Monday, April 11, 2016

Books I Read Before Becoming a Blogger

Before I became a blogger, I had considered myself an avid reader. Yeah, nope, I don't think that anymore. Haha. As much as I read before blogging, I definitely did not devour books the way I do now (unless I'm a slump like I am rn, which SUCKS). I definitely didn't think about them after I read them. I'd just go to the library and pick up other books. I didn't fangirl or have reading experiences where I'm rocking back and forth or squealing/making unintelligible noises out loud or cackling after a perfect one-liner (all true stories). I think I might have even thrown a book before. ANYWAY. Before blogging, my reading experience was... sad. I was also more ruthless about setting aside books I wasn't enjoying (now how can I get that back though?? I'm so bad at DNFing!)

I also went through genre phases in middle and high school. So I'd basically only read from certain ones for a length of time. In high school, I had two distinct phases: inspirational fiction (religious) and Adult mysteries/thrillers. Don't even ask me how those happened. LOL. So before blogging, I'd had such a limited and narrow view of books. I found them through my library (which doesn't have a lot of resources at all). I didn't know about Goodreads. There was a long period of time where I quit YA and escaped into Adult books; throughout high school. I felt too old, and jaded as a teen, so I stopped reading teen books. But I still read the Big Ones. Because obviously. And I'm also going to share other books I read that I remember! It's not much. I honestly tried to come up with more, but my brain is failing me. Again. *sigh*

The Popular YA
I actually finished this series in the same month that I started blogging (so how cool is that?) It was like the last I read before I became a book blogger. And I obviously loved it at the time. Still not over that one death, though. I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT.

Ah, Twilight. My old friend. I was like obsesssssssed with this series and I was all TEAM EDWARD and shit, and now I crack up at myself for loving it. But you know what, it did open up the YA category and made a ton of people readers. So as much as it is problematic, the books were addicting, and I enjoyed them. I'll just never reread them, or read Life and Death (though I may be slightly curious about it). 

MG/YA Series I Never Finished
(oh my god how awful is this cover?) I don't even remember this series. I don't even know if it's the correct one (I'm not 100% sure). I just know that I did like it at the time, maybe when I was in middle school. But I never finished the series (it's like 13 books!), and I can't remember what one I stopped on. DID ANYONE ELSE EVER READ THESE BOOKS. CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT THEY'RE ABOUT. I'VE FORGOTTEN.

So I read up to like #4 or #5 of this, but I actually want to reread it and finish the series! WHO EVEN AM I. Like I really enjoyed it at the time?? And I want to try it again?? But omg it's like 14 books! Who has the time for that?! I feel like this was also made into a movie, and I don't know if it's out, but I want to watch it.

I LOVED THESE BOOKS. They were so much fun, and honestly I would've kept reading them if I hadn't felt so weird about being a teen and picking up children's books (I felt so ashamed, so I stopped). But ugh, I loved them. I still have some at home. Isn't this series still going too? MAN. Dinosaurs Before Dark was published in 1992. AND THE LATEST WAS PUBLISHED THIS YEAR! omg never stop Mary Pope.

The Adult
but fave Adult authors: Nora Roberts, Heather Graham, Carla Neggers. I devoured their books in high school (and there are so many, which is why I didn't add them separately). But other than those 3 authors, I didn't read much else Adult. A few James Patterson books, but he's totally an overrated author, tbh.

Two Series I Want to Reread
I was late to the Potterhead fandom (as in I never really joined until blogging. haha); I ended up reading the HP series in high school. No heartbreak for me when I turned 11 and my Hogwarts letter never arrived. I've reread the first 3 books 3 times since then because they've been the only ones I've owned. But since I have the whole series now, I'm DYING for a reread. And it WILL happen this year! 

The Series of Unfortunate books were first introduced to me in 4th grade. I remember, because we had story time every week or something, and our teacher would read like a chapter of it. I don't know how many we got through that year, but I finally finished this series in high school, I think. And I loved it! Now, I think it's pretty unbelievable, but I thought it was so great when I read it. And I'm honestly itching to reread the series! I'm just missing one of the books.


What books did you read before you started blogging? Were you as avid of a reader then as you are now? Let's talk! :)

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