Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2016 Releases

Oh my god, you guys, there are SO MANY NEW BOOKS COMING OUT THIS MONTH! This is probably one of the longest new releases posts I've done in awhile. I can't even keep up with them all, omg. I've probably even missed some, too. 

May 3rd

May 9th

May 10th

May 16th

May 17th

May 20th

May 24th

May 31st

I've already read: The Square Root of Summer and The Art of Being Normal. I really enjoyed both of them! I also read Some Kind of Happiness, and it was AMAZING. Seriously, y'all want this one on your radar! Such a wonderful story and a positive, honest rep of mental illness.

For review from NetGalley/EW/physical: Wild Swans, The Unexpected Everything, Suffer Love, and Whisper to Me. I'm super excited about all of them, especially Morgan Matson's new one! I will definitely be reading that one this month. I also have physicals of Girl Against the Universe and The Crown's Game, so I'll be making them a priority to get to! I can't wait for Paula's esp since I LOVED Lainey.

My most anticipated releases: Outrun the Moon, If I Was Your Girl, and Traitor Angels. I've been looking forward to all three of these for SO long, it seems. But I'm most especially stoked about IIWYG. It sounds SO good.

Which May releases are YOU most excited about? Am I missing any good ones (which ALWAYS happens)? :)

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