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BEA Recap: Friday

Friday was my chill and relaxing day. Because I got most of the books I wanted during the last two days, there wasn’t much on my list. So I decided to head into McCormick a little later (I think everyone but Shannon and I were already there because they wanted to get tickets). I did want to get a ticket for Alexandra Bracken’s signing, but I figured not as many people would want one because a) she was signing finished copies of Passenger, and b) there were other BIG name authors signing the same day. I underestimated how many people would want to go to her signing, because when I got down there a little after 8, the tickets were out! I was understandably devastated, but it was my fault for not going in earlier. When Shannon and I were walking over to the quieter entrance to wait, we found Danielle (Love at First Page) and Sabrina (The Forest of Words and Pages) sitting on the ground, who told us that we weren’t allowed to line up yet. So we decided to join them! And there I met Wendy from Book Scents and Rebecca from Unbound Pages. We waited with them before the place opened, which was super fun!

When we were allowed on the floor, my first stop was Penguin’s booth to line up for the drop for The Sun Is Also a Star. Nicola had a signing later in the day, but I knew there was no way I’d make it to that (especially since Penguin had other signings going on then too). While we were waiting, some of the squad members met up with us. And CJ asked if anyone wanted some of her ticket passes. One of them was for Alexandra’s! I WAS LIKE OMG ARE YOU SURE I CAN HAVE THIS?? Guys, CJ is the actual best. Not only had I had no clue how I would spend my time (since I had like nothing until 12:30), but I got to meet Alex again thanks to her! <333 The wait for her signing wasn’t long, and I had no idea what to say to her when I went up there, because obviously we met at BEA last year, but I was thinking she definitely wouldn’t remember me. BUT SHE DID! She totally recognized me. And I was like, “YEAH! I was at your Passenger signing last year.” I told her it had been my first BEA read when I got home, and that I loved it. She talked about the changes and said she couldn’t wait to hear what I thought of them. And I guess I was fiddling with my phone (lolol no idea why honestly), so she asked if I wanted to get a picture. I said yes, even though I suck at selfies. But to my utter delight, my selfie game was fairly on point! :D
My faaaaave selfie with an author

After that, I went over to see how my friends were faring in the Maggie Stiefvater line. I found Shannon and shared my awesome experience with Alex, and then I went over and sat down and waited for her to get done. I honestly have NO idea what we did next. Seriously. I know at some point I picked up Phantom Limbs from Candlewick Press. I also met up with Nori at some point too, and she took me over to Harper so I could get a cute little charm from Heather Doss. She’d been handing them out throughout the week, and I obvs asked for a fox one. :D But the rest is a blur. OH! I do remember we went to Starbucks (again) because Shannon needed coffee and I wanted a donut. Rashika found us there, and we waited out the time before my signing. Then I met up with Val because she wanted the book too. Kerri is SO nice and she was so excited (I’m pretty sure this was her first ever signing). Stalking Jack the Ripper is one of the books I seriously cannot wait to read! I really hope I love it.

Before the signing, we’d been hearing how huge the line was for A Torch Against the Night already. Sabaa’s signing time wasn’t even close, but it was already packed near Penguin and the publicists HAD to get the line situated and in order. I was nervous because I really, really wanted Torch but I was sure I was too late. But we went over there anyway because most of my friends wanted Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (whose signing started a half hour after Sabaa’s). And I was right, there was no way I was getting in that line for Torch. But when we found Shannon around Penguin waiting for David’s line to form, she gave me her spot for Torch because SHE IS THE SWEETEST. I’m so thankful Shannon did that (and that she got her own copy of the book later in the day). I also grabbed a ticket for David’s signing for Larissa. Since she couldn’t go, I had wanted to get her SOMETHING, and it was perfect how this happened, and I was able to surprise her with KoA.

