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My Thoughts on the Vampire Academy Series

YES, I AM FINALLY "REVIEWING" THESE BOOKS. I finished Last Sacrifice in May and only now just got around to posting this. It also took me a long time to read this series. I had started Frostbite way back in March, I think, and then didn't read the next few books until April. I tried so hard to finish the series before BEA, since my friend Mary had bribed me with fanfiction for that. But that, um, didn't happen. (THOUGH I AM STILL WAITING ON THAT FAN FIC, MARY. :D). I ended up finishing this series at the very end of May. And on the whole, I really enjoyed the books! And I definitely wanted to talk about the series on the blog, so here we are! :)

 *Minor spoilers!

The Main Character
Rose is AWESOME. She can be reckless, and she can be so incredibly stubborn, and she has a problem with authority figures. BUT I did love her character. I think it’s great that she’s a sexually confident female who is not only physically strong, but who also lets herself feel things and have romance. And even against the odds, she wouldn’t give up or back down, and I loved that hardships made her more determined to LIVE. She does make some choices I didn’t agree with, and sometimes I wanted her to just stop and THINK. But you know what? She goes through MAJOR growth throughout this series! And you can totally tell, which I think is super important, especially in a series. Also, her sarcasm gives me life.

The Romances
Rose and Dimitri: I’m sorry, but I don’t get them. I find Dimitri boring af, and I have suuuch an issue with student/teacher relationships that I couldn’t ship them. Throughout the series, their relationship does grow and change as they grow and change, and I DO see that. But it had developed too quickly for me in the first book, and I couldn’t really believe they loved each other until the last, like, two. And sometimes, they still seem not that compatible to me. Plus Dimitri just never appealed to me.

Rose and Adrian: I LOVE Adrian, like a lot. And I think I latched onto their romance possibility BECAUSE I didn’t ship her and Dimitri. But throughout their short relationship, I wanted them to just become friends again. It was adorable, and I think Rose really needed it at the time. But by the end, the chemistry they’d had while they bantered in the earlier books just like vanished, and I was over it. SO I wish she wouldn’t have actually cheated on him to get there, but UGH. I don’t want to like hate her for it, but she hurt Adrian badly. And I didn’t think it was completely necessary, and that she could have chosen to be honest to him about her feelings.

The Secondary Characters
Lissa and Christian: I LOVE THESE TWO! I loved that the last couple of books brought them into focus more than the earlier ones. I kind of only shipped them as a couple. Also the female friendship between Lissa and Rose? MY FAVORITE. ADORED. They were there for each other through everything, and I loved that. Not sure how I feel about a certain aspect of Last Sacrifice. It’s kind of weird! But I also think it will be good for the girls, and that they both REALLY understand each other in a way they haven’t before, after all they’ve been through.

Abe, Eddie, and Sydney: these three were my faves of the secondary characters! Abe is hilarious, dangerous, but also definitely has a set of morals and a heart somewhere deep down inside. Eddie was such a great guardian and friend to the group, and I’m really nervous about him after that ending! And ah, Sydney. She could be brutally honest, and she REALLY hated the vampires and everything about them, but I found her character refreshing. And I cannot WAIT to read Bloodlines since I know she’s the MC. :D

The Plot/Writing
I think one of my biggest problems with this series was the amount of telling and the lack of enough dialogue. There was NOT a lot of dialogue, which makes the secondary characters kind of two-dimensional, because you don’t really get to know them that well (except for the main secondary characters, if there is such a thing). And like there were so many times Rose was talking to people, and then she’d be like, “oh and then we talked about this for a bit and then parted ways.” I KIND OF WANTED THOSE CONVERSATIONS.

This was an interesting take on vampires! I’ve read many paranormal books with these creatures, and I’m glad this felt different from those. It’s definitely developed really well! I did appreciate the insights, and how the last couple of books had a major focus on the politics and duties surrounding Moroi and dhamphirs. I still find it incredibly unfair to the guardians how they have to live their lives. Honestly, I would NOT want that! No. But if I didn’t, then I’d basically be a blood-whore. I did have a problem with the constant use of the word whore, but I understand the context in which it was used, and how it is such a big part of the Moroi culture, but still. It was also incredibly convenient that Rose and Lissa had a shadow-kissed bond, because then Rose could spy on her and the readers would get caught up in that storyline as it unfolded. And of course, Rose always tuned in at the MOST important times. And now I’m being nit-picky. But really, it depended on the book, when it came to how well everything worked together. Most times, I thought the beginnings were hard to get into, and the middles could drag. But generally, the last half of the books were the best parts. And I think Last Sacrifice may have been the best book in the series.

Basically, I really enjoyed this series as a whole. I just didn’t love it like I’d expected to, and I think my expectations and internal hype were the biggest reason that happened.


Have you read this series yet? If so, what did you think of it?! What was your favorite book of this series? I think mine is still VA, but LS was so good! :D

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