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Live-Reaction Review of Winter

When I read Winter, I needed someone to DM about Things, and so I ended up doing A LOT of live-reacting to Rashika. And I thought: how fun would it be to use those in my "review" of this book? So that's what I'm doing! I'm sharing the screenshots of my reactions to Rashika during my reading of Winter. And at the end, I have a few sections for the highlights, the epilogue, and my overall thoughts on the series. So this post got REALLY long. Haha. But I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)
Author: Marissa Meyer
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Release Date: November 10th, 2015!
Get It: Amazon

From Goodreads...
Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mar her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend—the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters?



from the beginning...

*after Jacin gets Winter and Scarlet out of the palace and they meet up with their squad again*

*Rashika called me a bloodthirsty savage, and it was quite accurate, tbh*

*Winter is my everything*

*oh look it's the wedding!*
*the worst wedding in the world*

*my precious baby acts out Snow White for us and I was hurting*

*brotp and otp moments are my jam*

*book fiiiive, book fiiiive*
*also the end*

The Highlights:
  • Jacinter is everything
  • Kai is useless, lbr
  • Poor baby Wolf needs to be left alone now, please and thank you. HE DOESN'T DESERVE ALL OF THIS PAIN.
  • Scarlet is an idiot sometimes. Girl, WHY?!
  • LEVANA, YOU MONSTER = me during this series
  • the Jacinter feels killed me
  • I could not believe that Cinder was captured so soon
  • But of course she escaped, and then was caught again. This whole series, tbh.
  • Winter is the most adorable fictional character ever
  • I needed more Jacinter; it was not enough. THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH
  • Levana's ending was satisfying, but not what I thought it was going to be. Please stop humanifying her, Marissa. It doesn't work.
  • Winter and Scarlet's friendship was one of my fave parts of this
  • Winter is my precious fave of this series
  • Jacin is such a broody, stoic character, but I love him
  • I, um, don't really ship Thorne and Cress *hides*
  • Wolflet is the cutest
  • Cinder is my home girl. TRUE QUEEN.
  • So much bff and brotp goodness in this book
  • But Jacinter, guys

The Epilogue:
After reading The Princess and the Guard (bc obviously), I charged ahead with the epilogue. And I have to say... I was kiiiinda disappointed with it. It was in Cinder's POV, but Wolflet got married. Whyyyy? I feel like it was because Cinder was THE character to start this series off, but still, I was not a fan of that. And I didn't get enough of the other characters, tbh. (Okay, yes, I really mean Jacinter. Don't judge me). 

This was a solid and satisfying conclusion to one of my FAVORITE series! I loved so many of the little moments between all of the characters. Though, this was pretty predictable from the beginning, and I knew none of the fab 8 were going to die. That did take away some of the impact of certain scenes, and it made the intense stuff not as intense. But I love how not everything is perfect by the end. Characters still lost fingers, Cinder's still a cyborg, Winter's still mentally ill, Wolf is still scarred and wolf-like, but that's okay. Because they survived; they defeated Queen Levana. And they did it TOGETHER. And that's what I loved most about this series, that all of them teamed up to do whatever they could to save everyone, but also found friends and soulmates for life. These characters are definitely the highlight of this entire series, and I'm going to miss them.



So what did you guys think of this series ender? Did it surpass all of your expectations? Did the Jacinter feels kill you too? DID YOU LOVE IT?

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