Monday, June 13, 2016

Make Me Read It 2016: Goals and Poll

The Make-Me-Read-It Readathon is an event where other people choose the books YOU will be reading during the week of July 9th - the 16th. I'm so glad Val and Ely are hosting it again, because it was a lot of fun last year!


But I kiiiinda failed last year at this. I did read all 5 of the books you guys voted on, three of which were hits (The Start of Me and You, Miss Peregrine's, and The Archived) and two of them were just... not (Fangirl and Falling Kingdoms). BUT I didn't read them within the actual event time. Hahahaa WHOOPS. I know Val is all chill about this, and it's not a Big Deal, but I'm so competitive with myself that I don't like failing at reading challenges. (Which is why I work so hard at conquering Bookish Bingo and reading a series a month). So I'm determined to WIN this time. But I'm going to be more reasonable about my expectations and goals. Currently, I do have a lot of time. But will I when this read-a-thon hits? Maybe not. Maybe I will get into a horrible reading slump. Maybe I will just feel like re-watching Friends on Netflix instead. So my goal this year is:

3 Books!

Though I can read more than that in a week, I feel like 3 is a reasonable number. And 5 was clearly too much for me last summer, so I think I can definitely hit 3. But I'm going to make a CHILL sub-goal with myself of at least reading 5 of the books you vote on, whether that is DURING the event, or afterward (depending on mood and whatnot). So, which 5 books am I reading? Well, that depends on YOU! 

 For this, I decided to go after the popular books I've been putting off reading, whether they were published years or a few months ago. These books receive largely positive reviews and have a lot of hype, and it scares me. So basically you really ARE making me read these books, because I don't know when I will otherwise. Choose wisely. ;)

You can vote up to 5 times! Or you can just vote once. Up to you. :)

So, what am I reading?

A Court of Thorns and Roses
The Love That Split the World
The Crown's Game
November 9
Red Queen
Me Before You
Eleanor & Park
My Life Next Door
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