Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 3 (BEA Recap)

It made me sad writing this post because it was my last day at BEA! And although the conference was CRAZY and overwhelming and ridiculous, it was also AMAZING. Some of the most fun I've had in a long while, and being able to geek out over books and authors with people who get it and understand? THE BEST. I was half-done, my feet were killing me and I was running on little sleep, but I also didn't want it to end either. I wasn't prepared for how sad it would be saying goodbye to everyone.


The final day of BEA! I honestly don’t know how it got there that quickly, because it had felt like we’d just gotten to New York. I was so not ready for it to end. Sure, in the beginning it was CRAZY and overwhelming and scary. But once I relaxed (and I got over the whole Truthwitch debacle), it all became very manageable. This may have even been my favorite day, especially since I got to meet Colleen Hoover! But whoa, I’m getting ahead of myself. Edit: remember how I said Thursday was my favorite? Yeah, I don't know. They were both just so great. Haha.

Val left the hotel early again and walked to Javits (because she’s crazy because nothing was going to stop her from getting a Meg Cabot ticket). I also wanted to get there earlier than the last two days, because there was no way in hell I was going to miss the Six of Crows signing (it wasn’t even until 10:30 a.m., but whatever). So imagine my surprise when I get woken up by Shannon because we both slept in (I had apparently never turned my alarm’s volume up). LUCKILY it was still not even 8, so we got there before 9 when the exhibits opened. But I could not help thinking that this was gonna turn into another Truthwitch thing. And I totally rushed Shannon out the door, but I was panicky about everything. I had no reason to be because we got there with plenty of time to spare.

We met up with Val, and then Nori came over with Kelly and Nikki. So I was finally able to meet Kelly, yay! However, the rudest person EVER broke up our conversation and proceeded to yell at Nori, Kelly, and Nikki for joining us. BECAUSE APPARENTLY THERE WAS AN OFFICIAL LINE OR SOMETHING. It got awkward and awful, and Shannon ended up having a fight with the guy (which I’m sure she’ll go into more detail on in her next recap post). After that mess, the floor opened and Val and I decided to head through HarperCollins before getting in line for Six of Crows. And ah, they were dropping The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which is what Val had been wanting and wasn’t sure she’d be able to get. I also grabbed a copy because I’ve heard such good things about his books. We then proceeded to the autographing area and waited the whole time until Leigh Bardugo’s signing. That signing was a mess, and a lot of people got cut after being told they were safe, and apparently there was DRAMA. Luckily Val and I were in the front so we were able to get in and out quickly and we missed the action.

After that, we decided to hop into Sandy Hall’s line because it was short, and get a signed copy of Signs Point to Yes. We then, I think, met up with Shannon and walked around a bit? I don’t know, but Val and I went back to the autographing area VERY early for the Colleen Hoover signing. There, we met up with Molly again, who is hilarious and very talkative, as well as another booktuber, Samantha. Meeting CoHo was AMAZING, even though her editor totally rushed everyone and I got a very shitty selfie with her (if you wanna see it, look at my Twitter photos). I didn’t have time to say more than “hi I’m Holly!” to her, which pissed me off to no end, especially because there was absolutely no reason to rush the signing. Val and I were one of the first 10 people, I’d say, and we got out of there by 1:05 (it had started at 1). RIDICULOUS! I was upset about it, but also glad it got done quickly because the two of us headed over to Bloomsbury and grabbed one of the last Throne of Glass tote bags (I was #23 out of 25). I was so happy we got one!

Then I proceeded to the Sourcebooks booth for Marieke Nijkamp’s signing. This Is Where It Ends is one of my most highly anticipated books and I cannot wait to read it! I got there pretty early, so I was sitting on the corner of Sourcebooks’ place, where I became the unofficial spokesperson for the signing. I can’t even count how many people asked me what I was in line for. And of course, because I couldn’t pronounce her name, I just kept telling people the book title. I DIDN’T WANT TO BUTCHER IT OKAY. Anyway, it was a pretty long wait, it seemed (probably because I was alone), but it was totally worth it. Marieke is SO SUPER SWEET and she took her time and actually talked with people. It was so exciting to meet her, and I hope I can get to her book soonish. :)

Once that was over, I again went back to the autographing area to decide what to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get in line for K.A. Tucker’s signing, because it wouldn’t end until a half hour before Jennifer Niven’s. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to push it. But then I noticed that Cammie McGovern’s line was SO short (I was like #5 in it), and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get A Step Toward Falling otherwise, so I hopped in that one. After I grabbed the book, I found Shannon walking toward me (she wanted to meet Richelle Mead and get a copy of Soundless). Since I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I followed her and met up with Nori. Nori convinced me practically dragged me over to Richelle’s signing since it was short and there were still copies of the book. I’m so glad she did, because we were able to finally have a chance to talk more, and also I really wanted the book but didn’t think I’d be able to get it. After that, Shannon and I went to Penguin’s booth. Well, I did while Shannon waited somewhere with our bags. I met up with Xander and saw that they were dropping The Daughter of Deep Silence. A publicist came over and talked with us, so I could have made a contact, probably, if I’d tried. Oh well.

