Monday, May 9, 2016

BEA Blogging Hiatus

I was originally going to schedule posts, but then I was like... but then I'd have to promote them and I'd forget to do that (unless I scheduled tweets too). And then I was like, NOPE GONNA TAKE THE WEEK OFF INSTEAD. I really do not want to deal with blogging things while I'm on my much-needed vacation. I plan to spend all of BEA week having fun with my friends, meeting new authors/seeing faves again, collecting books, and networking with publicists about my blog. (Okay, that last one is a wish, since I'm super quiet and awkward, but I really want to make my time there count! And I'd definitely love to meet some of the publicists I currently work with). So instead of posting this week, I'm going to leave you with this one about what I can't wait for! And then I'll see y'all again next Monday. I'm sure I'll have loads of BEA posts for you like I did last year. :D

1. Seeing Shannon and Val again. We're not just blogging friends anymore, but IRL friends, and I've missed them SO much! It's been almost a year since the last BEA, way too fucking long, and I'm going to have 0 chill when I'm with them again. IT'S GONNA BE A BLAAAST. Hope you're ready for having the AC cranked up again, Vals! :p :p

2. The books. I mean, this is a given. And I have SO MANY I neeeeed that it will be hard not to cry at my crowded and overlapping schedule (ha. ha. hahahahaha Friday why do you hate me so). My must-haves, like CANNOT-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-NOT-GETTING-THEM-OR-I-WILL-SOB books: Of Fire and Stars, Three Dark Crowns, Furthermore, Heartless, Caraval, Gemina, A Torch Against the Night, Holding Up the Universe, The Sun Is Also a Star, and Vassa in the Night. And these are ones I know about so far! There could be more! I didn't have any problem at all getting everything I wanted last year (except Truthwitch, that elusive bitch), so I'm fairly confident I can do it again. But I may need to clone myself to make it happen! Anybody experts on cloning? No? *sobs*

3. Meeting the BEA squad. There is a huge group of us staying together (+ Amber), so we'll be spending a lot of time hanging out during the week. I'm so excited to meet everyone and chill together. And also run walk around with on the floor. We are going to own this conference!

4. The Macmillan party. I was lucky enough to receive an invite to Mac's Happy Hour on Thursday, and I'm still freaking out about it! I cannot even believe it, and I'm so incredibly grateful for being included. I just. Gah. This was completely unexpected. I'm going to make the most of it. I want to meet SO many bloggers and publicists, and also see both Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer again in a more chill environment.

5. The Bean. I've heard so much about this Chicago MUST, and I'm going to make one of the "natives" take me there (*cough* Rashika and CJ *cough*). Hahaha jk. But seriously, I hope we'll have time to see it. And also to shop. I really want to bring home some prezzies for my fam, and I just love playing tourist, so I want to shop for myself as well. Gimme all the souvenirs.

6. Actually hopefully talking to publicists this year! I was super shy and didn't network about my blog, like at all last year (nor did I have these sweet af business cards), but I want to try! It'd be nice to get my blog out there a bit more than it is, and to also meet some of the people I work with, or would like to work with! 

7. Cake hopping. When we first talked about this (and when we first started talking on Twitter actually!), Rashika and I were like, we gotta get cake (which was what brought us together, aren't you surprised??). Because obviously. So we're gonna hop around to some bakeries and shit and basically just eat cake! (Don't judge. You know you're jealous). I'm also going to try a cake shake. It sounds amazingggg. I'm so ready to EAT this week, lbr. Also can't wait to try Chicago deep dish pizza!

8. BookCon. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. But I AM actually excited about it even though I've heard it's legit hell. I'm pretty much just going for Laini Taylor, tbh. She's one of my faaaaves, and it would make my freaking year if I could meet her. She's my #1 priority on Saturday, so I'm not missing this chance! (I think she'll be doing a signing of samplers at BEA, but I doubt I'll have room in my schedule for it, so definitely BookCon if that doesn't happen). I'd also like to go to a panel with Sarah, Susan, and Alex, but idk if I'll have the time!

9. Maggie Stievater's The Raven King tour stop. Rashika and I have decided to head down to Anderson's Bookshop for Maggie's signing. Because of my crowded BEA schedule, I figured why not save the space and go on Tuesday instead?? Not only will we have a bit more time meeting Maggie (which !!!), but we'll also be able to check out one of the infamous bookstores for book tour stops. It's a date, and I cannot WAIT.

10. Meeting authors I haven't gotten to yet! I'M SO, SO HAPPY HEATHER GRAHAM IS GOING TO BE AT BEA, OMGGG. Heather's one of the few authors I've like religiously read since high school, so meeting her would be a dream come true! I got to meet Carla Neggers last year and basically just gushed all over her, and it was amazing. So I'm gonna do it again. I also can't wait to FINALLY (and hopefully) meet Tahereh Mafi, Laini Taylor, Kendare Blake, Morgan Matson (not sure yet but seriously hope to!), and Sabaa Tahir. I ALSO HOPE I GET TO MEET SCOTTY FREAKING MCCREERY. He's apparently signing a book, which I am going to get personalized for my mom, but omg, I get to meet him if I get a ticket. omg. 

I think I've pretty much covered everything?? I'm super excited about just going down to Chicago again, and I KNOW this is going to be one fabulous week. I love everything I have planned and who I'm rooming with and what we're planning on doing throughout the week. I'll probably be tweeting about BEA sometimes, so make sure you're following me on Twitter so you don't miss it! See y'all in a week. :D

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