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That Time I Finally Discussed Fangirl with Amber

So back in June, if you remember, I posted a 3-person discussion on Throne of Glass. I loved having a conversation with two of my best bloggy friends about a book and then sharing it with everyone. It was so much fun and I'd been wanting to do something like this again. And an opportunity came when Amber and I both realized we were going to be reading Fangirl this summer. So we both read it, but we just FINALLY got around to discussing it this past weekend, and we're sharing our thoughts with y'all today!

BUT. Here's the thing. I don't have the whole discussion on here. Because it was 8 pages long (and that was after we cut it down), we decided to each take half of the conversation and post it on our blogs. So, if you want to read the whole thing, you're gonna have to do a little blog hopping. I PROMISE IT WON'T BE HARD. And I'm sorry to tell you that this is PART 2 of the discussion! So if you want to read the first part before this one, then I suggest heading on over to YA Indulgences for that. :D (I know, we're just awful people, aren't we?)


A little context: we had just finished talking about how we felt like the book had so many missed opportunities with plot and romance, so Amber suggested we take a look at the positive(s). And here's what happened. 

AMBER: On the brightside? Maybe we should talk about bright sides?

MEEEEE: Ooh, best brightside? REAGAN!!!

AMBER: YES. REAGAN WAS SO AWESOME. Even when she said some kind of annoying, irritating, kind of grating things, she was such a bright side.

MEEEEE: Reagan was my girl. I know she was a little rough around the edges, and she was hard to like at times, but I still loved her character. And of course she was the TOTAL OPPOSITE of Cath. Just like Wren. (Of course) It’s like the two women were made out to be these outgoing, really social people so that we could see how Cath just did not fit in with them. BUT I will say this: Wren did kinda suck for making Cath feel so bad about things and for just leaving her sister behind. Like I get you want to explore and shit, but she’s your TWIN SISTER. Does that mean nothing? I think Wren needed her little rebellion to realize how good she had it later. A sister who knew who so well, and who accepted her for her. And a dad who was just pretty freaking cool.

AMBER: We could be here all day on about how Wren and Reagan are Cath’s opposites and how interesting it is that they’re more “wild” than Cath is and how it’s seen as bad or whatever.  I don’t think Wren was even really trying to rebel, I think she just wanted out on her own, which is fine. I was thinking or hoping they would have made Wren’s reason for distancing herself from Cath be for a different reason than her reason. Wren did annoy me from time to time, but heck, Cath annoyed me a ton more than that.

MEEEEE: What was her reason again? That she wanted distance and to strike out on her own, right? I can understand that, given who Wren is. She annoyed me A LOT, actually, probably because I could see how hurt and miserable Cath was without her sister.

AMBER: Yeah, I think that was her reason. It pissed me off how Wren basically cut Cath off completely, like come on. Why would you do that? No, they didn’t have to live together and hang out every single minute and have all the same classes/friends/schedule, but there was no reason for Wren to cut Cath off so much.

MEEEEE: Oh no, definitely not! It’s not like Cath would have held her back. She just wanted to be with her sister sometimes. I didn’t find that to be unreasonable, especially since they’re twins who have shared a room their whole lives. They’re very close, even when they’re fighting and separated.

AMBER: Well, I wouldn’t have said they were ‘very’ close even when they were fighting because there was a long while that they didn’t even talk to each other. Well, close in the sense that, even after the fighting, they’d still have each other and they’d still BE there for each other. Oh okay, gotcha, that makes sense, definitely. It makes sense how close they were though given their family background with their dad’s mental illness and their mom leaving.

MEEEEE: That kind of background pushed them together more easily.

AMBER: For sure.

MEEEEE: What haven’t we covered yet? I feel like there is not much more to the book than the characters, their relationships, and the fanfiction.

AMBER: Hmm. . . Yeah. Oh, there’s the small fact that Levi was Reagan’s ex. Which is, weird.

MEEEEE: Yeah, that was weird, but I didn’t think it was THAT big of a deal. They’d been broken up for awhile, and they stayed best friends. Of course they’d start going out with new people. I did like how Reagan and Cath TALKED about it instead of just ignoring the issue.

AMBER: For sure, I definitely loved that they had talks about Reagan and Levi’s past and Levi being with Cath, that was realistic. What do we think of Levi exactly?

MEEEEE: Um, I liked him, but I didn’t love him. I didn’t really feel like we got to know him enough, and there was that whole him pushing Cath away because, what, he didn’t want a relationship? What was his reason again for lying about Cath and his kiss meaning nothing?

AMBER: Oh god, that whole lying thing was so freaking weird and unnecessary. Like…I still don’t understand the purpose. It was weird.

MEEEEE: Like it didn’t really FIT Levi’s character, to lie about it. And then afterward, he just ignored it and acted like nothing was wrong? Ugh.

