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25 Days of Book Boyfriends: Tristan Archer

I'm so excited to be participating in this event again! A huge thanks to Jessica and Teresa for hosting this, and for putting everything together. And I'm so glad I decided to go with Tristan Archer from The Archer of Avalon series.

It has been 3 years since I've read these books, but I still remember them so clearly. And, to this day, Tristan Archer is still my #2 book boyfriend. So when I signed up for this tour again, I really wanted to showcase him. I'm super stoked that I did, because writing up this post ALLLLL about Tristan was so much fun. And all it did was make me want to reread this series. It's been way, WAY too long without these characters. :D


So, here's what you need to know about Tristan Archer:
#1. He's got the brooding, mysterious vibe down. 
When you first meet him, you have NO idea what to expect. He's quiet, broody, and completely sarcastic. And all you want to do is figure him out; what made him this way, why he continues doing what he does. There is so much going on beneath the surface, and uncovering all of that is so, so worth it.

He was so beautiful and guarded, like he had a thousand secrets and no one to trust.

#2. He's very protective of the people he loves. 
He will do anything for those people, for his brother and his friends. He may keep himself apart from them at times, but he does it for a reason. And if they needed him, he'd be there, and he'd do whatever it takes. He'll always show up.

"Because I would never let you die. I would tie your ass up and lock you in a cage before I'd let you leave this world without me." A little extreme, perhaps, but well.

#3. He'll make you pancakes in the middle of the night.
Who doesn't love a guy who can cook? I mean, seriously. Perhaps it's the only thing he knows how to cook, but still. If you ever can't sleep and don't know what to do with yourself, he'll comfort you with pancakes. But small talk? Prooobably not.

#4. He can throw out a one-liner like no one's business.
His sarcastic nature makes so much of his comments quotable in the books. And he's just plain funny. He hasn't had much to laugh about, but he can still laugh and make jokes, and that's kinda beautiful.

“All these arrows are sharp—and have blood on them.”
“Yes, well, I left my cotton candy arrows at home next to my teddy bear.”

#5. He's got a kind and gentle soul underneath the tough exterior and the I-don't-need-anybody attitude. 
I swear it's there, hidden beneath the gruffness. He's been through a lot in his life, but it doesn't make him forget how to be nice or sweet. He is a genuinely good person who puts other people before himself a lot. And he'll always help others if they need it.

"I hope to live with a purpose beyond myself. I hope to have a life of meaning, a life worth fighting for. Dying for. I hope to be much more than I am."

#6. He loves weapons.
Two words: ninja assassin (just kidding). But he IS a badass at archery! He loves the bow and arrows, and it's a pastime that calms him when he needs to ignore life for a bit. He's also got a wicked-cool scythe in his collection. Maybe he'll even teach you how to use them.

“Seriously, Tristan? You drive around with a trunk full of weapons?”
“Of course.”
“Because I’m the family bad guy.” 

#7. He loves fiercely and with his whole heart.
I can't say much here for REASONS, but let's just say, he's passionate and caring and he loves with every fiber of his being. He is attentive and a good listener. Also he says swoon-worthy things, and I just melt.

“As far as where you belong…” He put a hand over his heart. “Right here. Always. In life and death and everything in between.” He paused. “Never question it.” 

#8. He's a tatted up bad boy. 
Do I NEED to say more?!

The model, Lonnie, from the cover of Awry.

(taken from Chelsea's blog post on Tristan's tattoo)

He's pretty hot, and I suck at dream casts, so I'm keeping him as Tristan. And in the meantime, I'll just wallow in self-pity that I don't have a Tristan of my own. And damn, as I was making this post and going through my notes and bookmarked pages on my kindle, I was killing myself. I have so many feelings for this guy, the other characters, and this series. SO. MANY. FEELS. And y'all need to read this book so I'm not alone! I finally got Kaitlin to read it, and she flew through Anew and Awry, and hopefully will get to Avow soon. So there's another person who is saying you should read it too! :D

And y'all. You NEED to meet Tristan Archer. Trust me.


Have I made you fall in love with Tristan yet? No? How would you like to win a chance to meet and fall in love with him yourself? Because I love these books so much, and because I think Chelsea deserves more love, I want to give away FOUR ebook copies of Anew! Yes, four of them! But I encourage you to grab the first book anyway since it's only 99 cents on Amazon AND Barnes and Noble right now! :)

This is open to anyone who can accept Kindle books!

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  1. I can't wait to meet Tristan! I've had these on my TBR for the longest time now and I really need to make time for them soon. Loved your post! Thanks for taking part this year!

  2. I love the whole quiet, broody, sarcastic, mysterious, protective traits in guys. Swoon. I like a guy that can cook. OKAY, INSTEAD OF COMMENTING ON ALL THE NUMBERS, I'M JUST GOING TO SAY THAT THIS GUY IS PERFECT AND WHERE IS HE IN REAL LIFE AND JUST OH MY GOSH, SO MANY TRAITS/THINGS I LOVEEEEE.

    Yep, I'm in love. And I already have the book to read! Because you told me to buy it and for once I listened to you. <3 (Well, twice, but that was the first time).

  3. #TEAMNATE!!

    Haha, yes. I just went there. :D

    #1 is PERFECT for him. The weapons quote is so funny. I loved that scene! I absolutely love how much he feels for others. That's one of my favorite parts about him. :) I WILL be reading Avow soon! I'm excited for more Tristan!

    1. (I lied when I said #TeamNate, just in case you're worrying that I was actually serious about that. :P)

  4. I cannot even tell you how long this series has been on my TBR! It's shameful actually. I love Chelsea Fine's boys, so I KNOW I will adore Tristan! I am reading for sure next year. HOLLY MAKE SURE I READ THESE.

  5. "He will make you pancakes in the middle of the night"
    OKAY. More than enough to convince me that I'll love him. I have had this series in my TBR for a while now. I need to get to it soon!


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