Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Year for Series

So I signed up for Danielle's series challenge because this SERIOUSLY needs to happen. (Like what I did there? :p). I have started and stopped a bunch of series, and I OWN so many completed sets so whyyyyy am I not reading them? They're a lot of work, for sure, but I LOVE binge-reading series. I feel like I get a much more fuller experience, and my memory is so bad, so it helps that I remember everything that happens. But for some reason, I keep pushing them off, and it's getting a bit ridiculous the amount of series I own (either completed or not) that are sitting on my shelves and collecting dust. So I'm hoping this challenge will get me to take them seriously. And I do PLAN on reading at least one completed series a month, but we'll see what happens. :D

*Definitely Pile
1. The Lunar Chronicles: I thought about just jumping into Winter and using Recaptains for the rest of the books (except Fairest, which I haven't read yet). But then I kept putting it off, and now I'm in the mood for a series binge. So, yeah. This'll probably be my January series. I've been lucky to have stayed away from the spoilers, but I don't want to tempt fate anymore.

2. Secrets of the Eternal Rose: I loooved The Art of Lainey, but that was a contemporary, so I'm excited to see how Paula Stokes does historical fiction.

3. Precious Stone Trilogy: THOSE COVERS ARE SO PRETTY! But also, I love time travel books and I've wanted to read this series for a long time, so I can't wait! This will probably be an early read, since I can use at least one of these for a Bookish Bingo square.

4. Jenna Fox Chronicles: The Remnant Chronicles is one of my ALL-TIME fave series, so I'm a little nervous about these books but mostly excited. I need more Mary Pearson books while I wait for BOD!

5. Vampire Academy: This one is a MUST since I've been bribed by Mary to finish the series (I've read VA already and loooved it). I have to at least have this done before Chicago in May, so that is my time limit! :D

6. The Lynburn Legacy: I've heard such great things about this series, so when I saw all 3 books up on BookOutlet, I knew I had to grab the whole trilogy. I'm so glad I did, because I'm super pumped to FINALLY read these books!

7. The Tudor Witch Trilogy: Since I have all of these from NetGalley, they're kind of a priority. I've been meaning to get to these books for SO long, but I've never been quite in the mood for them. But I love books about witches, so I'm can't wait.

8. Blood of Eden: I loved Julie's Iron Fey series, so I'm stoked about this one. I'm not a huge fan of vampire stories anymore, but whatevs, it's Julie. But I *almost* forgot I have the whole trilogy too. Haha.

9. Splintered: I've read the first book, but I haven't finished it yet. I really enjoyed Splintered, so I hope I like the other two. It's been awhile though, and my tastes have changed, so I'm a little nervous. But I really want to end this series!

10. Addicted & Calloway Sisters: I LOVED the first book, and I've been waiting for ALL of the books to come out so I can binge the series. I'm pretty sure it's like, what, 9 books? Haha, it's gonna take me awhile for sure, but I don't want to do it any other way! I don't own all of them yet either, but I'm only missing a few.

*Duologies to Finish
I can't remember if these count or not TOWARD the challenge, but I'll still be reading them anyway. It's only one book each, too, so I should be able to get to them all!

*Maybe Pile
1. Matched: I'm not completely interested in this series anymore, so I don't know if I WILL read it, but I own the whole set, so. I've heard mixed things, and I'm not really into dystopians anymore, but yeah, maybe. 

2. Lumatere Chronicles: If I manage to grab the last 2 books, this one will DEFINITELY happen in 2016. But as it stands, I have only read Finnikin, and I don't own any of the other books. They're my top priority, though, so I hope I find the chance to get them. Because I really do want to binge-read this series SOONISH.


Guys, I have WAY more than this. I didn't put down most of the series I've started. And for a lot, I don't own all of the books, and so they're not definitive yet. But I mean, we'll see what happens as 2016 goes on. For now, these are the series I VERY MUCH want to read before the year ends! :) My goal is to read at least 1 completed series a month, but which ones do you think I should make a priority?


  1. YES. READ VA. The Blood of Eden series is REALLY good. I should probably finish that one myself. Same with Splintered. I loved the first book! I really want to binge (or sorta binge because even binge reading two books from the same series is a lot for me. :D) read the Addicted & Calloway Sisters. Thankfully, they look like quicker reads!

    YAY, THE MATCHED SERIES!! I would actually be surprised if you end up loving that one. It's one of MY favorites, but I know it isn't great for everyone.

    As for what you should make a priority, I think you should go with the ones I mentioned in this comment.☺

  2. Pivot Point/Split Second and VA are a YES! I really want to sign up for this challenge. I love binge reading series and this would be a great catch up!


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