Saturday, July 11, 2015

Burn, Rewrite, or Reread?

So Shannon tagged me in the Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Tag awhile ago but I just now got around to doing it. I think the tag originated on booktube here, but I am not quite sure of that. But anyway! Here are the "rules" that I just copied from Shannon (who copied them from Kayla): “So here are the rules, from what I can understand: there are three rounds, wherein I use a random number picker applied to my “read” shelf on Goodreads for three books, and then decide what I’ll do to those three: burn, rewrite, or reread. Sounds simple enough!" I did it a little differently because I wanted something fun to do, but I have never regretted anything more than this.

You see, I decided to let my three bestest blogging buddies (say that 3x fast) pick books for the three rounds of this game instead of using a random generator. WORST IDEA EVER. They're monsters. They're evil. How dare they do this to me! Even though it's not like I wasn't expecting itBut whatever, I totally found ways to weasel my way out of the tag and NOT burn any of my favorites! Or reread a book I hated with every fiber of my being.


Round 1!
Amber's Picks!
Of course Amber gets straight to the heart of my faves. She didn't even have to think about calling out these books. And they gave me the most trouble for some ridiculous reason! I spent quite a bit of time figuring out which book to burn and which to rewrite. It was HARD.

Burn: All the Bright Places. This is going to shock the hell out of Amber and probably the other two as well. But hey, I'm never going to reread this (no thank you don't need that depressive sadness in my life again) and also I don't know what to rewrite about it? Sure I could go the easy route, but to tell you the truth, it felt natural for the story and for the characters. As much as I wanted a happier ending, I was satisfied with it. So, I'm burning this? Whatever, I'll just go buy it from the store again.

Rewrite: I'm putting I'll Meet You There here because I NEVER want to burn this book. Ever. Even though I gave this 4.5 stars and ATBP 5 stars, ratings are never the only factor in decisions like this for me (same as when I'm doing top ten lists). What about my feels? What about the impact? I remember being so completely slayed by this book and falling in love with the story. And oh yeah, right, I'm supposed to rewrite it. Well, I could have done with more resolution with Josh's family. I also didn't always totally care *that much* about the secondary characters' story-lines (some of that could have been cut, I guess)... But really, I wouldn't change much. It was pretty great on its own.

Reread: I mean, I was so clearly going to put The Kiss of Deception on here. I've already reread it twice and I STILL would not change a damn thing about it. Sure the pace was slow at times, and it WAS basically a romance disguised as a fantasy (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least not in this) but I. DON'T. CARE. I love it! It's an all-time favorite, and you can bet your ass I'll be rereading it again before the final book is in my hands. Speaking of final book, that's coming out like next week, right?

Round 2!
Val's Picks!
Val decided not to go after my favorites and instead made me choose between three 1-STAR-I-HATED-IT-SO-MUCH books. Because what I didn't think about was how tortuously painful it would be to pick a reread from this list since why the hell would I ever want to reread them? It may have just been worse than the burning of my babies.

Burn: Forbidden! BURN IT! BURN IT DOWN, I SAY! Cleanse the world of this miserable piece of-- *takes deep breath* I'm cool, I'm calm. So totally chill about this one and my need for it to crumble into ash.

Rewrite: I put In the Lyrics here because it has POTENTIAL. If the author would just rewrite her main character completely, strengthen the romance, and cut out the unnecessary angst, it could be a really good book! 

Reread: dear God do I really have to reread one of these books? I mean, talk about wasting my precious and valuable reading time on the most godawful of the bunch. Fine. Fine. You know what? I'll reread Stealing Promises since it was the shortest out of the three. I think it's actually a novella. So, there. I win. You lose, Val.

Round 3!
Shannon's Picks!
I mean, this is the absolute worst one. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, SHANNON, I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! She even specified what cover I had to use for Lola! Who does this?! (also: Shannon at first put The Kiss of Deception on this list instead of Lola until she realized Amber had already stolen it, and let's just say, if she had, it would have ruined me. So yay for me not having to go through that!).

Burn: Easy. I'll burn Lola and the Boy Next Door since I have three copies of it. SO I WOULD STILL BE ABLE TO READ IT. MUAHAHAHAHA. (This isn't cheating, right? RIGHT?)

Rewrite: Play On. I'll bet this one surprised you, eh? This book is basically perfection for me, but there are still a few changes I'd make about it. For one, the romance could have been stretched out just a *bit* more. Two, the plot could have been stretched out more. Three, I COULD HAVE JUST DONE WITH SO MUCH MORE OF THIS BOOK. But I guess that's not exactly "rewriting" so much as adding to it. Just rewrite a sentence, and we'll call it good! No need to maim it anymore than that.

Reread: I almost, *almost* put down PO on here, but then I thought about my precious Blue Lily, Lily Blue and realized that I want to change NOTHING about it. Nothing! Sure there were spots I was so very confused but that mostly had to do with the fact that I hadn't read the books altogether and so hadn't picked up on much of the "hidden clues" in the story-line. But everything else was just pure perfection. So many moments, so many feels, so much PYNCH AND BLUESEY. Oh, and I can't forget about sweet, dear Noah. <3 ...I really don't need these TRC feels right now after the last week or so, damn it!


