Monday, April 4, 2016

My Latest TV Show Binges

I've been trying to do more non-bookish posts, or at least, coming up with more ideas for them. There is so much more to my life than books, and part of the reason I switched my blog name to The Fox's Hideaway, WAS to share more with you guys. And I've always wanted to talk about the TV show binges I go through, so I thought, why not now? I was going to make it a feature, but I don't know. I think I'll just see how these go before committing to it. Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know about these already. Because I like to live-tweet (not as much as I used to, though). :p And here are my newest binges (you could call them obsessions, except if I were obsessed, I'd have no problem FINISHING the shows and I clearly haven't done that with any of them yet). I'm also going in order by what's been my LATEST binge, to my oldest. And the first up is:


1. Daredevil
This was binged on a whim this past weekend. I'd watched the first episode of it when it was first put up on Netflix, and I never got past it. So I restarted it, and then got so hooked, I'm already finished with the first season. It's very intense and dark, like holy fucking dark and people keep dying left and right. But I love the relationships in it. The one between Matt and Foggy, between them and Karen, Claire and Matt (they are my ship and I s2g they better set sail next season). I also LOVE that it's super dark. Clearly I have a problem, because my favorite shows are not the nice ones, and all they do is give me pain. (I'm lookin' at you, The 100). I'm not sure how problematic the show is, when it comes to Matt's blindness being used. I feel like there was a lot of talk about it when it first showed up, but I can't remember everything from back then. Anyway, I'm not sure about all of that, but I love the show so far. And I have a lot of feelings about Matt Murdock. Also Foggy, who is the actual best. I can't wait for season 2 and meet Elektra!

2. Boy Meets World
*sobs forever*

Amber decided I needed to watch this show, which is like her favorite, so she sent me the first 4 seasons so I could. And I'd been sitting on the 3rd and 4th season for a few months. WHOOPS. Honestly, this show is so good, though. When they were younger, they were more annoying, and things pissed me off. But as they grow older, they're obviously growing as people, and so there's a lot of character development. Also Cory and Shawn? They're my otp and I love them so much and oh my god I'm such a sucker for bromances like this. They're 100% there for each other, through everything, and I never want them to be separated. THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYTHING. And Topanga? She's basically amazing; my kindred spirit. There are also a lot of good messages in this show, from family to relationships (except Eric's bullshit), the future and the point of school. And omg Feeny is the greatest guy. I love him. I pretty much love all of these characters; they totally make the show worth it!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This was another binge whim, and one that has been very slow. I'd tried Buffy before and couldn't get into it. It was probably because it's an older show, tbh. Haha. But I wanted to give it a good shot, and I made it past episode one and it hadn't been long before I finished season 1. But I'm just not that... hooked with it. I totally ship Buffy and Angel (I have such a thing for David Boreanaz, really). And I LOVE Buffy's and Giles' mentorship/friendship, as well as the one between her and Willow. But I haaaaaaaate Xander. (Cordelia is fucking awesome though). I don't get the Spike love??? I'm wondering where the hell Buffy's mom is all the time, and I don't know. I'm not that into it, so I'm not sure how far I'm going to get (there are 7 freaking seasons omg). But I'm not giving up yet!

4. Grey's Anatomy

Ah, yes. The best/worst show and the one that just won't let me go. In January, I suddenly had this desire to rewatch Grey's from the beginning. THROUGH ALL 11 SEASONS. And ahahahahahahahahahahahaI'mnevergoingtofinish#11. I hate season 11, and everything that it represents (aka I know who's going to die by the end of it). I miss Cristina (who by the way is my fave and who made the show so good), Callie and Arizona aren't even together anymore. NO MORE MER/CRISTINA. Everyone's either dead or gone, and everything is sad and lonely and depressing. No, thanks. I think Shonda and the rest of the writers have ruined this show, and I wish it had stopped back in season 7. It honestly could have ended SO well in that season, when everyone went off to their respective fellowships. But no, I've had to go through so much shit and awfulness, and nothing's ever going to end happily. And you know what? Meredith Grey doesn't fucking deserve this. And I don't either. I feel like I SHOULD finish season 11, at least, but I don't even care anymore. This show went from my #1 TV show obsession, something I watched as a middle and high scholar, to something I can't even bear to continue. IT SUCKS.


So yeah, anyway. These are the shows I've been binge-watching in the last few months. I'm still watching The 100 too, of course, and it's destroying me little by little. I'm going to be DEADDEADDEAD by the time season 3 ends, tbh. When these binges are over (and The 100 is on break), I'm definitely going to need a new show to *hopefully* obsess over. So I'm looking for recs! Whatcha got for me? :D

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