Saturday, December 5, 2015

Checking In for November: The Month for ALL the Social Events

I don't do a monthly recap on the blog, partly because I'm lazy and partly because there isn't usually much to say. But I was inspired by Jamie's If We Were Having Coffee feature (which was inspired by someone else!) to start doing more personal posts on here. And what better way to do that than to recap my month in LIFE instead of just books and blogging? So Checking In will be a monthly feature on here that will help you guys get to know ME better, and hopefully you'll start sharing your own stories with me. :)


This month was all about those social events! Like, I am not a social person, and I am an introvert, so I am quite ready for a quiet December. I want to stay curled up under a blanket with books and not go out ever again. Sure, it’s fun, but when I get too much stimulation, I’m out. This is seriously a chemical/brain thing, introverts versus extraverts. Because when I’m done, I’m DONE. I want to become a hermit for life, and I’ll escape any social function as soon as possible. Now, if I’m around a specific person (like my bff Andrea and her family), then I’ll never get tired of socializing. But that’s very rare, and has only happened with a few people (like BEA, for example, my inner introvert was weirdly not exhausted until the bus ride home). So anyway! I’m ready for a simple, quiet December with my books, Netflix, and family holidays.

The first week and weekend in November WAS quiet, but after that, it got loud. I had a lot going on with school (somehow ALL THE THINGS fall on this month), and I was trying to NaNoWriMo (which I completely and totally failed at, but whatevs), and I was excited for my blogoversary. That all was taking up time, add in the social events, and before I knew it, November was freaking OVER. And I managed only roughly 16k words on my WIP and 17 posts on the blog (which I am very, very happy about though), before I was sucked into life.

The Concert!
The second weekend in October was the Chris Young concert! Because my bff is addicted to country and Chris, and because we’re not typical youngins, this was our bachelorette party! With the exception of 2 bridesmaids, all of us were there, and it was a blast and we totally wore sashes). I love these girls a hella lot, and it was a really awesome 2 and a 1/2 hour road trip up to Kalamazoo with them. I’ve gone to so many things with the Larsen clan, so it was full of laughter and fun as always, even if I didn’t talk much (I’m not good at that in groups, and also I really didn’t mind sitting there and listening to stories, which stumps them because they’re so social). And even though we left late, we still got there within five minutes to spare so we didn’t miss anything! First up was Clare Dunn (who is apparently a newcomer but with a song on the radio, which I did not know). I wasn’t a big fan of her sound, but I liked a few of her songs. After that, Eric Paslay took the stage and the crowd really got going. I’ve been to SO many country concerts, and there is nothing quite like them. EVERYONE sings along to the songs, and it’s just always such a great atmosphere to be in (except the Birthday Bash in the summer, when people are drinking and acting like the absolute woooorst). I almost lost my voice, especially when Chris Young was up! This dude is hella good, and goddamn I love his songs and his voice and his overall personality. He put on a super great show! Just, what an awesome night with some of my favorite people in the world. <3
They're not great pictures because we were so far away, but here he is! CHRIS YOUNG, WOO BABY. He's so fiiiine.

The Lunar Ball!
The 3rd weekend in November was all about the Marissa Meyer event and the wedding rehearsal (but that doesn’t need much words about it). On Friday, the 20th, I met my friend Liz at one of the campus parking lots and joined her for the 2 and a half hour trek up to Petoskey! (I see that November was also the month for road trips. Haha). I already recapped the whole event in this post, so I won’t say much more about it. Sharing that experience with one of my close friends was amazing, and I’m so happy I got her hooked on the series so she was willing to drive us up there (and it was her first time meeting an author IRL!). I hope we’ll continue to do more bookish events together, and that we’ll be able to fangirl over more favorite books. We stayed until the event was over, and then headed home (luckily the weather was cooperating and we didn’t have to deal with the snow). Until Saturday, that is, when I had to go to the wedding rehearsal. Ugh, snow.  Anyway, it was...okay. I was a little upset about one detail, but the pizza party afterward was fun. And omg, my best friend got all of us bridesmaids little Coach purses as a gift (which I didn’t even even know was a thing, so there’s that). She individually picked them out, and I have to say, she NAILED my personality so well. :D

and now I have the WHOLE series signed/personalized! SO FAB. (I'm ignoring Stars Above for the moment, ok).

The final week was all about Thanksgiving and the wedding. Okay, so I always dread going to the family Thanksgiving. My dad’s side hosts it, and it’s always hard showing up and knowing we’re missing him at the table. Plus, I’m not really close to any of the aunts or uncles, and I only talk to a few of the cousins, so it hasn’t exactly always been the best place for me. But this year, it went really well. I would love it if these members of the family were the only ones at social functions. Ha. Ha. think I’m kidding. Anyway, my aunt makes the BEST food, especially her dinner rolls which are OMG MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE WORLD. I could have eaten a whole tray of them. And afterward, I just hung out with my cousins. They have A LOT of animals, so I went and saw them. They have the cutest polar bear type of dogs (but they’re shy and don’t like people). And my brothers and two of my cousins decided to play baseball in the pasture, and it was a… hilarious situation.
Cows, horses, and mud, oh my! ALSO LOOK AT THE POLAR BEARS BELOW. omg they're so adorable. I wish they liked me. Their names are Anna and Elsa, too.

