Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Checking In for the Summer

I don't do a monthly recap on the blog, partly because I'm lazy and partly because there isn't usually much to say. But I was inspired by Jamie's If We Were Having Coffee feature (which was inspired by someone else!) to start doing more personal posts on here. And what better way to do that than to recap my month in LIFE instead of just books and blogging? So Checking In will be a monthly feature on here that will help you guys get to know ME better, and hopefully you'll start sharing your own stories with me. :)


Hello, my lovelies! I didn't do one of these posts for June because it wasn't very memorable, so I'm combining it as I check in with y'all for July, and basically the summer. Because it's already August! Can you believe that?! Like where did my summer go and also omg 2016 is ending soon and gah, still so much to do! But I'm happy to say that I can cross one thing off my immediate to-do list. 

I got a job! I will be working at FSU's bookstore (this university isn't where I just graduated from, but since it's part of Barnes and Noble, I was able to be given a position anyway even though I'm not a student). It's only temporary for right now, which means it can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days. But they do hire seasonal employees from their temporary ones after awhile, and that would be AWESOME. However, I'm not going to let myself worry about that just yet. I'm just incredibly thankful I was given this opportunity, after months of no luck and so much stress over the lack of income. 

It's been a long journey just to get to this point. I was on and off searching for a job since January, and then consistently since after BEA in May. But nothing was happening. I wasn't getting interviews, and I ended up applying to a few places more than once because they ignored my first application. I felt like I was never gonna get a job, and I was so angry that I couldn't catch a break. I think most of my inconsistency with blogging in July was because of this. (And because our internet went down for almost a whole week exactly on the 1st, which had me pushing back a ton of posts). Most of June and July was basically spent job searching, and I'm so happy that it paid off.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe a little easier now. I still have an uncertain future with my finances and job, but for right this minute, I have security for a little bit. And that is something that I have needed. And the best part is that I'm working at a bookstore. I mean, kind of perfect for me, am I right? It's not exactly a bookstore like an indie or Barnes and Noble. It's mostly textbooks, school supplies, and FSU apparel. But it's still something that I thought would be fun to work at. Aaaand they do have a little Barnes and Noble section; it's just really tiny and the selection of books is poor. Still, I feel like it's going to be a good work environment for me.

So, my training day is today! I am soooo nervous because it's new and I'm shy. But I really liked the assistant manager who interviewed me, and I don't think it's gonna be too hard to learn everything. It's only for about 5 to 6 hours, so it's definitely not gonna be too difficult in that regard (especially since I've been walking around Pokemon hunting consistently for the last week or so). But I'm excited! I'm excited to be doing something new, to be working again, to be getting out of the house! I just need to remind myself that it's okay to not know what I'm doing, that it's okay to mess up and be a little quiet as I learn the ropes. And I seriously can't wait to get started!

Other than the job news, not much else has happened in the last two months. We've pretty much spent out time taming the kittens and Pokemon hunting. Anna and Elsa have been growing so much, and it's amazing how far they've come since May 31st! They're just about 3 months, I believe, but they've only been with us during two of those months. But they are so. much. work. Honestly, I feel like our dog, Rosie, was not this much work when we got her 7 years ago. But these kittens are a handful! They don't ever seem to quiet down, and we still feel the need to keep them on constant watch because they get into everything. However, they've brought us so much joy and happiness.

They are still basically identical twins, too. The only strong identifiable difference is that Anna has a tiny little spot on her nose, and Elsa doesn't. And Elsa is still lighter in color! They also act pretty different, and you can usually tell who is who with what they're playing with. Haha. Anna loves climbing onto things and playing with string and this glove that she found in the living room. Elsa looooves shoes and paper bags, and she's a bit less hyper than Anna. Elsa will also let me hold her for a bit, which is hilarious since Anna used to like being held and now does not very much. 
My little brother and I have also spent a lot of time Pokemon hunting lately. We love it! Funnily enough, though we live in the middle of nowhere, we have a Pokestop at the church a two-minute walk away from us. And so we'll go over there, get some goodies, and then walk down the road and back, and then get more goodies (since it resets about every five minutes). It's really nice because not only does it get us out and exercising, but we've been spending more time with each other. My mom also finds it fun to drive us around when we're in town/the cities. So if we have to go somewhere in the city, she'll usually drive and we'll play, and I think she does really enjoy doing that! She likes being involved in our Pokemon hunting and always asks if we catch anything new. This app has already done wonders for us, so I'm feeling pretty thankful toward it! 

So yeah, I think that's just about it. I will DEFINITELY be talking about what happened in August and with my job in September, so in the meantime, tell me what's been going on with you! How was your summer? (I mean, I know August is technically summer, but it never feels like summer for me, especially now that I'm working and the university will be starting classes soon). 

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