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Addicted Series Week: Some Kind of Perfect

Title: Some Kind of Perfect (Calloway Sisters, #4.5; Addicted, #3.5)
Author: Krista and Becca Ritchie
Publisher: Krista and Becca
Release Date: May 20th, 2016!

From Goodreads...
Falling in love was just the beginning

The conclusion to the epic ten-book series about the unbreakable strength of family, friendship, and love.

Lily & Lo are back one final time. Childhood best friends and soul mates.

Ryke & Daisy are back one final time. Wild risk-takers and flirty adventurers.

Connor & Rose are back one final time. Genius rivals and intellectual teammates.

Ten years of laughter. Of heartache. And love.

***Authors' Note***
Some Kind of Perfect is a full-length epilogue novel. It is highly recommended to read this book after Long Way Down. Otherwise, it will spoil the entire series. Some Kind of Perfect is meant to be the 10th book in the series.

My Review!
I love Lily, her weirdness and cleverness, the way she believes in magic and superheroes and powers. I love that she found confidence in herself and who she is, that she stopped letting her sex addiction define her. I love her relationship with Lo, the one that makes her feel like the most loved and wanted person in the world, the person she couldn’t live without. I love Lo, his sarcasm and strength, the way he grew into his own and took care of Lily. I love that he realizes his worth, that he figures out that he’s so much better than his alcohol addiction, that he’s deserving of love and happiness too. I love that he’s always had that with Lily, that she’s half of him, the half that reminds him every day to keep going. I love how he is with his kids, how he proves over and over again that he is not his father. He's so much more than his past.

I love his love for his brother, the guy who pushed Lo until he could stand up on his own, who only ever supported and understood him. I love Ryke, his selflessness and protectiveness, and the way he’s a rock for the people he cares most about. He’s aggressive and sometimes reckless, but his heart is open and big and so, so kind and compassionate. And I love his wild girl. I love Daisy, with a heart even bigger than Ryke’s, a loving, warm, and forgiving person who always gave everyone 100% of herself and her time. I love that she found her voice, that she demanded to be free to live her life the way that she wanted. I love that she reclaimed her body and heart as hers, and asked for better from people. I love that she got to fulfill her dreams, that she got to have two beautiful girls, that the love of her life has always been there for her, showering her in the love that she deserves.

And I love Rose, for carrying their baby, for giving so much of herself to people, even when they didn’t give it back. I love that she’s so fierce and passionate, that she’s a feminist who champions women everywhere, especially her own sisters. She’s always been confident and independent, but Connor shows her that it’s okay to be vulnerable. I love their relationship, how they are each other’s equals and teammates. I love that they’ve created a safe space for their children to grow up and be whoever they want to be, that they listen and understand without judgment, no matter what. I love Connor, his infuriating grin and intelligence, the way he calms the hot-tempered triad. I love that he learns how to love. That he opens up to it. That he realizes it doesn’t make him weak. It makes him STRONG. And he’s a better person for it.

They are all better people for knowing each other, for loving each other. The kids are growing up, and will continue to grow up, with the best parents out there. The best aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings who will never give up on them, who teach them what it means to love over and over again. The kids have a bond just like their parents do, that all-consuming and unshakable friendship. The one that will undoubtedly never change. I’m so fucking excited for their stories, for more of the core six. I don’t want to let this series go yet. And I know that I will forever want more. I could’ve read another 600 pages of this, another 10 books. I don’t think I would have ever gotten tired of these characters and their stories, honestly. My love for these books, for the Calloway sisters, for Ryke and Lo and Connor, is so deep. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind interconnecting series.



So, that's the last book in this incredible series! I'm gonna do another post in September about the series as a whole, since following individual reviews is only really good if you've read the books too. I really cannot push these books enough. Guys, READ THEM!!!

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