Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2016 Releases

I'm sorry, but is it really January? IS IT REALLY 2016? I'M NOT BEING PRANKED, AM I? I mean, what the hell happened to 2015? I feel like it had just started, and then it was ending. Gah. I'm not quite prepared for the new year, but I am SO READY for the new book releases! It's going to be one HELL of a good reading year, guys!

January 5th

January 11th

January 12th

January 19th

January 26th

Already read: Passenger and Firsts, both of which I really LOVED! I highly recommend them, especially the latter because it's a fierce and important debut. I also really enjoyed Truthwitch. And oh, Paige in Progress was SO GOOD. I mean, I had no doubt because it's Brighton Walsh, but I'm always so relieved when I love a book from a favorite author. And I did love it so much. Paige might just be my fave female of the series. <3

For review: Bookishly Ever After and My Second Life. I started the latter, and I am unimpressed so far and tbh I'm thinking of DNFing (but I will give it to 25% before I decide that). I'm pretty excited about BEA. I hope it's as good and fluffy as I want it to be! So happy there's only these two left, because I'm going to be focusing on other months of ARCs instead. Whoops. I also picked up This Is Where It Ends in New York and I've been pushing it off until I'm in the mood for it. I'm really looking forward to it though. But it's about a school shooting, and I need to wait until I WANT to read it.

Most anticipated: omg SO. MANY. January seems to always be a good month for book releases. I NEEEEEEED THE IMPOSTOR QUEENThe Love That Split the World is definitely an anticipated release! I also cannot wait for The Mystery of Hollow Places, Arrows, Underwater, Thicker Than Water, and Shallow Graves. Basically all of them. :p Also The Radiant Road, which wasn't on my radar until I saw a friend reading it on Goodreads. It sounds freaking awesome.

What January releases are YOU excited about? Am I missing any that need to be on my radar? :)

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