SABAA IS THE COOLEST, GUYS. She thought she recognized me when it was my turn (but there’s no way because we haven’t met. UNLESS she recognized me from my Twitter photo?? Idk. I mean, I have tweeted about Ember news every single time there’s been news, so THAT COULD BE IT. But I don’t really think I’m that memorable, haha). Anyway! She was funny and nice, and I’m so glad I got to meet her! I tried to be funny, all like, “well hey now you can say you’ve met me!” (I tried. I’m so awkward with authors). I’m just happy I didn’t say anything embarrassing. HAHA. But I have a picture to cherish forever:

Afterward, I met David, and then I headed over to the Gemina line, which had started around 12 (but the drop wasn’t actually happening until 3. Haha, we bookworms are devoted!). I kinda wish I hadn’t been running around and I could’ve just sat and talked with everyone while we waited. BUT AH WELL. CJ mentioned to us earlier that she’d been saving all of us spots, so we found her and settled down. Jay Kristoff was around and people were going up to him and asking for pictures and I HAD THOUGHT ABOUT DOING THAT but was too shy. The wait wasn’t too long, and it was fun to just sit and chill for a bit, especially because there were so many bloggers I knew around (I didn’t talk to any of them though, because I SUCK). I did have another quick chat with Danielle (I saw her so freaking much throughout BEA, it’s so funny!), which was the last time I’d see her that week. SADNESS. And then it was time to move the line and get ready for the drop. Jay was still around, so he took out his phone and shot a video of the Gemina line. YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE ME IN HERE, GUYS.

Once the drop was finished (AND I HAD THE PRECIOUS IN MY HANDS), that was it. None of us had anything else to do, except CJ, who went to a panel. Someone took the lead and dragged us around to the booths one last time (well, only the few of us who were around and ready to go back to the hotel that is, haha), and I’m super glad about it because there were some copies of Leave Me still lying around. After that, we went back to the hotel. Val, Shannon, and I spent a lot of time talking and debating whether or not to go to the blogger dinner we had signed up for. In the end, the three of us decided to head out alone for dinner instead. (I don’t regret that decision, but I did miss seeing some bloggers who were gonna be there). I think honestly we just wanted some time alone, and none of us were really up for socializing in a big group. Before we all went our separate ways though, we said goodbye to CJ and Amber and HAD to get a group picture for the last time (or the only time really, tbh). I also got a message from Sabrina that she was hanging out with Sara from The Hiding Spot, and I was like OMG I WILL BE RIGHT DOWN DON’T MOVE. Sara’s one of the fab Michigan bloggers I adore talking to on Twitter, so it was absolutely awesome to be able to meet her in real life (and she’s just as sweet as she on social media).

Eventually Val, Shannon, and I got an uber and made our way to Lou Malnati's. Except… we totally weren’t thinking about the crowds or needing a reservation, so we ended up heading elsewhere as it started to rain. EXCEPT THAT PLACE WAS NO GOOD EITHER. We did finally find a place, which did have a wait, but luckily it was only a few minutes for us (and we were willing to wait to NOT have to walk anymore :p). Dinner was amazing. Well, the company. The food, not so much ;) I am honestly so jealous of you all who had good food because I did NOT. I did *like* the deep dish, but I wasn’t a big fan, and probably will never have it again in my life. When we got back to the hotel, we made plans with Sabrina to chill in the room and have a little drinking party. I FINALLY found a wine I liked, and I also may or may not have gotten tipsy for the first time ever. Hahahaha. Honestly, I’ve never truly been opposed to drinking. I just never really had anybody I was comfortable enough with, and I have never seen the appeal in getting drunk, either. But social, casual drinking? That’s fun! Especially if you have good friends and you know that even if you did something embarrassing or stupid, it would be fine. :D Around 2 a.m., I decided it was probably time to start packing, so that’s what I did. A little while later, the party stopped and I went to sleep (way later than I should have, but again, during BEA week you really don’t get sleep!).

To end this post, I wanted to share my whole book haul (minus the three I got at BookCon).
FullSizeRender (4).jpg
day 1, day 2, happy hour, and day 3

Tomorrow will be my last BEA recap!! BookCon didn't go like I had planned, but well, when does anything ever? But it was so much fun. However, it also meant saying goodbye to everyone and that was hell. ANYWAY. The giveaway will start tomorrow too, so I hope you'll stick around. :D

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