I mean, of course I knew they were going to make this absolutely difficult for me. I was just hoping they would forget about some of these books. But I must talk about them a lot, especially the first three, because Amber was quick to call them out. And Val totally surprised me by throwing out the so-bad-it-got-1-star books. (I should probably be thanking her for not making me choose between three other favorites. I don't know if I could have done it again). But I digress, this WAS fun. A little bit. Maybe only a PYNCH. Definitely didn't find it hard to do this at all nopenopenope

If you've read any of these, I'm curious: which category would YOU put them in? Do you agree with my choices or not? Would you ever let your friends do this to you? <--Very serious question here. :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. That, as you know, means I'm laughing out loud, in real life. This post is just amazing. I love it so much. It has nothing to do with the fact that we caused you such pain. Nothing. Not a thing. Really.

    Ha. Ha. Hahaha… They just came so automatic to me! As I told you, I wasn't too shocked about ATBP, because I was thinking the same thing really! Which is kind of weird. But whatever. You're never reading it again? But, but it's so good! I don't blame you, I can't even really THINK about the book. Or review it. . .

    I agree about the resolution with Josh's family! I wish there would have been more developed with his home life, involving his brother and everything. It would have been nice, I mean, we get all these inner monologues but he didn't talk a lot about his family in them.

    I knew you'd pick KoD for re-read, I just had the feeling you would. That final book IS coming out next week.

    i love that Val totally picked hated books, that's kind of amazing. Hahaha . "If the author would just rewrite her main character completely, strengthen the romance, and cut out the unnecessary angst, it could be a really good book!" So if she just rewrote her book the right way, it'd be good!

    Dear god you should have put Lola in the Rewrite section! Just rewrite everythingggg. Just kidding, just kidding, (well not really but…) <3.

    Hey, I didn't steal KoD! I simply picked it automatically. :) Because you talk about it a ton, especially with the sequel coming.

    THAT IS CHEATING, YOU CHEATER. IF IT'S BURNED, YOU CAN NEVER READ IT AGAIN. Wow, you have three copies of Lola? That's intense…but not surprising!

    Hahaha, us forget about those books? Tch. I'm glad you had so much fun with this!

    I would clearly burn Lola, reread I'll Meet You There and rewrite All The Bright Places, if only to add more to the story, because I wanted more. Not to change the ending.

    1. I can't even with your comment. It has KILLED me.

      I cannot be this predictable with my answers. NOPE I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.

      I'm glad Val went the hated route; it made my job hella easier.


      It's totally NOT cheating, I don't know what you're talking about.

      I did have a *wee* bit of fun, there. BUT IT WAS AGONIZING.

  2. I actually really agree with your choices here! I had a feeling that is how they'd ALL play out (well, not Val's because I have never even HEARD of those, but I did think to myself "she should reread whatever the shortest is" hahah), so ummm we really may spend too much time talking ;)

    Also, you are NOT the only one who hated that Forbidden Wolf shit. So... there's that.

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


      It's never too much talking. <333

      I know I'm not. I made a friend through our mutual hatred of that book. It was great.

  3. DARN. I SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN BETTER BOOKS. But to be honest you read a lot of NA and I have read NONE. Plus Shannon and Amber already took the good books. AND I WANTED IT TO BE DIFFFERENT. But hey, you have to reread that one book now hahaha. And yes. yes this is real. You have to reread it.


      also I am never reading that book again. Ever.

  4. I can't decide if you have the best blogger friends (they know you well after all) or worst for making you choose ahah :'D This was an amazing post by the way so thanks for making me laugh! I'll definitely be doing this at some point but whether I let my friends decide the books is yet to be determined...

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:


      No but really they're amazing and they know me too well. Haha, I'm so glad it made you laugh! I got a kick out of writing the post and couldn't wait to share it with everyone.

      *whispers* let them. You might regret it, but it'll be worth it. :D

  5. BUT THE WAY YOU DID IT IS SO MUCH MORE FUN NOW I WANT TO REDO IT. I may just have to redo it ;)

    *applause* Agreed about All the Bright Places!!! I think you summed it up so well about the whole thing.

    Not cheating with Lola at all! Bookworms have to stay smart with their faves!

    I need to reread all the Raven cycle books together in a row so I can see all the connected storylines.


      Yay, glad someone else agrees about ATBP! I am satisfied with putting it in the burn section.


      same here! Well, I mean, I've already talked to you about it, but I DO still plan on rereading that series before the summer is over. Hopefully.

  6. Thanks for not burning The Kiss of Deception!! Like whoa, noooo. I really want to read Blue Lily, Lily Blue. It sounds so perfect and heartbreaking but MARCH 2016?! That's cruel.

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


      And omg you neeeeeeeeeeeeed to read BLLB. Like it'll be painful but it's so worth it.

  7. Oh wow, those first and third ones are KILLER. I would have done the same with Blue Lily and Play On, but MAN that's tough. But I'll Meet You There is TOTALLY a re-read. *hmph* ;)

    I did the tag earlier with a random number thingy, but I may have to do this again your way haha.

    1. Right, right? How dare Shannon and Amber do this to me! Yay for you doing the same! but yes, I figured I'll Meet You There would be the reread for you. ;)

      Hahaha, others have said this so you're not alone. IT WAS REALLY FUN.


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