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BEA Recap: Saturday + Giveaway!

Saturday was BookCon day!! I didn’t go either days last year, but since my pass included BookCon, I thought: why not?! Since I’d stayed up so late the night before, though, I decided to sleep in. Haha. I woke up EARLY but heard about the lines and I was like, hell if I’m doing that right now. By the time I FINALLY made it over to the convention center with Rashika, the party was well underway. We headed over to Harper’s booth since Rashika wanted to meet Heather Doss and ask about her charms (and fangirl over Pax with her :p), I just went along. I literally had nothing to do, especially since I didn’t get a wristband for Laini Taylor’s signing later in the day, and there were like no drops happening. I do regret not meeting Laini when I had the chance, since she had been walking around during BEA at one point too, and I could’ve gotten up earlier and waited in line. BUT I WANTED SLEEP. Wah. It’s okay. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet her at a different time; it was just sad because I’d talked about her signing being my #1 priority at BookCon a lot, and then it didn’t happen. But I did have SUCH a fun day, regardless!

Earlier in the morning, I had been tweeting with Zoey from Uncreatively Zoey because I had wanted to meet up with her. Little did I know I’d spend basically the whole day with her and Rashika! I’m so happy I got to meet Zoey, who is so lovely and fun. It was a blast! After, I think we wandered a bit after we left the Harper booth, saw Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman in the crowd, and eventually we found Sarah from The YA Book Traveler. Sarah’s another one of my fave Michigan bloggers, and in general, human beings. We were able to talk for a little bit and we definitely had to get a picture together (which you can see in Sarah’s recap of BookCon). She also mentioned to us that Victoria Aveyard and Susan Dennard were hanging out around Disney, so when we parted with Sarah, we definitely had to go creep on these two authors. Rashika asked them if we could get pictures, and they were totally cool about it. EXCEPT MINE DISAPPEARED FOREVER. The woman who was with them was so sweet about taking them for us, but she only took one of me and them, and somehow it got deleted from my phone. I don’t know how or why, and I was definitely really upset about it. The worst part is that it never showed up in my “recently deleted” folder, so I’ve no idea what the fuck happened to it. SO MUCH SADNESS. :(

None of us really had anything to do after that until the Foxheart drop. I was stoked that I’d seen Claire Legrand tweeting about it like either that morning or the day before, and it was pretty much my only priority book to get. But beforehand, Rashika, Zoey, and I decided to check out the Epic Reads lounge and chill and get off our feet (because boy, mine were hurting after all the walking I’d done in the last few days). We got some cute little goodies, and we didn’t talk to anyone else there (a lot of people took advantage of a comfy place to wait things out!), but it was nice to just sit down for a bit. When it was time to start heading back to Harper, we got there and like casually hung out until the line started. Haha. Nori joined us at some point, as well as a friend of hers. I had thought this was a drop for Foxheart BUT IT WASN’T. It was a spin-the-wheel type of game! I was like SHIT. Legit only wanted one book, and I was nervous I wouldn’t get it. And I had been talking about it SO much. LOL. Good thing I had friends watching my back. ;) But it didn’t matter anyway because I landed on the jackpot square and got four books! (I ended up leaving two of them sitting on a table in Simon & Schuster’s booth so hopefully someone wanted them and picked them up). I kept Frazzled, though, because it sounds so cute.

We had some time before Morgan Matson’s ice cream social, so we found a space near the entrance to chill. And Shannon finally made her over from the hotel. Hahaha. It had been a chaotic morning for all of us, and I had to say goodbye to Val then, and THAT HAD SUCKED. I knew goodbyes were coming up, but I didn’t want them. And I didn’t want to think about it. LUCKILY, some of us still had some time left together. <3 We were some of the first people at Simon’s booth for the ice cream social, and there I saw Mary (Mary Had a Little Book Blog) for the last time. (SO MANY LAST TIMES, SNIFFS). But getting to meet Morgan Matson and getting a wonderful picture with her was awesome! And so was the ice cream, because that’s obviously like the most important part here. :D
this is seriously one of my fave author + me photos ever

We said goodbye to Nori while there because we knew we wouldn’t see her again. *sobs* Then we made our way over to Penguin for the last thing I wanted to do, which was meet Ruta Sepetys (thank goodness I didn’t need a wristband for this). We were some of the first people in line for it, and we just waited out the time beforehand by chatting and saying goodbye to Mishma. Such bittersweet moments, and it’s so hard when you only have a few short days with your friends. IT’S NOT ENOUGH. *wonders why we all have to live so far away from each other* OKAY, I WILL STOP.  IT JUST ALWAYS MAKES ME SAD.

Meeting Ruta Sepetys was one of my favorite moments of the whole week! I’ve loved all 3 of her books, and I’ve always wanted to meet her, and I missed my chance when she was in Michigan back in February. So this was amazing! I told her I loved her books, and she seemed super surprised I read Between Shades of Gray for fun and not like for school. But I said I love WWII fiction. She was so sweet. And then I asked if we could get a quick picture, because it was a must! :D

After the signing, it was time for Rashika and I to head out! We said ANOTHER goodbye, but this time to Zoey. And then it took us awhile to get our bags situated and leave the hotel, but we did it (and said goodbye to Shannon before we left her there). We just didn’t give ourselves quite enough time to eat beforehand, but that’s okay, because I couldn’t think about eating. The train station was SO crowded, and I was super nervous about the fact that I was pretty sure my suitcase was over the 50 lbs limit. Rashika and I parted ways, and the guy who helped me lift the suitcase up the stairs was like “You’re pushing it” and I was just thinking something along the lines of SHUT THE FUCK UP I DON’T CARE. I made sure to NOT let him take the suitcase when I got off at Kalamazoo because I did not want to hear another comment. I literally dragged it down the steps and almost broke the wheels off, but I was not having it. The train ride itself was uneventful. I had to sit with someone and keep my suitcase from moving where it was right in front of me, but it worked (and the lady next to me was really nice about it all). When I got to the station, my aunt, uncle, and cousin were waiting for me!

I talked to them about the event a little bit while we got back to their house. (It’s so weird and honestly how do you explain what the book conference really entails?? And why you would go?? And now I feel like everyone knows about my blog. Haha). I could’ve stayed the night, but I really did just want to go home, and my aunt understood that, so my cousin rode up with us. (They have a place to stay near our house, so it wasn’t a big deal). I basically COLLAPSED when I got back. I was so tired, but I was also wired up, and I immediately started sorting my books and petting them and such because obviously. I still haven’t fully unpacked yet, and I don’t really have anywhere else for my BEA books, so they’re still in my suitcase. Someday this summer I will get around to cleaning/organizing/culling my bookshelves. But it is not this day. :p (If you get this reference, we should be friends).

Enter to win a BEA prize pack consisting of these two ARCs:
FullSizeRender (5).jpg
I’ve read them both but now I want to pass them along to someone else. :) This is US only, unfortunately! And you must abide by the rules, no cheating, you know, the usual. Good luck!! :D

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