Friday, November 27, 2015

The Lunar Ball Recap

Last Friday, my friend Liz and I made the long 2 1/2 trek up to Petoskey for Marissa Meyer’s last stop on her Winter tour! It was an incredible night, and I’m so glad I got to share it with one of my best friends. I think she was even more excited about it than I was! Haha. I’m super happy I got her hooked on the series, and that she was willing to drive us up there. The car ride was long, but it went by fast because we just talked the whole time. And we honestly haven’t really hard a chance to do that since we roomed together sophomore year, so it was nice and felt easy. But we had left later than we meant to, and we ended up getting to Petoskey with 15 minutes to spare (the event started at 7 technically, but luckily Marissa wasn’t actually talking until 7:15). We grabbed a quick dinner and changed into our dresses. And then it took us a bit to find a place to park and get to the bookstore!

Once we got there, the place was PACKED! This is a pretty tiny store (though it’s two floors), and so we were all crowded in this tight space downstairs, but there weren’t many people (had to be less than 50), so it was a lot better. We couldn’t really see Marissa upfront, but we could still hear everything. She said a little bit about her writing process regarding Winter, and then she actually read us the Grimm Brothers’ version of Snow White (which is really dark and creepy, way to go Grimm boys). Oh, and then they did a costume contest for someone to win a manuscript of Winter (!!!) and there was a DAD there who cosplayed as Dr. Ekland (father of the year award, amirite?). After (or before, I can't remember) there was only time for a few questions, and then the hosts set up the signing table.

Some highlights from Marissa’s talk (in my paraphrasing way):
  • With Winter, she just kept going and going. She kept crossing the line and writing, and it ended up taking two years to finally finish the book, which was longer than any of the others.
  • There are days where she misses the characters. It was a bittersweet ending for her. And she knew she wasn’t finished, so Stars Above happened.
  • She’s obsessed with pre-Disney fairytales. It started when she was a kid, after reading the Grimms'The Little Mermaid.
  • Question: which character does she relate to the most? Cress! She mentioned being a totally awkward fangirl, like this girl. And that she also uses her imagination to escape real life. Also, after her mom read Cress, she even asked if Cress’ spacing out thing was what Marissa did as a kid.
  • Question: her favorite character? She didn’t really have one. She called them all her best friends, but not. BUT she did say that Thorne was the most fun to write.
  • Question: which character did she have the most trouble with while writing? Again, she didn’t have an answer because the characters reveal themselves slowly, and she gets to know them through revisions. So they’re all a little difficult to write, in a sense. But she did mention Jacin being a tough cookie. With his defense mechanisms and shutting off his emotions, she said it was hard for her to uncover his character throughout the process.

Afterward, Liz and I hung around. We weren’t in a rush to meet Marissa and have her sign our books. Because there wasn’t a lot of people there, we had PLENTY of time and the hosts mentioned before that we would all get our facetime with Marissa. Plus, we’d driven over 2 hours to get there, so why not stay the whole time? We mostly talked and freaked out about what we’d say to her once we met her. Finally, we got in line once it was dying down, and then it was OUR TURN. omg I was SO nervous. I don’t even remember all of what I said to her. But she was so sweet (as she was when I met her at BEA this past summer), and I had 4 books for her to sign so I had time to talk if I’d stopped being so socially awkward. And, well.  But I did get a picture with us both smiling at the camera this time! :D

Once we got done, Liz and I wandered through the shelves a bit, talking about our favorite books and checking out the pretty covers for some of the classic fiction (I want so many of them). Then we finally decided to ask someone (er, well, Liz did) to take a picture of us with the photo booth they’d set up. Because OF COURSE we had to do that too! Haha. By the time we left, it was around 9 (which was when the event would end). After like two months of planning, it was over in a heartbeat, which was sad! But I’m so freaking happy we got to do this together! As I said, it had been so long since we really had a chance to just sit down and talk outside of work. It was a really fun mini road trip, and I definitely need to get her hooked on more YA books so that she can drive me we can go to more book events. ;) And of course, it was super great seeing Marissa again! (Even though she doesn’t remember me. Haha). Also I was not expecting questions about my tote bag (my Gansey & Blue one), so that was weird. And I was supposed to meet up with Sheridan, but I completely forgot after getting there late and being nervous around everyone. NEXT TIME! Last thing, this bookstore is the CUTEST and I wish I could visit more often.


Have you guys ever been to a book event? Who did you meet and how was it? :)


  1. Ooh Holly, I'm sooo jealous of you for being able to meet with Marissa Meyer not once but twice now AND having Winter signed. Yet, I'm REALLY happy for you! It seems like you had a blast there and even managed to get a picture with Marissa Meyer *-*, which is quite lovely, I have to say. :D
    I honestly hope you'll be able to visit more and more events, and I'm sure you'll be even more at ease the next time you meet an author. <33

  2. I didn't know she was coming to Michigan! So cool!! Nope, I've never been to a bookish event. Thanks for the recap. I relate the most to Cress too! Iko's my favorite though! I want her to have her own book! Have you read Winter?

  3. Ahhh that is an amazing photo that you got with Marissa! She's one of my favourite authors, so hearing about how long Winter took her makes it all worthwhile. I could imagine Cress would be relatable for a lot of people and it's super cute that her mom read the book as well!


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