Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016 Releases

A new month means new releases, and I'm super excited BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES COMING OUT. SO MANY!

February 2nd

February 8th

February 9th

February 15th

February 16th

February 23rd

February 29th

READ: I really liked Riders and The Abyss Surrounds Us! I also enjoyed He Will Be My Ruin, but I also thought it was the weakest K.A. Tucker book. Oh! And I was able to read Salt to the Sea early, and it was FUCKING PHENOMENAL. Seriously, everyone needs to read this book and everything Ruta has ever written and will write. I'm a forever fan of her. STTS destroyed me.

NEED TO READ/REVIEW: Firstlife! I'm excited for it even though I haven't heard much and the premise sounds... weird. But still, I'm hoping to read it this month! Forgot: Blackhearts! I loooove pirate books, so I can't wait to start it!

MOST ANTICIPATED: You're Still the One because Rachel Harris, duh! :p She's one of my fave authors and I'm so excited to finally have another book from her. :) A Gathering of Shadows, also, because it's V and I LOVED ADSOM. I just received a copy of The Girl from Everywhere and I cannot waaaaaait to read it! And the last one I'm especially excited for is Nora & Kettle after hearing Shannon's praises and the fact that it's a Peter Pan retelling. I know there are so many of them out right now, but still, I trust Shannon's recs.

What February releases are YOU excited about? Did I miss any that should be on my radar? :)

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