AMBER: Maybe he thought she wasn’t into him, didn’t want to kiss him...some other strange reason that doesn’t fit the freaking book or anything. This is really bothering me, I want to find out now.

MEEEEE: I don’t know. I didn’t fall in love with Levi, or this story, or Cath. I just ended up not totally caring about anything. It was NOT what I’d been expecting.

AMBER: Not at all, given the praise for this book, I was expecting a true to life, awesome, amazing college bound story and instead what I got was a girl who’s obsessed with a book series, writes fanfiction, has a sort of broken home life, a neglectful sister and oh yeah, she’s anxiety prone. And quiet. And very not wild.

I didn’t fall in love with Levi either, I mean, I liked him, but he kind of reminded me of Cricket from, you know the book ;) HEY NOW DON’T BRING MY SOULMATE (Holly first said Cricket then changed it to soulmate, not surprised [HOW DARE YOU]) INTO THIS and I blame it on Cath’s description she used.

MEEEEE: I mean, just like, NOTHING HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK. (Like whatever happened with Cath and her mom? Whatever happened with that?) I was super bored and Cath was making me mad and Levi wasn’t involved as much as a love interest should be and BLAHBLAHBLAH.

AMBER: Cath’s constant ‘OMG, LEVI’S SO MUCH MORE OLDER AND EXPERIENCED AND BLAH BLAH BLAH, EVERYTHING ELSE THAN ME, WHY WOULD HE WANT ME?” was annoying. I totally understand that people feel that way sometimes when it comes to first getting into a relationship with someone (or even later), but it didn’t mean it wasn’t such a turn-off for Cath. For me as a reader.

MEEEEE: Oh yeah, THAT was annoying. Like I totally get insecurity. Hell, I’d probably say the same things. But when it’s a constant inner dialogue, then it becomes WAY too much.

AMBER: Exactly, it was constant and that’s what the problem was, and again, I don’t have any problems with that, I’m the same way, just seemed excessive. It WAS excessive, and I feel like it was just another way for the author to show how anxiety-filled Cath was about everything.
Shut up.gif
AMBER: I did discover that there were parallels between the weaved in Simon Snow fanfiction (at the beginning of chapters) and the forthcoming chapter. So plus for Rowell. OH REALLY PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME BECAUSE I FOUND THEM TO BE UTTERLY USELESS. How do you want me to do this? I could just make a list of the ones that stick out most? Go ahead.

“There was a boy in her room” / “There was a boy in Simon’s room.
Ch. 3, Cath talks about Reagan being her roommate / “But, sir,” Simon pushed, “do I have to be his roommate every year, every year until we leave Watford?” “Being matched with your roommate is a sacred tradition” blah blah, it reminded me of Wren and Reagan in the sense.

MEEEEE: Oh wow, those are GREAT parallels. /sarcasm. I’m sorry, but I still think they weren’t needed. They kept taking me OUT of the story.

AMBER: Hahaha, there were more parallels, there was like one with Cath and Levi first dating, Wren and Cath fighting, Cath and Nick stuff, etc., I didn’t think they were necessary, but they were interesting. This brings one question to mind though. . .*waits for you to ask*


AMBER: Are you going to be reading Carry On?

MEEEEE: lololol no

AMBER: Should anyone read this book? NO PRESSURE ON YOUR ANSWER OR ANYTHING. God knows we’re probably the last two to ever read it.

MEEEEE: Well, I mean, so many people LOVE it. I feel like we’re the black sheep. So I wouldn’t not recommend it.

AMBER: Good answer.


Well, I hope that was fairly easy to read and follow along with! And of course, I hope you had fun reading mine and Amber's thoughts on Fangirl. But I want to know YOUR thoughts! So many people loved this one, and we're basically black sheep (baaaaa baaaaa), so I want to know if anyone else will be joining us in the Pen of Disappointment. LET'S DISCUSS! :D


  1. You guys made it seem longer than it was supposed to hahahhaha. AND OK SO I DID LIKE FANGIRL. OK. I liked the fact that it was one of the first YA books I read that mentioned fanfics and the internet and TUMBLR (I think this did....actually I don't even remember at this point), so I kind of overlooked all that romance stuff.

    You know what did bother me though? It was that Levi was just fooling around with other people at the party. Like he has been flirting with Cath alllll semester, and he thinks that she doesn't like him? Like what. Can you be more blind. Anyways. Bam, I'm off to Amber's bloggy for the other half TO TALK ABOUT REAGAN. I liked her. Oh wait, ----shhhh I didn't know you would be talking about Reagan oh no no no no I did not. Cough

    This is what I get for reading your unpublished discussion before hand HAHAHAHA


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