After that, I found the line for Jennifer Niven. I’d say we had at least 45 minutes, give or take a few, before the signing. Because I had time, I finally became courageous enough to socialize! I met CJ from Sarcasm and Lemons! She’s a fellow Michigan blogger (though she’s not from there), and we chatted until Jennifer’s signing started. We bonded over our shared love of All the Bright Places, our bitterness over missing Truthwitch, and the fact that Michigan rarely ever gets author signings. It was exciting to meet her, especially because she’s a fairly bigger blogger, AND I made a new friend without Shannon or Val’s help. :P And then I got to meet Jennifer! I was so awestruck I couldn’t even find words, so all I did was gush about how much I loved her book. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get pictures because her line was SO long, but I’m so happy I got to meet her!

Here is my epic book haul:
(Left to right: day 1, day 2, day 3).

Shannon and Val had come over, and we left Javits for the last time (but not without taking a picture). We got to the hotel before 5 and had a little bit of time before the blogger meet and drinks that Tiffany (Mostly YA Lit) organized. Oh my gosh, I am SO freaking glad we went! Shannon, Val, and I shared a table with five Canadian bloggers. One of whom had sat next to me during Marieke’s signing, so that was funny. Another was Jess, the girl I traded books with at TAC on Tuesday. It was a little quiet at first, but once we introduced ourselves and started eating, the conversation flowed (though I was pretty shy and didn’t say much). I ALSO HAD A DRINK! Everyone laughed at me when I first ordered a sprite (I am a such a newbie when it comes to alcohol so I was going to stick with what I know), and then Shannon told me to get a Hurricane so I did. It was pretty good. :D  I FINALLY got brave enough to say hi to Nikki from There Were Books Involved. And she recognized me! Er, well, my Twitter username. I honestly didn’t think she would, so that’s partly why I never said anything when I saw her throughout BEA (which was surprisingly a lot). I would have been so pissed at myself if I wouldn’t have said hi, so I’m super happy I did! I also met Octavia (Read. Sleep. Repeat.), Christina (My Life in Books), Cassi (My Thoughts...Literally!), and quite a few others!

(I wish I knew everyone, but I sadly do not. I did link up to many above!)

We all walked for a bit before we had to say goodbye, and there may have been a few tears involved (right, Shannon?). Then the three of us were RIGHT NEXT to the Disney store, so we HAD to stop in! I’d been wanting to since I first saw it on the way back from Javits one day. AND OMG IT WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WOOOOOORLD! It’s a huge store, two stories, and it’s all about Disney. MY FAVORITE. I got this cute little stuffed Minnie Mouse dressed as the Statue of Liberty. I also got my mom an adorable Mickey Mouse mug, but didn’t find anything my brothers would have liked (because they are so incredibly hard to shop for). After that, we again hung back in the hotel room, which was filled with us packing, talking so much because we would have to say goodbye the next day, and laughing at Shannon’s struggles with her epic book haul.


I hope you enjoyed the recaps of BEA! Tomorrow I have another one that details my ride home, and my last day with Val and Shannon. AND IT MAKES ME SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.


  1. I WAS SO HAPPY YOU SAID HI, HOLLY!!! And I just got done reading all 3 of your BEA posts so far, and I'm so happy your BEA was so successful. It's so overwhelming before you get there, you don't know what you can make and what you'll miss, but you can cram so much more in than you'd expect!!


    Sigh. I miss BEA.

    1. Why was the last day horrible!? I LOVED the last day, other than the fact that it was the end!

  3. So.... true story, in my head, I call Marieke Nijkamp something that sounds like "Mary Kay Ninja Camp". It's embarrassing, but it is also accurate. Also true story, I would LOVEEE to announce that guy's name and Twitter handle all over the place. I have been trying to be classy, but maybe if I ever sit down and have some more drinks... ;)

    I feel like I didn't see you guys much the last day! I saw Val for awhile because we were in the Six of Crows Line, but not you! I became independant for a bit, shockingly! When you were waiting for Jennifer Niven, I had gotten a drop of the book I had been planning to get signed, so I just walked around- which is how I ended up getting More Happy Than Not, much to Daniel's chagrin ;)

    I need more recap!!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  4. Ew. Rude people.

    Yay for a Throne of Glass tote bag!! That sounds so cool.

    I LOVE the blogger group photo! Something like that is definitely on my bucket list.


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