Monday, August 15, 2016

Shattering Stigmas 2 is Kicking Off

Guys, I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS EVENT!! In the beginning, I was just gonna write a guest post for Shannon's blog, but then she asked me if I wanted to help co-host, and I was like OF COURSE. An event solely focused on mental health and mental health in books? Yes, I am in! I was so impressed with Shannon, Inge, and Kayla's work last year, and I was stoked that they were bringing it back (though sadly Kayla is no longer blogging or hosting). And along with myself, Topaz from Six Impossible Things, Erica from Novel Ink, and Inge's co-blogger, Aly, we've got quite the posts in store for you! Ahhh, I'm so happy that it's finally here! And that we can share it with y'all!

Not only am I just really honored that I'm one of the co-hosts for the second annual Shattering Stigmas, but mental health is a topic near and dear to my heart. It is not only a personal subject for me and something I've got firsthand experience with, but it is what I pursued in college and will continue with in grad school. I am a psychology major, and I want to be a counselor someday! And I want to counsel teenagers, because I think they are a fabulous bunch, and I know that they in particular are always in need of people who want to work with them. So helping host this event is, without a doubt, going to be one of the highlights of year 4 of blogging for me.

And guys, I have an AWESOME lineup for you! I have both authors and bloggers contributing to this, and I have to tell you, I cannot wait to share their posts with y'all. I've read some of them already, and they are incredible. And my one hope before this event is finished is that one of these posts (or one of the posts on my co-hosts' blogs!) will resonate with at least one person, in some way. I've seen pieces of myself in some of them, and a few have brought me to tears. Quite a few of them are personal. One of them is an interview with two authors of a series that I can't get enough of, and another is looking at mental illness in the Chinese culture. And there are some great resources, as well. The posts are a variety of subjects, and I don't even know about all of them myself yet! :D 

This is the tentative schedule for week 1:
August 16th: My Favorite Mental Health Reads (a post by meee!)
August 17th: The Chinese Culture, Image, and Depression
August 18th: An Interview with Krista and Becca Ritchie
August 19th: The Power of Books on Your Mental Health
August 20th: The Importance of Support Systems

Updated schedule for the rest of the event!
August 21st: Smile for a Shield, Stories for a Sword
August 22nd: An Inside Look into Boderline Personality Disorder
August 23th: What More I'd Like to see in Mental Health Books (a post by me!)
August 24th: Writing Away the Stigma
August 25th: title tba
August 26th: title tba
August 27th: Book Recommendations from Grace
August 28th: Dear You
August 29th: What Shattering Stigmas Means to Me (event wrap-up + thank you!)      

Once I've got everything set for week 2, I will update this post with the schedule so you can see what's coming up! I will also update it if anything needs to be changed. But for now, this one is planned. And gah, I am just so freaking excited for this! :) I hope you all love it and finds pieces of yourself or the people you know inside of these beautiful posts. And that you will walk away from this event with either more understanding and sympathy toward mental illness or the courage to seek help for yourself. Because, as you well know if you're heavily involved in this community, you will find only encouragement and support here. You will find only acceptance. And I hope this helps. :)

Aaaand that's not all! There is an event-wide giveaway happening! The hosts and I are each giving away a prize at the end of this event. My prize in particular will be a book featured in this event, whether it was on my blog or on the others' blogs! And it will be INT so long as The Book Depository ships to your country. :D

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