Monday, July 18, 2016

The Best and Worst of Mondays

 I'm so excited to be participating in the blog tour for A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody! I read this book awhile ago, and really enjoyed it! It's such a cute story, but also one that has a great message of not changing yourself for anybody else and just being yourself. The main character, Ellie, came to learn this throughout the story, and I loved how she stopped letting everyone decide who she is and started figuring it out herself. :) I can't wait for others to read this book! 

 The people at Macmillan have cooked up a fun campaign for this book, which started with Jessica's post explaining what it is and how the book came about. And now, I'm back with my OWN post about the best and worst Monday. What Monday would I want to relive over and over again? And what Monday would I NOT want for 7 straight days? Find out below the info about the book! :)


Title: A Week of Mondays
Author: Jessica Brody
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release Date: August 2nd, 2016!

From Goodreads...
Ellie is having the worst Monday of her life. She messes up her school speech for the class vice presidency position, she manages to take the world's worst school picture, she bombs softball tryouts, and the icing on top of this awful cake: her perfect boyfriend who is in a high school rock band dumps her. At the end of the day, Ellie wishes she could redo everything. When she wakes up the next morning, she discovers that it's Monday again! She has six more chances to redo the day in the hopes of having everything go exactly the way she wants. But in the process, she just may find out that what she really wants and what she actually needs are two very different things.


My Ideal Monday!
*All my blogging friends

*Cake hopping

*Bookstore hopping

*Talking books (both the good and the bad) with my people

*sings* Spending the day with a few of my favorite things

If I could re-live a Monday all over again, I'd choose THIS Monday (and yes, I made it up but honestly who wouldn't want this type of day??). Just give me my favorite people, a city filled with bakeries and bookstores, and I'm all set. And when the Monday winds down and a new one starts, we'll choose different places to go, and maybe event non-bookstores to shop at. IT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER. I mean, it's kiiiinda like BEA week already, but not quite, because not only is it longer (which is really the most important factor), but because there's more time not taken up by a conference. There's never enough time during BEA, so a whole week of books and book people? I *need* it.

 The Monday I Wouldn't Want
How about literally any Monday of high school? Haha. BUT SERIOUSLY. I would not want to relive any day of high school. Not that it was bad. I wasn't unhappy with it, and I had some close friends. But like, I could not imagine having to go back, and I wouldn't want to. I love being far, far away from it.

But I think a Monday that would be the worst is one where I couldn't read. And not by my choice! Can you imagine 7 days without being able to read a book? 7 days of looking at your shelves but them being locked up tight without a key? 7 days of no shipping, no fangirling, just no reading? It would be actual hell. #donotwant


About the Author
Jessica Brody is the author of several popular books for teens, including the Unremembered trilogy, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, and The Karma Club, as well as two adult novels. She splits her time between California and Colorado. Find out more at

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