Monday, August 17, 2015

Initial Impressions Tag

So, a few months back, Amber, Val, Shannon, and I were discussing our first impressions of each other. And some genius decided it should be a tag (I really do not know which of us suggested that, but we're basically a packaged deal anyway so I guess it doesn't even matter. haha). But none of us are geniuses because it took us a LONG time to actually put this together, and we have Val to thank for motivating us into doing it. And also to thank for that wonderful graphic.

Here are the "official rules" Val made up:
1. Choose a couple of bloggers that you remember your first impression of from when you first started following them or discovered their blog!
2. Talk about your first impression of them! And whether your impression of them has changed!
3. Tag tag tag! You can also tag the bloggers you wrote about as well. 
4. Don't forget to thank the person who tagged you! 


My first impression of Amber was not from her blog, but Twitter! We had both joined the #IslaIsComing readalong, and we ended up having a long discussion about how much we disliked Anna and the problems we had with this book. Here's where it started:
I am not going to embed anymore tweets because it was A REALLY LONG conversation! I'm talking 30+ tweets back and forth that somehow started our friendship. At this point, my impression of Amber was this: hey this is someone I can talk to about books even if we disagree. And after that, we didn't stop talking. Her sarcasm and willingness to engage in long conversations with me (which wasn't happening much with others because I was shy) really made me WANT to talk with her!

And that hasn't changed one bit! If anything, our friendship has become stronger and she's someone I regularly talk to (at least once everyday even if it's just a simple comment). She just gets me. And I love how she dishes back sarcasm and doesn't make me worry about my Twitter tones because she knows how to read them so well. Sometimes I swear it's like we're the same person.

SHANNON. SHANNON. SHANNON. Oh, man. Okay, I'm going to try to do this but it's so hard because I don't remember how we started talking! I do know that my first impression of her was good! I LOVED her blogging voice. I thought she was hilarious. And cool. And sweet. Her comments on my blog always made my day because she was thoughtful and incredibly nice and helpful. I don't know how we became friends from there, honestly, but I'm glad it happened. SO glad.

I still think she's hilarious. Her posts always send me into a fit of laughter, even if they're serious (because you know she has to throw in a joke to lighten everything up). And I still love her voice! It's one of my favorites and so very distinctly hers. Of course she's still sweet and everything (unless you piss her off, which you don't want to do, TRUST ME). :D And I love her newest blog design and really hope she sticks with it since I think it fits her so well. I've always liked her name, too.

Oh, my Vals. The most innocent little centaur that ever was (ha. ha. innocent. that's a joke). Again, like with Shannon, I don't exactly remember when we became friends. But my first impression of her was that she was a sweetheart because she was said she would be my bloggy friend after a post I wrote saying I wish I was closer with people and had more friends in the community (it was my Top Ten Blogging Confessions). And then I went to her blog, and I thought: it looks so cheerful and bright and I'll bet she's the same way.

I was right! She is. It takes something REALLY special to make Val lose her cool and piss her off (it's actually quite funny when it happens). But she really is one of the most positive and bright people I know in my life. She's so darn cheerful, and her blog reflects that. It reflects her personality so well, and I think her voice is so very much just hers. And so funny!

So Kaitlin is someone I've known since basically the beginning. I started my blog in 2012, but I didn't really turn it into a book blog until May 2013, which is when Kaitlin actually made hers. I think we found each other through Goodreads, and I KNOW she commented first. My impression of her blog was that she was very organized. And she was always coming up with new things and ideas! I was like: where is she finding all of these? Haha.

I'm really sad that we didn't really become friends, or even just chat with each other, until last summer. She's still very much an organized person, and I looooove how far she's come with her blog. I've always been impressed with what she's done and how much she does. And I'm so glad we've become good friends through here. I used to think Val was my reading twin, but I'm pretty sure Kaitlin is. We have nearly the same tastes in books, it's insane!

Veronika @ The Regal Critiques
This is actually Veronika's second name, but I still remember her old one quite well. Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes. Fun fact: I spent a good portion of the time I've known her thinking it was actually Reading is Dreaming with Eyes Open. Whoops. Haha. I messed it up so much! Wait. Now I'm not even sure if I'm right. Oh dear. THIS NAME JUST CONFUSED ME A LOT.

