Tuesday, November 10, 2015

(41) Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations I Want to Watch

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I'm Looking Forward To or Ten Book To Movie Adaptations I Still Need To Watch.

I chose the second one because there are SO MANY book adaptations I haven't watched yet. Mostly because I still haven't read the books! *hides* DON'T JUDGE ME, I'LL GET TO THEM ALL EVENTUALLY.

1. If I Stay
I really want to watch this since it's on Netflix, but I haven't read the book yet AND I WANT TO DO THAT BEFOREHAND. Bc, you know, it's IMPORTANT.

2. The Book Thief
Okay, so I HAVE actually started this movie, but it was way back in June and I guess I lost the mood for it. Also I had just finished the book a few weeks before and was like THERE IS NO WAY I CAN GO THRU THIS PAIN AGAIN SO SOON.

3. The Maze Runner
So I'm not really that interested in this book anymore. (My dystopian-loving days are pretty much over). But I still have this ridiculous notion of waiting to read it before watching the movie. So.

4. The Duff
Another book I want to read before the movie! I had NEVER heard of this book until the hype for the movie became loud. I remember hearing Kody talk at the Teen Author Carnival in NY, and it made me want to definitely read it, esp soonish.

5. Gone Girl
I'm *fairly* sure I'll read the book, again, before the movie. But hmm, I don't know if I really care about this one that much to do that. And okay, I may just want to watch this bc of Ben Affleck. Guilty.

6. The Martian
I'm not a huge fan of science fiction, so I honestly probably won't read this. I've heard really good things about it, but it's just not my type of story (also I'd never heard of it until a month ago). However, I really enjoyed the heck outta Interstellar and I think I'll like this.

7. Vampire Academy
FINALLY A BOOK I'VE ACTUALLY READ! No but seriously, I found VA to be incredibly fun and I loved Rose. I've heard the movie is baaaad, but I heard that about City of Bones, and I still quite loved that one so we'll see.

8. Still Alice
Normally I don't read much Adult contemporary fiction, but Val sings this book's praises. And I'm really intrigued by the psychological aspect, and I want to read a book about Alzheimer's!

9. Far from the Madding Crowd
I'd never heard of this book, but I kept seeing the movie advertisement when I opened my kindle. And it made me curious! I'd really like to watch the movie; I'm not very interested in the book, though.

10. Mockingjay Part 2
(official movie poster or no? I don't care)

And obviously this movie, even though it's not out yet. I recently watched part 1 and just about died from all the feels and of what's to come. FINNICK, MY DARLING PRECIOUS BABY. *sobs*  I feel like I'm missing some too, that I know I want to watch. Gah. Anyway, here is also a great list on Buzzfeed of the book adaptations that came out this year. So many good ones I can't wait to watch!


So what book adaptations do YOU still wanna watch? Have you seen any of these? If so, did you like them? Let's talk! :)


  1. So can you read minds? Because this would be pretty much be on my list if I did it this way except for #9. CAN YOU BELIEVE I'VE NEVER SEEN ANY OF THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIES? NONE OF THEM!!! So I checked them out at the library so I can be caught up in time for part 2.

    Great list by the way!

    My TTT

    THE MARTIAN, was a good movie despite the fact that I didn't read it. If you liked Interstellar you will love this I am sure.

    You need to watch and read Still Alice I swear if you don't I will squish you. I can also lend you that book as well after you're done with QUIET

  3. Can't wait for Mockingjay 2! So close!
    I loved The Martian - I thought it was hilarious. And The Duff was really good too. I still need to Watch If I Stay and The Book Thief as well. >.<

  4. I really enjoyed If I Stay (both book and movie). Yeah, there were a few changes but I was okay with them and I thought the movie totally captured the overall feeling of the book and definitely packed an emotional punch. And I think we're all beyond primed for Mockingjay., I am expecting greatness. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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