Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2015 Releases

Hey all! Sorry I'm late with this post, I've had a terribly busy weekend with my summer courses (and I've been playing my video game A LOT). So anyway, here are the new book releases I'm excited about!

August 4th

August 11th

August 18th

August 25th

Coming out maybe?

I've already read: Legacy of Kings. My review WILL be coming up in a post of BEA minis soonish, but for now I'll say I really enjoyed it. I've also read A History of Glitter and Blood, which was a freakishly unique and utterly fucked-up book. I liked it a lot!

From NetGalley, Edelweiss, and BEA: The House of Shattered Wings, The Temple of Doubt, Reawakened (which I'm super stoked about!). Court of Fives and Never Always Sometimes were two I picked up at BEA, and I'm *hoping* to get to them this month. I can't wait for CoF especially. I need another great fantasy!

My most anticipated: The Paper Swan! One of my favorite bloggers I follow on Goodreads is always reading and adding tons of NA, romance, and adult books. And I can't tell you how many books I've added or read because of her reviews and recommendations. So when I saw her comments about this book, I immediately looked it up and went to Amazon. Then I found out it was only 99 cents so I pre-ordered it. And now I CANNOT WAIT to read it! I may just have to start it as soon as it downloads onto my kindle.

What books are YOU excited about that are coming out this month? :)


  1. I want to read Not After Everything so so so so bad!! It sounds so angst-y, I LOVE IT. I just finished Jubilee Manor, and it was superb. I can't believe it's over ;( I recently learned about Reawakened, and the Egyptian mythology is quite appealing. Nice roundup!

    1. I cannot wait for that one too! Also need to read the Landry Park. And yesssss to Reawakened! I only recently learned about it too and I'm so excited to read it! Hopefully I can get to it this month.

  2. So many good books coming soon. I need more monies!

  3. 1. I want to know why that one book is only MAYBE coming out.
    2. Lots of books release tomorrow! I might have two already preordered and on their way...
    3. The Accident Season and The Uninvited were AMAZING. Never Always Sometimes was quite good too. The Creeping was decent. Jubilee Manor... was not.
    4. I am most excited for What You Left Behind and The Girl at the Center of the World- aka, the pre orders!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. 1. It didn't have an exact release date. Just said August 2015, so I don't know if it'll still be published this month.
      2. Haha, I have none pre-ordered (well I did buy The Paper Swan) but I have 3 ARCs.
      3. Yessss so excited for both! (NAS too, but only a little). And I am now starting to regret not picking up The Accident Season at BEA.
      4. What You Left Behind!!! Also, that other one? I feel like I've heard of it but can't think of what it's about. Hence, why it is not on my list.

  4. So many great reads! What You Left Behind is one that I'm definitely excited for.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  5. Not too many August releases I'm looking forward to, but I did buy a copy of BMLT and I'll be reading Court of Fives soon. :)
    Happy reading this month, Holly!

    1. Yeah, I'm actually only REALLY excited about a few of these. And one of those is Court of Fives. I'm hoping to read that soonish too!

      Happy reading for you too, Danielle!

  6. I only recently heard of What You Left Behind, and how amazing it is, SOOOOOO I will be on the lookout for that one. And What is Paper Swan? I like Origami swans. LOOKING IT UP NOW. I wonder if it is still 99 cents....



      I still don't think it's a 'you' book, but I don't wanna hold you back from reading it. Because it's definitely not YOUR typical read. (And I say this in the best way possible).

  7. What You Left Behind and The Paper Swan are the two I'm most excited about this month. As soon as I read the synopsis for WYLB it just felt like one I was going to love. And The Paper Swan... the few advance reviews I've seen have been fantastic! I'm actually considering stopping at B&N on the way home to pick up WYLB... I want it noooow. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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