Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Madness: The Sweet 14 Kickoff!

Happy 1st day of March, everyone!! This is my favorite month. And no, not just because it's my birthday month nope totally not because of that. It's the month that signals spring is on its way, even though here in Michigan, we generally have snow for most of that (which I hate, just once, I would like a birthday without snow). It's also the month that school officially ends for me, even though I graduate in May. IT'S AN EXCITING MONTH ALL AROUND, GUYS! And it's even MORE exciting that I get to share with you all the second annual March Madness event hosted by yours truly. :)

Last year, I wanted to do something different for my birthday, and I thought: what better way to celebrate than with books? So I played on the whole "book birthday" theme and decided to feature books that were releasing during the month. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, and I definitely wasn't sure how many authors I would get to participate. I wasn't prepared for the amount of work that went into this (something that honestly didn't change this year, sadly), and I was absolutely not prepared to feature 17 authors and their books. The overwhelming response I received was nothing like I thought I would get, and it humbled me that so many authors wanted to share their book release with me. It was the first big event I'd ever hosted, on my own, so it was a bit overwhelming and hectic, but the finished product was better than I could have hoped for. <3

So I knew, after it ended, that I would bring it back again in 2016. And I'm super happy to be doing this again. A few minor bumps and bruises along the way, but here we are again to celebrate some amazing people and their precious book babies. Of course it was still overwhelming because guess who procrastinated again? THIS GIRL. Guys, will I ever learn? Honestly. It's a good thing I'm in my last semester, my last week of classes (they end on Friday, and then I am freeee), because I have more time to spend on this event. (So I can be less stressed about getting the posts up). And I seriously cannot wait to share it with you all!


So without further ado, here is the schedule, with a little guessing game I found so much fun to do last time and decided to use again! (Have at it, Shannon). :D

2nd: this book is a fairytale retelling of a not-as-popular Grimm tale.
3rd: this book promises an intense and whirlwind romance between two teens.
4th: this book about a girl stuck in the aftermath of an assault.
7th: this book is about a rebel soldier and an alien queen on the run.
8th: this book is about a girl who discovers she can time travel after losing her mother.
10th: this book is a reimagining of Hamlet set in 1920s Oregon.
11th: this book is a collection of historical fiction stories by a talented group of authors.
14th: this book is a Russian-inspired story with a main character who is an empath.
15th: this book is about a girl with powers who switches lives with her sister.
16th: this book involves the great-great grandchildren of the great Holmes & Watson.
17th: this book is a new fantasy world revolving around a Lady and her Keepers.
18th: this book is a sequel in a contemporary series centered on a motorcycle club.
21st: this book is another sequel; this time set in a fantasy world with Jinni.
22nd: this book is set in the future and follows a family as they try to survive it.


I'm very excited to share all of these posts with you! So I hope you'll follow along throughout the month and have fun reading them!! :)

But first. 

One person will be able to win their very own copy of one of these books! YAY. And I will be able to open this up to all of my international lovelies, so long as The Book Depository ships to your country! Rules go: no cheating, must be 15 years or older, must respond within 72 hours, blahblahblah. :p

And as an incentive to interact and give the authors some love, you will be able to earn daily** entries for commenting on posts (if you comment on all 14 + this intro post, you will be able to get 75 additional entries). 

**and by daily, I mean only when posts are up (which won't be all 21 days the giveaway is running) (I hope this isn't confusing)

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