The Wedding!
Spoiler alert: Change is hard. And I'm particularly vulnerable to change. I don't like it. For God's sake, I complained about losing the stars on Twitter. I just, I hate it. And so, the wedding was HARD for me. Not only because I couldn't really BE a bridesmaid and be more involved, but because I felt like it was only going to further drift my best friend and I apart. We're not as close as we used to be, and we definitely don't talk every day. We tried to, after high school, and we still hang out. Sometimes. But we haven't had quality best friend time in over a year. A FREAKING YEAR! So the wedding felt like it was closing the door on that, and I think that's why it hurt when she put me last/first in the bridesmaid lineup. It wasn't intentional, and it didn't MEAN anything. But it felt like it did. It felt like it was, I don't know, inevitable, that I would become less important in her life. I couldn't quite articulate any of these feelings, but I was excited for her, but I also dreaded the wedding. And I know that sounds stupid, and probably really selfish (I'm very happy for her, and I know she's happy, and that's all that matters), but I don't wanna lose her. So I'm definitely going to talk to her about some of this because her friendship (and her family) are incredibly important to me.

The wedding was SO MUCH fun. Well, the before, ceremony, and after parts (where we went down to the river to take pictures). It was COLD AS FUCK OUT, but it was fun. And like, I felt REALLY beautiful in the dress and with my hair curled. I asked Emily, the MOH, if she'd do it before the wedding, and she did, and I loved it (she needs to teach me how to do this). And like, I don't normally feel that good with my appearance, so it was kinda wonderful. But the reception was difficult, because of my social ineptitude AND because I legit only knew like 3 people there. I left a little earlier than I had meant to, but I stayed for all of the important stuff. I Cupid Shuffled with her youngest sister, Annalicia, and I mingled with the few people I knew. AND I got to see my best friend just absolutely full of life and SHINE on her wedding day. I'm so, so glad I was able to be a part of it. And I know that, if we do drift a little bit further apart, I'll always have her and the Larsen clan in my life. THAT won't change. *sniffles* *feels feelings* *curses said feelings* So yeah, it was a pretty UP month, but there was a bit of down there as well. Change is not easy for me, but I wasn’t going to let any of that ruin my friend’s day. I have a lot of feelings to work through, but I’m again, very happy for her and I wish her all the best in her marriage.

This month was A LOT of fun obviously, but it was also very taxing. Last two pieces: Ransom has become a house cat basically (but he’s a brat and always wants to eat and annoyingly cries when he doesn’t get his way). And speaking of cats, I’m also a *wee* bit obsessed with this cat game called Neko Atsume. If you’ve seen the pictures on Twitter, then you KNOW what I’m talking about. I was FINALLY curious enough to download the app, and now I’m checking it like 12x daily. Guys, it’s so much fun naming cats and buying goodies for them and then watching them come and go in your yard (except mine always seem to show up when I’m asleep. grrr). GET IT.
look at my precious kitties! (except, you know, one is fake) (I finally caught Nefertiti in my yard!) (I wish she'd stay more)

So yeah, that was my November in a nutshell! HOW WAS YOURS? DID YOU GO TO A LOT OF SOCIAL EVENTS TOO? Let’s talk! :)


  1. I know how you feel about change. I personally had a similar situation happen with my high school friend and I. The only difference was that I was the bride and my friend couldn't take the change and decided that she'd rather not come to my wedding at all. Sorry, didn't mean to be depressing! I am just trying to say that even though you where afraid you made it, you were there for her, and despite not being able to spend as much time I bet that meant the world to her. Don't sell yourself too short, you never know when you make someones day!

  2. You had such a great November!!



    Anyway, *hugs* for the hard change. It's such a conflicting feeling to feel really happy for someone, but also dread the same thing.

    My November wasn't quite as social...there were a couple times my friends and I attempted to hang out off our school's campus, but that didn't go so well. BUT my friend and I still want to go through with one of those plans. DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP TOO HIGH BECAUSE IT COULD CHANGE, but that involves watching all of the Star Wars movies together before the next movie comes out in theaters. (I'm also supposed to go to see that new movie this month.)

  3. Wow, you had a super busy November with some major life events! I think my one was like that as well, seeing one of my best friends get married and with lots of bookish events. Let me say I'm ready for a quiet December as well! It sounds like the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it's sad that you're drifting apart with your best friend. It does happen though, but because you were there and part of a major life event, you will always have that connection.

    That is AWESOME that you got to see Marissa Meyer, I'm going to check out your recap now because the Lunar Ball sounds like a blast!

  4. Omg I totally understand how you feel about the best-friend-getting-married thing...yup. I've had that happen to me twice in the last couple of years! IT IS REALLY HARD. Charge, arghhhh. *buries self in hermit hole* I also completely relate to the introvert thing. XD I get tired even socialising with my family though!! When they go away for a weekend, omg it's like yesss I can recharge and face the week or whatever. XD I've stopped feeling guilty about it and just embraced my weirdness. hheehe
    Hope you enjoy your quiet December! AND ZOMG YAY FOR MEETING MARISSA MEYER.


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