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Addicted Series Week: Hothouse Flower

My Review!
*Minor spoilers!

I was honestly wary of a Raisy romance, especially since I obviously knew they’d end up together before starting this series (the only drawback to waiting so long in reading them), BECAUSE of the age difference between them. I am a firm NOPE-person when it comes to adults dating teens, because it is such an ick factor for me, and more so if the age difference is REALLY noticeable. Let’s just say, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Daisy and Ryke, even though they had waited until she was over 18 before going anywhere beyond friendship. And I’m so happy to say that I fell in love with these two, and they fit so perfectly together (just as the other two couples do). The age difference, while a factor, does not feel prominent, does not feel like a barrier between them. It never has, quite honestly, given how their friendship has developed since Ricochet. They’ve always matched each other so well, and it’s never more apparent than in Hothouse Flower. The tension had been building up so much (and I hate to say it, but I totally shipped them even when they couldn’t do anything about the age difference, BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT THOUGH?!) and the romance was laced with the sexy and innocent, the new and the depth of being friends for so many years. I loved watching it unfold so much!

And I loved FINALLY getting into Daisy’s and Ryke’s heads. They are both such lively characters; there is a spark to them that most people can’t match. They are confident, adventurous, fierce. They love deeply, care for their siblings even when they could use the TLC themselves. And they are incredibly forgiving people (excusing that Ryke has issues with both his mom and dad, and he needs time to work through them). Daisy is a bright light, a wonderful and loving young woman who has frankly been ignored for far too often. Her mother dictates her life. She’s surrounded by models who have treated her like an adult since she was a kid. She’s so much younger than Lily and Rose that she doesn’t have as strong a relationship with them as they do with each other. She’s been left out, forgotten. And in this book, she really needed someone to hear her screams. She needed someone to comfort HER, to give her their full attention and their complete understanding. And she does have that with her sisters, and with their guys, but it took a long time for them to really see her. Poor girl has dealt with so much. From a career that makes her feel like an object and someone who doesn’t have much worth beyond her body to traumatic events with the paparazzi's that have turned into night terrors and extreme anxiety, she’s been going through a lot. But she hasn’t been alone, not for one second. 
Ryke has been with her every step of the way.  His comfort and strength and warmth have given Daisy a safe place to land in a life spiraling so out of control. I LOVE that he’s been there for her, that he’s chased away the nightmares and the fear, but I really do hope Daisy gets more than that. I hope we see more of her working through that on her own, too. Not that I think this would turn into a “love cures all” type of deal, especially since the authors were extremely careful to not go that way with Lily and Lo, and not that Daisy hasn’t tried to figure out how to take back that control. She’s been to sleep doctors and everything to help her with her insomnia. And the more she stops molding herself into her mother’s image, when she starts living the life that she wants, she finds more strength and bravery in her person than she’s ever thought. She becomes the sole owner of her body, her life, and her decisions. AND I FUCKING LOVED IT WHEN SHE STOOD UP TO HER MOTHER! It was amazing. I was like you go, girl! But yeah, I don’t think my worries about Ryke being the reason Daisy can breathe again are that big. I’m just more curious to see where Becca and Krista take their relationship. My friend, Sarah, has told me that next books are ALL about that character development, and I’m looking forward to it so much. Because while all of the characters are in good places now, they still have a long ways to go and issues to work through.

Ryke certainly has his own issues to work through. But ugh, I fucking love Ryke Meadows. I love that he says the word fuck nearly every other sentence. I love that he’s given up so much of his time and energy for other people. Seriously, aside from his anger toward his mom and dad for all they’ve done to him, he really is one of the most forgiving people. And he’s so, so present. He puts 200% effort into his relationships. In fact, sometimes I think he’s taken for granted. And sometimes, he doesn’t see how good of a person he is. I mean, it took Connor fucking Cobalt to be like, we are so lucky to have you in our lives, Lo and Daisy are so lucky to have you. Ryke’s relationship with Lo is complicated, which is completely understandable. Honestly, I felt many times as if Lo needed to get over it and stop taking Ryke for granted. Lo did, though. Lo started to FINALLY move on from everything in this story, which is something Ryke really needed. He loves his brother SO much, so much so that he would drop his whole life to take care of him while he goes through rehab, to be his sponsor. He broke his 9-year alcohol sobriety for Lo. And omg omg Ryke carried Daisy and ran FOR 3 MILES to the hospital after a riot broke out while they were in Paris. He flew to Paris the day after she called him sobbing about a show gone horribly wrong. His love for people is what makes him shine and is what made me fall so deeply in love with him. HE IS ONE OF A KIND. Even if his free-climbing gives me such anxiety. Like damn you, Ryke, DON’T DIE.

As with the last five books, the relationships between the core six, and how it affects the characters individually, is my favorite part of this. I mostly talked about Ryke, Daisy, and their romance because it was the biggest focus. But the authors obviously did not leave out the other four characters, and they just keep on strengthening the connections between them throughout each book. A lot of who these people are, and what keeps them going, comes from the unshakable bond. The all-encompassing and consuming friendship between them. They push their way into each other’s lives when they are told to stay out; they fight hard, but make up quickly. They protect each other, stand together against shit thrown their way, and drop everything to be there when someone needs the support and help (even if they specifically say they don’t want it). It is so real, and so special, and everything I could ever want. I’m so envious, as I’ve said in previous reviews. And honestly, you’re probably going to hear about the core six over and over again, and I’d say I’m sorry about the repetitiveness, but I can’t stop. This series and its characters have quickly become everything to me, and I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THESE BOOKS.



Sorry about the lack of book information, but I am not spending my whole night fighting with my new laptop and blogger over formatting. I've been doing that SO MUCH ever since I switched over to this laptop, and I'm done.

Honestly, all you need to know is that this is the 5TH book in the Addicted series, and I strongly urge you read the whole series in the order on the twins' website or GR!! Otherwise, you won't get the full experience. ;)

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