fangirled at her and gushed about how much I loved her books. It was wonderful!

After Carla’s signing, I went over to the Harlequin booth for the Harlequin Teen signing. Val and Shannon were already there, so I was able to get in line with them (it was ticketed, so I didn’t feel that bad about not going to the back). I saw a lot of bloggers I knew, but I didn’t say hi because I was too shy, though I did see Bekka again after I got through the assembly line of authors. This was also the first time the three of us got a picture together! One of three pictures of us in existence, because we're idiots who forgot to take more.

I wasn’t sure how this signing would work since there were five authors, but it went really well! I hadn’t originally planned on going to this one until I started kicking myself for not meeting Katie McGarry at the Teen Author Carnival! I was SO mad at myself! She’s one of my all-time favorite authors, and I could have at least said hi to her and told her that I love her books even if I didn’t have one for her to sign. So it was awesome that she was there (she is seriously one of the sweetest people ever, y’all need to read her books) and that I got a picture with her! 

katie & i.jpg
Eleanor Herman was there as well (she was dressed in COSTUME, it was fabulous). I completely embarrassed myself in front of Jennifer Armentrout so hopefully she doesn’t remember me. I got to meet Adi Alsaid and get an early copy of his next book. There was another author as well, but I didn’t want her book so I just waited for Shannon to finish meeting Adi so I could get their picture (it gave me the perfect excuse not to move on).

After that, we walked around for a bit and then decided to camp out near Macmillan for Marissa Meyer’s signing. Disney was handing out cupcakes when we walked by AND PEOPLE WERE LINING UP FOR THEM. I thought that was a little crazy, but I did go back to the Disney booth for a Rick Riordan foam shield, grabbed one for Val too in which she promptly started abusing me with it. We (meaning mostly Val) figured out the signings and shit in the first day, so it was easy to realize that once the galley drop was done beforehand at Mac, we’d be able to line up for the signing (so we were within the first five lined up for it). After Marissa’s signing, IN WHICH IT WAS SO AMAZING TO MEET HER, we went back to the hotel. This time, none of us really wanted to walk anywhere for dinner, so we just went to the pasta bar next to our hotel. It was sketchy, but the food was good. Another night of just sitting around and talking, and then we went to bed!

Last photo, not a great one, but PROOF I met Marissa:
(I think I was turning to smile at the camera. Haha).


Tomorrow is all about FRIDAY and how sad I was that it was ending. But it was great! :)


  1. Yay! Next time, more pictures though. :) The second day sounded like a breeze!

    I like the last picture!

    Nooo, I don't want the BEA adventure posts to end. :(

    1. I know, I know. MORE PICS NEXT TIME. Haha, it wasn't a breeze, but it was more chill.

      TWO MORE LEFT, AMBER! I'm sorry I couldn't stretch it out more.

    Ummm courage?! Girl, never be afraid to say hi to me! I don't bit (much). hehe. But it was so great meeting you two! I wish we could have talked more.
    And I loved how detailed your BEA recaps are! Dear me I don't think I remember nearly this much haha. I need to keep a diary next time. :D


      Hehe, girl, I'm just so shy approaching anyone scares me. And I so wish we could have talked more! I didn't realize how much BEA would siphon out your time to socialize. And haha, I think it helps that this was my first time so I remember mostly everything that happened. With that, I couldn't NOT write about all that happened. :)

  3. I really want to go to BEA a year when you and Val both go. I would have so much fun around you two. :D I would also remind you guys about taking more photos.

    I WOULD TOTALLY LINE UP FOR A CUPCAKE. I think. It depends on if anything more important was happening at the same.


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