Thursday, December 24, 2015

Please Sir, I Want Some More

This might be weird, and atypical, but I’m pretty much always cool with books or series ending. Like, I read it, and then I love on it a few days (maybe a few weeks, if it stays on my mind), and then I move on. This isn’t to say I forget them completely, but my memory is shit anyway, and that happens quite frequently. And even if something is an all-time fave, I can forget A LOT of details about it. But that’s okay for me. If I want to reread, I can always do that. So I don’t generally focus on the same books for long periods of time. And when they’re finished, I shelve them. Sometimes I look at the pretties and pet them like old friends. But it's not hard for me to close the door on a book completely. And I rarely EVER want more of it.

But sometimes, sometimes there are books I start reading that latch on, and won’t let go. Sometimes, there are books that I just want to read forever. I don’t want them to end at all! It happens SO rarely that I wanted to share the 3 distinct cases of this year. And also share because the books are super different from one another, and I’m especially surprised by the fact that one of these is even on this list.

I’m shocked by A Madness So Discreet. I had no idea what to expect from it, and I had no idea that it would become so special to me. And I had NO idea that I would be begging for a sequel. That I would be stoked if she made it a series with the two main characters, Grace and Thornhollow, solving crimes and getting into trouble and bantering with each other forever. I WANT A SEQUEL, DAMN IT! I’m dying for more of them. And that doesn’t usually happen! It’s very rare when I want a companion or a sequel to a definitively ENDED book. But with Madness, I could have kept going for hundreds of pages, and I would not have gotten bored. Guaranteed.

For the other two books, The Scorpio Races and Six of Crows, I just can’t stop thinking about them. I read SoC back in June; it was one of the first books I read from BEA, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. I immediately wanted to reread it after finishing. It was just THAT good, and I didn’t want to leave the world or its characters. And I still think about it from time to time. Same with Scorpio Races. I tried REALLY hard to savor that book, but man, it still didn’t take me long to finish. But I didn’t want it to end! I could have read another 400+ pages of that story. And I wanted to, oh how I wanted to. So I’m already dying for a reread, especially since I still haven’t reviewed the book and don’t feel like my memory is good enough to try to do that after 4 months. But really, do I NEED an excuse to reread this book? Haha. It’s just too damn amazing not to!

But most of the time, my philosophy is: if it’s finished, leave it alone! I’m not even very thrilled about people wanting to make prequel movies on different Hunger Games before the 74th one. The movies franchise and books ended on a spectacularly high note. LEAVE THEM ALONE. (But damn it if I wouldn’t be the first on in the theater if they made a prequel about Finnick’s games). I’m a *little* done with more Harry Potter stuff, too. Like, I’ll definitely go see Fantastic Beasts and such, but I feel very “meh” when I hear of another announcement. I love the series, the books AND the movies, but I’m cool if they stay that way. I USED to want more, but I think I phased out of that. But also it’s weird though that I’m okay with Cassandra Clare staying in the Shadowhunter world. Maybe it’s because her series are set in different periods with different characters, who knows? Or like with Star Wars, I’m incredibly excited about this new one, even though it’s been years since the last. But with Fast and Furious, I’d really like the series to just STOP. It basically just depends on whether or not the thought of something MORE makes me happy, even when I’m satisfied with the ending. But again, it’s very rare when it happens!

Am I the only one who mostly feels satisfied with books ending, even if they are favorites? Or do you feel the same way? Are there books (or movie franchises) that YOU wished would never end? Let’s talk! :)

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