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Potterhead July: Two Fandoms Colliding

When I first heard about Aentee's event, I knew I HAD to sign up. I freaking LOVE Harry Potter. I was pretty late to the game, since I started reading in high school (when all of the books were out, I think). But the best thing about Harry Potter is that it transcends age, and it doesn't matter WHEN you read it. Because when you love it, you become part of the best fandom around. <3 I'm so excited to be taking part in this. I was actually supposed to post this on Monday, but our Internet has been having issues, and I had to put it off. BUT I AM READY NOW. You can check out the rest of the schedule here.

When I was looking at the prompts Aentee had, I thought sorting favorite fictional characters would be oh so fun. I kinda do it unofficially sometimes, especially if it's a series with tons of characters. But for this post, I immediately knew I was going to sort The 100 characters FROM THE TV SHOW. And if you disagree with any, totally cool! You might think of something I don't. But I spent so much time on Sorting these characters, and I'm pretty confident with my choices. And here they are! :D

*a few spoilers for the TV show!!!*


Octavia Blake -- fierce, badass adopted Grounder who has no problem jumping into hard situations. Need I say more?! Also, Octavia is not afraid of new situations, experiences, and she's always been one of the first to be like, "let's go kick some ass."

Marcus Kane -- if we want to look at the 1st season, Marcus would be in Slytherin for sure to me. Though he was always about keeping his people alive, he didn't go by them the right way. But throughout the seasons, he has grown a lot, and he's definitely about doing what's right now. And I honestly almost put him in Hufflepuff since he, like Lincoln, is a peacemaker. But Marcus has never been afraid to lead, to stand in front of others, to walk into situations where he might not survive. And in a world where kill or be killed is still its primary motto, that bravery is needed.

Bellamy Blake -- as much as some of his actions in season three were so bad and hard to forgive (though he thought he was doing the right thing for his people), he's a Gryffindor at heart. Brave, strong, a leader. Someone not afraid to be the bad guy if it makes people feel better, not afraid to make tough decisions. Charging headfirst into trouble. He's driven by his emotions. In the Clarke/Bellamy duo, he's not the logical thinker. It makes him reckless at times, but that courage is so much a part of who Bellamy is.

Indra -- she is deeeefinitely Gryffindor. Aggressive, protective, daring as hell. Someone who laughs in the face of death and who doesn't back down. A goddam warrior in a world that needs warriors. 

Raven Reyes -- BC HER NAME IS SO PERFECT. but no really, her character was actually one of the easiest to sort. Though she can definitely be a lion, her strength lies in her smarts and the skills that she's picked up throughout life and the way she can think herself out of dangerous situations. I mean, that last finale? holy shit! Talk about Raven saving the day doing what she's so good at!
Abby Griffin -- I think you could make a case for Gryffindor with Abby, if you wished to. But she is so smart, and she's always been led by her brain more than her heart (unless it came to Clarke, really), so I place her here. She led wisely (most of the time lolol), and has a thirst for knowledge about almost everything.

Monty Green -- precious cinnamon roll that he is, I believe he fits Ravenclaw more than Hufflepuff. He's loyal to a fault, yes, but his intelligence is what shines. His way of helping everyone by coming up with solutions, his logic in the face of disaster. Monty is one of the cool heads in the face of his friends' hot tempers. And he is clever as hell.

Jasper Jordan -- kid is Hufflepuff all the way through. He can do the hard shit if he must, but he's more about letting other people take charge and staying away from conflict. Plus, he's loyal to the core, no matter how much pain he's in. And he's always been a kind person, even when he makes awful comments (aka 'Harper is low-hanging fruit').

Lincoln -- he's a peacemaker and someone who I believe would never have liked the Grounder traditions if he hadn't been raised by them (but I mean, he did say screw them quite a bit). He grew up an anomaly because he didn't like bloodshed and war. He certainly fought if he had to, but all he ever wanted was to unite the Grounders and the Sky people. He fought for that, for peace, until his last breath. And his loyalty and love for his people made him who he was.

John Murphy -- he's changed a lot, guys, but he's still Murphy. He will do whatever it takes to survive, no matter who is in his way. His relationship with Emori brings out a softer side, one that puts her needs above his, but he's still a Slytherin at heart.

Lexa -- as with Clarke, you could make a case that she belongs in a different house (definitely Ravenclaw, if anything, imo). After all, all she's ever wanted was to save her people too, right? But the thing with Lexa is that she's ruthless, cunning, and has risen to the top through bloodshed. And has stayed at the top through force and fear and ambition. I mean, she didn't hesitate to drop-kick a guy out the window of the throne room for questioning her orders. She would wear green proudly

Clarke Griffin -- I seriously put her here first, switched it to Gryffindor, and then wobbled back and forth for days. And now I'm back to Slytherin. The driving point for me was that she does what is necessary, the hard and cold and dark shit, when most other people can't. She's resourceful, cunning, and has almost a single-minded determination at times. And she has this need to be in charge and to lead. The thing that made me pause was that Clarke's actions are hardly ever self-serving (except the time she left at the end of season two, and I think she deserved a break, tbh). She cares about people, and everything she has done has been FOR THEM. But she's staying, because so many of the defining characterstics of Slytherins fit Clarke more, and people don't always fit perfectly into the Houses anyway. Plus not all Slytherins are self-serving. How about... she's a Slytherin with Gryffindor tendencies. :p


This started out easy and then got progressively harder the more I thought about these characters and who they are. So many of them can fit more than one Hogwarts House. Also many of them have made decisions that have been downright awful, but at the heart of most of them, they've been about the greater good, about saving their people. So I tried to look at the characters as a whole, and not just by one season or one action. And some of them were still DAMN HARD to sort! aka Clarke and Lexa! There were also a few characters I wanted to sort, but then realized they weren't around long enough for me to get a good sense of which House they'd be in (like Luna, Emori, and Sinclair [though I figured he'd be Ravenclaw]). I also felt like I didn't know enough about Harper or Miller to sort them (I was leaning toward Huffle for both but they also could be Gryffindor, so ARG). King Roan would obvs be Slytherin, but he's not really even a minor character in the show, so I left him out. Haha. Please feel free to argue with me in the comments. Honestly, I'm so curious to see how others would sort these beloved characters! :)

BUT GUYS WAIT. Look at this fanart! Isn't it amazing? Ritta (Ritta1310), the person who drew this, is so talented. And gah so many Bellarke feels. MY TWO FAVORITE FANDOMS ARE COLLIDING, AND IT IS THE MOST GLORIOUS THING. It's so perfect. <3
*also I clearly did not draw this; I'm only sharing Ritta's beautiful work!* 


As for ME, weeeelllllll. I like to joke that I'm a Gryffinclaw, since all of the quizzes have told me Gryffindor but I AM CERTAIN I am at least 50% Ravenclaw. Haha. But I freaking love being a Gryffindor. :) Honestly, I love everything about Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Houses. I love taking quizzes over and over again. I love looking at Harry Potter fanart, and posts where other people have made their favorite fandoms collide too. I love sorting favorite fictional characters. I love being a Potterhead, and I'm so excited I got to participate in this wonderful event! 


Do you agree with the choices I made? Which House would you put Clarke Griffin in? Are you a Potterhead too? Let's be friends! :D

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