Monday, November 16, 2015


I'm super excited to participate in this fun hop hosted by Crystal @ Bookiemoji and Kristen @ My Friends Are Fiction. It's all about sharing pictures of our bookshelves, and it gave me amazing motivation to do a major cleanup and re-organize my one lone wolf. And I have to say, I'm pretty proud of it. 


This is the ONLY actual bookshelf I own. How sad is that? So much sadder since not all of my books fit onto it, and I had to improvise. Anyway, the top shelf contains my all-time faves. Like, favorite authors such as Brighton Walsh and Rachel Harris, and favorite series/standalones. And then there are some special signed/personalized ones that I will treasure forever, like Nina Lane’s two books and Tessa Ever After. I also managed to complete my ARC collection of The Remnant Chronicles and the Under the Never Sky series, so I love displaying them. And of course, I’ve got my growing POP collection to show off as well. :)

The 2nd shelf contains unread books that I MUST READ ASAP. Like, I want to read all of them at the same time and I wish I could. Many are ones I’d been excited about before they were even published, and then I never had the chance to read them. Some complete series, and then there are a few ARCs that I would like to get to before their 2016 release dates. The 3rd shelf contains MORE unread books, but these are ones that I’m not rushing off to read just yet. I would like to get to all of them at SOME point in the near future, but they aren’t a priority. The 4th shelf are books I read and loved/enjoyed immensely. They aren’t all-time favorites, but I adore having them on display here (though some are only on here because they didn’t fit on the top, I’m just saying. There are quite a few that were amazing enough to go up there). And the bottom, the 5th “shelf,” contains ALL THE SERIES. No, but seriously, it is stacked in so tightly, double-edged, because I have so many that I’ve started/haven’t started/don’t own all of them yet so I can’t start them, and I needed all of that space for them.

floating shelf.jpg
Story time: I actually made this floating shelf in 7th grade, WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS. I had a woodshop class (I don’t even remember how I got into it), and we got to build a bookshelf. So I’m kinda proud I did it, and that I’m using it again. I stopped putting books up there because it got so dusty, and it was hard to clean. But I’m going to try harder doing that because I definitely needed this space as well, and since I’ve read all of these (favorite childhood series on the right, favorite adult authors on the left), I thought it’d nice to put them out of the way but still display them. Also I needed a bookend, so my jar of Lake Superior sand (yes, I have beach sand in a jar on my shelf DON’T JUDGE ME) is keeping them from falling over. :p

So yeah, that’s pretty much it! I do have like a desk in my closet that is stacked of books also, but it’s a mess and it’s not something I wanted to show. It has unread and read books as well, so it’s a mixed disaster. Haha. Anyway, this is what I have. It’s not enough for the amount of books I have, obviously, so a new bookshelf is a MUST for Christmas/birthday. But where put to it, now that is the question.. :D

Here are the participating blogs, so be sure to stop by everyone's posts and check out their shelves!


  1. That's such an interesting organization system!! I've thought about organizing by colour, genre and size but never by how much I liked it! That's a great idea. Of course, I have shelves dedicated to my favourites and the most beautiful books I own, but I should definitely try organizing it the way you did. Hehe, I am also running out of shelf space and have to stack vertically just like you XD
    Jenna @ Happy Indulgence

  2. You may have just one bookcase, but dang is that a BEAUTIFUL collection of books!!! They're organized so nicely, and I love Mrs. Potts and Chip peeking out from the top! ^__^

  3. Girl, you need another shelf! But I love how you make it work! Totally looks great. Also, super impressed with your shelf you made!

  4. LOOK AT ALL YOUR POPS. You weren't kidding about having a lot. ;)I still love Elsa. And Rapunzel. And Bell. And Mrs. Potts&Chips. IMYT<3

    Alas, I, too, only own one bookshelf. It's incredibly sad. Yours is super nice though! And I envy your ability to double load the books (for lack of better phrase, like, being able to have two stacks on one shelf).

    Yay for completing your ARC collection of The Remnant Chronicles! <3

    I love how you have a whole shelf of books you MUST READ, haha. You do need to read More Happy Than Not. I'm surprised you haven't devoured The Lies About Truth.

    YOU MADE YOUR OWN BOOKSHELF, GOLD STAR FOR YOU. Look at your skills! Are you going to make me one? I want one. I love floating shelves.

  5. Nice shelves! I'm impressed that you made your own bookshelf. All I got to make in shop class is a car. (And I tried to cut my thumb off..) There's never enough space for books and bookshelves. There's nothing wrong with a jar of sand! I have rocks on mine.

  6. You definitely make the most of your bookshelf! Love it! I love that you have a shelf dedicated to the Must Read Now titles. :) I have a list like that, but not a shelf. So glad you shared!

  7. YOU MADE THAT SHELF! wow! That's awesome. And the coolest part? It holds books. You def need to get more bookcases so you can fill them all with the pretties. I love your collection. So lovely.

  8. I wanted to do a major reorganization of my shelves too, but I couldn't do it because I have A LOT of books, so I'm saving it for another time. XD

    I SPY JELLICOE ROAD. I highllllly recommend you read it ASAP. It'll throw you in the ringer and spit you back out full of emotions.

    I sooooo approve that A Series of Unfortunate Events are on the floating shelf you made. ;D


    No but seriously I think all your books are beautiful :)

  10. man it doesn't even matter that you don't have a lot of bookshelves because YOU MADE ONE. That is INCREDIBLE. You are so talented! Whenever I had to do the woodworking portion of class, I would ask my friend to do it for me haha!

  11. I cannot believe you only have one bookshelf. I'm amazed it holds the weight.. Mine would take one look at that pile and collapse on me. Great collection.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

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  13. Oh, look at ALL YOUR PRETTY BOOKS!!!
    And looking at your TBR need to get on some of those ASAP.

    And I'm so jealous you got to make a bookshelf in year 7...I only got to make a pencil box...well, attempted to make a pencil box is probably more accurate.
    I would have tried harder if it had been a bookshelf.


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