Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hype Can Definitely Ruin Books for Me

Sometimes hype works for me and puts books on my TBR or my radar that weren't already on there, which I've written about before. But sometimes, or well, most of the time, hype can ruin books for me. When a book starts getting hyped, I get wary. Is the book REALLY that good, or is everyone just riding a wave of omg-this-is-the-best-thing-I've-ever-read? There have been moments where I've ridden that wave and thought what I read was truly a gift. But then days or weeks passed, and I was like: wait, what, did I really think I loved the book that much?? It's really hard for me to tell if it was a new favorite of mine, or I just got caught up in the hype myself.

There have been times where I've been disappointed by a book because I was expecting something freaking BRILLIANTLY AMAZING, and that never happened for me. And it's really hard as a bookworm not getting the hype for a book. There's kind of nothing worse for me than being the black sheep on a REALLY popular book. Like, I want to share in the joys and be part of the fandom too! I WANT TO LOVE IT TOO. I WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE POWER IT HOLDS OVER PEOPLE. So, this external hype can be a huge reason why a book doesn't work out for me. Other readers shouting about it made ME build it up in my mind, and then I was left feeling utterly betrayed. And ugh, I just haaaate it! It's honestly ruined many books I thought I'd love but just... didn't.

Instances Where the Reader Hype Ruined the Experience:
For all three of these, I liked the books! In fact, mostly enjoyed them! But the hype made me think they would be brilliantly amazing, and I just didn't get that. And it's funny that they're all series beginners, so hopefully I love the sequels more! ToG is especially one series I WANT to get obsessed with, so that's why I've stayed away from catching up on it. I'm afraid I won't be a fan, and I WANT to be one!

For these three, I didn't like them! Nope, the hype definitely crushed my dreams here. I was expecting the Best Things Ever, but I just don't understand the hype, honestly. I know The Witch Hunter has since gotten a lot of mixed reviews than when it first came out, but if I'm remembering correctly, it was still pretty hyped up. But the other two are HUGE deals, and I'm the total black sheep here. I hate it too, because I was expecting to love them both, but *whispers* I didn't find them special at all.


But the hype can also be my OWN FAULT. If I really love a series or author, I have HIGH expectations for sequels/new releases from my faves. So those expectations can really hinder my reading experience. I build up the book in my own mind, and then the book lets me down. And it can happen to books from authors I haven't read before either! For this, I haven't really found a way to combat it. My brain is kind of an asshole, tbh, but this DOESN'T happen as often as the first. Generally, I DO know what I'm going to love about a book going in. I know my tastes. But sometimes, sometimes when I build up a book in my mind, it totally lets me down.

Instances Where MY Hype Ruined the Experience:

Even though internal hype clearly doesn't happen as often for me, I think it's actually worse than external hype. There is something so sad about being SO excited about a book, hyping it up in your mind, and then being completely decimated when it doesn't live up to your expectations. LIKE HOW COULD THE BOOK BETRAY ME LIKE THAT. When I especially love an author, it's a lot easier for me to be disappointed in books (i.e. Unteachable and Exposed). Not usually by much, but if something was just so amazing and good, and the next one I read by the author isn't, then it's. just. terrible. But in most cases, the external hype is the one that doesn't work for me. It's why I hold off on reading very popular books (mostly series!), because I don't want to be the black sheep. It's not fun, when you aren't part of the excitement, especially when you wanted to love the book or series SO badly, but you just didn't. I really hate hype and what it can do to my reading experiences. 

I wanted to see what others thought of hype, so I decided to do a poll on Twitter. I wanted to know if people felt internal or external hype was worse, and here are the results! It looks like most of you hate both types of hype, but external beat out internal. And that's super interesting to me since I don't feel the same!


How do YOU deal with the hype/how do you not let it ruin your reading experiences? Is external or internal hype worse for you? What books have let YOU down in the past? Let's chat! :)

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