Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2015 Releases

I'm back with a new releases post! September was really crazy for me, and since people were talking about the books being pubbed A LOT, I decided to forgo the post during that month. But now I'm excited to share with you the October releases that I can't wait for! And the hidden gems I found while searching through Goodreads. :)

October 6th

October 13th

October 20th

October 27th

I've already read: Illuminae, which was fucking BRILLIANT. So, so unique and wonderful and y'all have you pre-ordered it yet? GO GO GO! And The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which I really liked but didn't quite get. I've also read A Thousand Nights! And while it was no WRATH, I really enjoyed it. :)

For review/from BEA: Only have three NetGalley ones: No True Echo, Wolf by Wolf, and These Shallow Graves (which I also received at BEA). I especially can't wait to read the latter, since it's perfect for the Halloween theme. From BEA, I have quite a few: Signs Point to Yes, A Step Toward Falling, plus the one I mentioned above. Honestly the only ones I'm hoping to read by the time October ends are WBW and TSG, but because of the slump, I have no idea what'll happen. We'll just have to wait and see. :D

My most anticipated: I actually have a few! A Madness So Discreet is definitely #1. I am so super excited about this psychological, historical fiction thriller. It sounds right up my alley. I also can't wait to read Return Once More after loving another book of Trisha's. Lastly I found this gem Wake of Vultures while browsing through the "readers also enjoyed" section on Goodreads, and I'm already dying to get my hands on it. It sounds awesome! Oh, and duh, The Rose Society! I almost forgot about that one. I cannot wait for my pre-order to get here already! Edit: I forgot Surviving Ice, I am terrible. It's definitely one of my most anticipated as well. (By now I should just put ALL OF THE BOOKS on this list, right? :p). 

So, what October books are YOU excited about? As always, what ones am I missing?! :)


  1. For some reason I thought that The Rest of Us Just Live Here was a September book, but I think that may have been for a different country....OH WELL. Anyways. I HAVE BEEN HEARING GOOD THINGS ABOUT A MADNESS SO DISCREET. I will have to check it out someday. I don't think I'll be reading A Thousand Nights until later because of reasons (aka you), and already read Wolf by Wolf so yay. And OH ILLUMINAE. I have that as a planned read for this month as well :)

  2. THE ROSE SOCIETY. I wasn't expecting to love The Young Elites so much, so I'm a bit surprised that the sequel is now one of my most anticipated releases. :D I have No True Echo and Wolf by Wolf too. I definitely intend to get to NTE this month, but I'm not sure if I'll get to WbW until November. :( What We Left Behind, Dreamstrider, and Surviving Ice are all ones I'm super excited for. Wake of Vultures looks really good.

    Nameless by Jennifer Jenkins releases on the 6th! It's apparently amazing and has been getting glowing review. It's my next read, so . . . *crosses fingers and hopes all goes well*

  3. I'm so sad because A Madness So Discreet went completely under my radar, so I didn't consider it when I was setting up my preorders for the month! I'm hoping to get it in November or December - and then I can read the awesome creepiness that it's supposed to be :D


    I need to grab the illustrated Harry Potter and Carry On. Like now! lol


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