Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Favorite TV Shows

So I'm sure most of you know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that I watch a whole lot of TV shows. I love binge-watching on Netflix, and I do it embarrassingly often (Too much time on my hands). I also used to love live-tweeting, but I've kind of grown not-fond of it. Not only do I not want to spoil people, which I haven't always been conscious of in the past, and something that was never intentional but was sure hard to avoid. I definitely see the error of my ways and that it's just common courtesy to not spoil people, though sometimes I still can't help reacting if it's The 100 that I'm watching. I try to warn people, but I know it doesn't always work. But really, it's just not as fun anymore unless I'm ACTUALLY watching it live, and with other people. Every now and then, I'll throw out some thoughts and hashtag it, but the actual live-tweeting doesn't happen anymore. And I'm sure everyone is super thrilled by that. Hahahaha. (Apologies to those of you who have followed me for years, which also begs the question: why are you still following me?! LOL).

But the thing is... I hardly ever finish these binges. At some point, I always get bored of the show. This happened with, oh, so many like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ghost Whisperer, Kimmy Schmidt, Jessica Jones, Hawaii Five-0 (even though I have no idea since it has one of my fave BROTPs of ever), Bones, and The Originals. Or the shows went downhill and I just couldn't get into the new storylines: The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Arrow, Friday Night Lights, and Daredevil. Or it was only one season, and it was so meh that I don't have much interest for when it'll come back on aka The Shannara Chronicles. I try pretty much everything, if you can't already tell just from this paragraph alone. *cue cry-laughing emoji* But only a few have ever became true obsessions for me. And I judge that by the fact that I just want to watch them over and over again. I'm actually re-watching two of them right now. LOL. These five shows will never get old! I love them to pieces, forever and always. Can't stop, won't stop watching.

#1: The 100
I mean, was there any doubt this would be on here? Haha, I'm pretty open about how much I dig this show and its characters. I even sorted my fave characters into Hogwarts houses for Potterhead July. This is like my #1 obsession right now, of anything really (except Hamilton, lbr). I just will never get over this show and its characters and the love that I have for it. Even after the rockiness of season 3, I am still such a fan of it. And Bellarke is all I want in life. I mean seriously, I can defend this ship on a thesis level. The re-watch I'm doing (just finished season 1... for the 4th time...) just gives me more ammunition, and I cannot fucking wait for season 4 bc I KNOW we'll get something. But if the show fucks it up, I will murder someone (okay not really, but I will certainly rage about it for probably ever).

#2: Friends
*will never, ever stop watching this show* OKAY SO I never actually finished the series until just last year, even though I'd seen episodes here and there for forever. But once I finally binged it the whole way through, I guess I'm back to missing it. I'm stopped in season 7 currently on this re-watch, but I also like to get back to it when I've had an especially shitty day. It never stops cheering me up. And I love it for that. <3

#3: Sense8
I am ridiculously obsessed with the show, though I still don't understand the mechanics of it very well EVEN AFTER THREE TIMES. But it's so fucking good, and I love the characters, and they make me so happy. I'm so into the Wolfgang/Kala ship, and Sun is so precious to me. Nomi is kickass, and the (non-physical) strength that Riley possess is something that so few have. Seriously, I love all of these ladies so hard. They honestly make the show for me. But I also do adore Lito and Will and Capheus and Wolfgang too. THEY ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. And like, I know this show isn't perfect, but I still think it has a lot of good going on with it. It's one of the better ones out there, to me.

#4: Legend of the Seeker 
Honestly Richard and Kahlan's romance is seriously up there with my all-time fave OTPs. I swear to god the chemistry between these two actors... IT IS EXPLOSIVE. And so much of what I love about this show. Also Cara is my fave, that beautiful badass. I still think it deserved more than two seasons. And even though I'm sure as fuck not satisfied, I still re-watch the episodes. I haven't done it in a long time, but that's bc Netflix is a jerk and removed it. But gah, guys, if you love shipping couples, you would LOVE this show! Seriously ultimate shippy romance.

#5: Dancing with the Stars
I am religious about watching this show when the season is on, and I get so freaking excited about it. I love the dancers and the dances. I love watching the pros get more and more creative as the seasons go on. I LOVE FREESTYLES and Argentine Tangos and Paso Dobles and contemporaries. The last season wasn't my fave, and I didn't find a whole lot of dances I would like to see again. But it's still always so fun to watch. It's really the only reality show I watch. I do usually get pretty far with Big Brother in the summers, but I rarely ever keep up with it. 


Some other TV shows that I loved but that I'm not as obsessive about them as I used to be: Spartacus (GANNICUS AND CRIXUS, MY LOVES), Gilligan's Island (which I generally still watch when I need a pick-me-up), Lost, and Grey's Anatomy. For the latter two, they were like my teen years. I was SO into them. I finally finished Lost a few years ago and loved it, and maybe I will do a re-watch someday (especially of the later seasons, which I've only seen once). And for Grey's, gah. I have such problems with it, and I'm stuck in season 11. I know what's coming up and I know it's going to break me (in so many more ways than just this one character's death), and I just cannot. I'm not ready. *pretends everything is like it was back in the earlier seasons* oh! I also really loved The Messengers. It was only one season, but it was good! I wish there'd been more. I also got preeeeetty obsessed with Lie to Me, but then it ended on a bad note, over too early and my ship never set sail, and I was distraught for days. Lightman and Foster 4ever. I also can't forget about Outlander. I really loved it, and I can't wait to watch the newest season. Ugh, another favorite, and then I'll stop: Witches of East End. IT WAS SO DAMN GREAT, WHY DID IT EVER GET CANCELLED. I want Netflix to pick it back up so badly, I need more. Also same with Legend of the Seeker.

I do so much binge-watching that, like I said, it's embarrassing. But I just can't quit. I HAVE TO TRY THEM ALL. Also, it beats reading 24/7, which might seem weird of me to admit since I'm such a voracious reader, but damn, even *I* need my breaks from books. Haha. (*whispers* this isn't even everything I've ever watched, I swear to god guys you don't even know). And I'm always looking for that newest obsession. I haven't found one since Sense8, and I am not going to give up the search!

Some of the shows on my to-watch list: 
*Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
*Poldark (I have TRIED TWICE with that premiere and still haven't gotten past it BUT AIDAN TURNER, GUYS)


Here's where you come in! Recommend me your faves! I have probably watched almost all of them at this point, but you never know. And I want to fall head over heels, obsessively in love with a new TV show. SO LAY IT ON ME. :D

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