Friday, September 23, 2016

3 is the Magic Number

I'm not at all against giving an author a second chance. After all, there are many books of FAVORITE authors that were not hits for me. I'm not going to like every single book of one author. I don't think I ever have (okay I've mostly liked them, but they were disappointments after loving the others). For example: Brighton Walsh. A forever fave, even though I didn't care for Exposed or her novella stories as much as the ones I loved. Another example: Nora Roberts. I've *mostly* loved her books. But I've also DNFed a lot of them (she's written over 200 books, after all. Haha). And her latest fantasy series have just been not-as-great as her old ones. But I keep reading both Nora's and Brighton's books because I can't imagine NOT reading them. And just because I loved one, it doesn't mean I will love all of them. I'm okay with that.

I'm also okay with giving new-to-me authors a second chance if I didn't like a book of theirs or I DNFed it. After all, what if they become a favorite of mine?? I don't want to just write them off after one time. Or even two. If the book sounds like my type of story, I will give it a try even when I'm wary of it. And I always, always hope it'll be the one that makes me glad I kept going. But there are some authors I've given 3 chances to, and that seems to be the magic number here. I either end up wanting to keep going with the author, or I end up quitting. After all, 3 strikes, and you're out, right? :p And for these authors, I've read/DNFed 3 of their books and know that they *probably* aren't for me. I didn't dislike all of their books, but it's enough for me to not be a fan of them.

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout
DNFed: Obsidian and Wait for You
Enjoyed: White Hot Kiss 

I might still give Jennifer a shot, especially since she has a shit-ton of books, all mostly in different genres. But I'm not holding my breath. I immensely enjoyed White Hot Kiss at the time I read, but I still haven't been much interested in finishing the series, nor do I love it as much as I thought I had. And I'm kinda not enthusiastic about any of her contemporary. But I AM curious about her Covenant series and the Wicked Saga. So, she might be an author I keep trying. But let's just say, I don't have high expectations. :p

2. Jamie McGuire
Loved (at the time I read it): Beautiful Disaster
Disappointment: Red Hill
Disliked: Beautiful Oblivion

I'm pretty much over Jamie's books. I read BD back in 2013, and while I did love it, if I'd read it for the first time now, I'd hate it. It's super problematic, and I could even tell you why after so many years, though my memory is mediocre at best. And Travis Maddox is definitely not a book boyfriend people should be wishing for IRL. ANYWAY. I know that I can still love this problematic book, while acknowledging how harmful it is, but I just don't. And after the hot mess that was BO, I'm over this series and its characters. And Red Hill was a very non-unique post-apocalytpic zombie story that didn't have much to it. (Also the author herself is problematic, SO I'm not a fan of her anymore in general).

3. Rainbow Rowell
Enjoyed: Attachments
Disappointment: Eleanor & Park
Disliked: Fangirl

I don't think Rainbow's books are for me. At least, her young adult. I just don't click with her writing style nor how her stories seem to just end with no warning or without feeling like she even knew how to end them. Maybe I always expect more based on how popular she is and how many people love her books? idk, but I've been sorely disappointed by the two I thought I'd love the most, and UGH. I have zero interest in Carry On and I'm not really that interested in Landline, either.

If there's a book that somehow strikes my fancy from them in the future, perhaps I will give them a 4th chance. I mean, like I said with Jennifer Armentrout, there ARE still some of her books that interest me. So, maybe. But let's just say that hearing about new books from these three authors just doesn't fill me with ANY excitement lately. There is also one author I'm currently nervous about, because I've already DNFed two of her books and what if the 3rd one I read sucks? Cora Carmack is such an awesome person to follow on Twitter and such (and she's always got bloggers' backs), and SO MANY people love her books, but I could not finish both Inspire and All Broke Down. And quite a few of her books still interest me (especially the upcoming 2017 YA, Roar). But I'm scared that I'll find out that perhaps her and I are just not meant to be. I would sob, tbh. Same with Rae Carson. I DNFed the first book in her super popular fantasy series, and I liked Walk on Earth a Stranger, but I had been disappointed that I didn't love it. I'm starting to think her writing style, like Rainbow Rowell's, just does not click with me. AND THAT MAKES ME SO SAD BECAUSE PEOPLE SEEM TO REALLY LOVE HER BOOKS.

I talk about books so much, but I was thinking about this and really wanted to talk about the authors instead. So yeah, are there any authors that you've tried over and over again and just can't seem to enjoy so you've given up on them? Are there authors you're glad you gave a second and third chance to? Let's talk!

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