Tuesday, April 26, 2016

(53) Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten Bookworm Delights (inspired by Jamie's post here)


1. finding a treasure in a used bookstore or secondhand shop. There is nothing quite like stumbling upon a gem hidden behind the stacks and rows of books stuffed into a used bookstore or thrift store. One time, I think it was at Goodwill or something, I found a Spanish edition of Breaking Dawn. And I was like WHOA. Totally had to buy it.

2. someone telling me they read a book based on my review or recommendation. I mean, this is one of the reasons why I love blogging, flailing about books and then convincing others that they need it in their lives. There really is no greater compliment. But even better:

3. someone LOVING a book I loved. I swear nothing is better than a recommendation of mine being a complete hit. It is the HIGHEST compliment I can receive, because I nailed someone's tastes and was able to provide them with a new favorite. THE BEST FEELING EVEEEEEER.

4. book maaaaaail! This will never not delight me. I'm just really bad at putting up pictures on Instagram and Twitter. *cry-laughing emoji*

5. hours of uninterrupted reading time. Since I currently don't work and I don't have much to do, I generally do get a lot of reading time. but uninterrupted hours of it? unheard of (unless it's like 2 or 3 a.m. when the fam is asleep), and no one is going to be asking me questions or wanting attention. It's perfect, especially, when I'm really into a book and don't want to stop reading for ANYTHING.

6. an adaptation not being a huge disappointment. It is super hard, when you're an avid reader, to fall in love with a movie adaptation of your favorite books. "They left that part out?! HOW DARE THEY NOT SHOW THIS I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD RUIN ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE BOOK WHAT IS THIS CASTING COULDN'T THEY HAVE PICKED BETTER PEOPLE" and other such sentiments are involved. but sometimes, an adaptation exceeds your low expectations, and then you have another way of loving your fave story. i.e. Harry Potter, The 100, Lord of the Rings, for me (even though I haven't read the latter two's books, but shhh)

7. the perfect reading position. I don't know about you, but I constantly have to move around when I read because staying in one position for too long aches. but when I hit my stride in the book and I find that perfect reading position and nothing else matters? Best combination. 

8. just talking about books with people who get it. Even though many of my relatives are avid readers, we somehow never really talk books? A lot of them read Christian fiction only, and since I don't anymore, there's sadly nothing to discuss. I also never had bookworm friends, so I never had people to chat about books with. And so blogging became that place for me, a community of like-minded people who totally understand when you start flailing about a good book or freaking out over a ship setting sail. I will never get over having this special place.

9. that moment after you finish reading an amazing book. You KNOW that moment. That moment when you close the book and have to calm your racing heart. That moment when you feel so full of emotions for paper and ink that you have no idea how you're going to move on from this book. It's that moment that makes reading more than just a few hours of entertainment. It's an indescribable experience for me, but one that I think y'all understand. When I get this moment, I know that I've just added a new all-time favorite book to the top shelf.

10. book salessss. I loooove sales, especially book sales. I'm like an addict when it comes to them, and I impulse buy a lot, but whatever IT'S NOT LIKE I CAN PASS UP SUCH EPIC DEALS.


Did any of these bookworm delights make your list? What are some of YOUR favorite bookish-related things or experiences? Let's talk! :)

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