Anyway! My impression of Veronika, aside from the confusion, was that she is such a nice person! I loved reading her comments on my blog, and I loved visiting hers in turn (though I have been sorely slacking on that at the moment). I remember thinking that her pinkish/purple (am I just forgetting everything here?) blog was super cute and that it was nice finally finding another blogger who also read and talked about NA books frequently (there weren't many that *I* followed who did, or even do now). Veronika is, as I thought originally, a really nice person! And I adore her new name and design and think it's great she's co-blogging.

Hannah @ So Obsessed With
I remember finding Hannah through a fantasy event she was co-hosting with Alexa. I mean, I think I knew who she was beforehand, but I'd never actually checked out her blog. And so I decided to scroll through because I adored her blog design (it's changed now though, and I also love the new one). I remember thinking that her posts were so thoughtful and creative. And I was so impressed by how much she put into each and every single one of them.

I still think her posts are some of the best in the blogosphere! I admire her originality and all of the thought and love she puts into everything she does. I've also gotten to know her a *little* after that fantasy event, and she's definitely one of the sweetest and kindest people I've "met" in this community. And I think her blog is one of the most creative and fun to read.

Edit: Cait @ Paper Fury
Shhh, let's just pretend my initial impression of her was already in this post when I first published it, kay? So I do not know how I found Cait! I mean, I'm fairly certain it was through the Top Ten Tuesday meme but I don't know for sure (I do know it was still The Notebook Sisters then though!). Anyway, when I first read one of her posts, I remember thinking: holy shit, she's HILARIOUS! I thought she was super cool, and I was so intimidated by her. I figured there was no way she'd visit or comment on my blog, especially with how big her own blog was and how many people commented daily.

But she did! She commented! And I stopped being intimidated by her after I got to know her better. I still think she's one of the most hilarious people I've ever "met" and her posts always make me laugh. And I never have to be completely worried about my comments, because she makes it so easy to just be yourself (even if be yourself means stupid jokes and trying to be as cool and funny as Cait's post). She's also very approachable, and I'm SO glad I stumbled upon her blog somehow. I need my daily dose of Paper Fury.


I'm of course inviting the people above to join in with this tag, but I'm also tagging a few more as well because they wanted me to (and spared me from the awkwardness of having to decide who would be okay with it or not). I think I missed a few people, and if I did, I'M SORRY. :p

Kayla @ The Thousand Lives (who didn't actually say she wanted to be tagged, so I hope she's okay with it anyway. Haha).
Sheridan @ I Turn the Pages

So, do you still remember your first impressions of people? I encourage you to do this tag or even just think about how you found some of your favorite bloggers and if your initial impressions of them have changed over time. :)


  1. WELL THEN. Yes it does take a lot to piss me off big time, AND FINE it may be entertaining. And LOL at Amber and Shannon's impressions. AND WHAT NO WE ARE DEFINITELY READING BUDDIES!

  2. That's meee. Oh, Anna<3 Enraging people and bringing them together.

    OF COURSE YOU REALLY WANTED TO TALK WITH ME. I can talk for dayssss, to some people.

    We totally are the same person.

    Shannon's just the best! I love her.

    AW! I didn't know you knew Kaitlin that long! Even on general terms.

  3. We are all geniuses, obviously! That's the beauty of it! I love how none of us remember how we actually started talking- only that you are the magnetic force that somehow brought us all together!

    And don't let Cait fool you- she has CLONES. Seven of them. One has a job as the exclusive commenter. Original Cait just sits back and delegates.

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    But seriously now, I have a warm fuzzy feeling now, omg. :') *tackle hugs you* I love this tag!! And I want to do it too, although I'm an empty egg head and don't even REMEMBER how I met most people. 0_0 WHICH IS BAD, YES? I assume most people found me, though, because one day I wasn't talking to some people and then the next I had 193081 new BFF and I love it BUT I WISH I HAD A BETTER MEMORY SO I COULD DO A COOL POST LIKE THIS. Either way. *nods* I'm just gonna hug you right now and ajfdklsa I'm so glad you think my posts are hilarious. xD I TRY. hehe

  5. Haha, you're initial impression of me is soo much nicer than I expected. The way you put it my old blog name DOES sound confusing but I heard this quote "Reading is dreaming with open eyes" and it made so much sense to me that I assumed it makes complete sense to everyone else too. I was actually very proud of that name until I realized that it might just be the longest blog name I've ever seen. lol
    Great post! I wish I remembered my first impression of people but I really don't so I'm not sure I'll do this but I'll definitely try. :D


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