Tuesday, September 13, 2016

(61) Top Ten Best of the Best in Fantasy

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Books Of X Genre (I know, I know. Picking all time faves. I'm MEAN. But I like knowing people's definitive faves). Can also break it down into sub-genre if that helps?
So of course I had to choose fantasy. IT'S MY FAVE GENRE.

*counting series/duologies as ONE book, ok. I'M NOT /REALLY/ CHEATING, RIGHT?!*


the Circle Trilogy
I mean, is anyone really surprised? this is my ALL-TIME FAVE SERIES OF EVER, so of course I'm adding it to this. I think it *could* be considered paranormal also, but I think it's more fantasy than anything. And I looove it so much.

The Lumatere Chronicles
Seriously, one of the BEST fantasies *ever* it deserves all the praise. Everything about it is so amazing. The storylines, the characters, the feels, the ships. Just, everything. 

Wrath & Rose
Gorgeously detailed and a beautiful A Thousand and One Nights-inspired story. With one of the shippiest ships that ever set sail.

Six of Crows
 This book. THIS BOOOOOOK. I love it so. Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Wylan, Nina, Matthias. I love them all, and I'm so nervous for CK because like, I CAN'T LOSE ANY OF MY PRECIOUS BABIES. This duology, man. It kills me.

The Remnant Chronicles
One of my all-time favorite series as well (obviously or it wouldn't be on here :p). I have SO MANY feelings for this series and its characters, and Lia is one of the few female MCs I will fight you about if you hate on her. #nothereforthat

Of Beast and Beauty
Stacey Jay's writing is SO GORGEOUS, and I fell hard for this story. It's still one of my favorite fairytale retellings I've read, and I hope more people pick it up because I feel like it's super underrated.

These books have given me some intense feels, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die without the 3rd book in my hands. I love these characters, and I have no idea how this trilogy is gonna end, but I'm SCARED.

 The Reader
Beautiful, enchanting, lovable characters, stories within stories, diversity, a fun mystery message within the book. I LOVED IT! I'm dying for the sequel, whyyyy did I read this so early I hate myself.

 Daughter of Smoke and Bone series
Another faaaave of mine. Laini Taylor is a goddess of words, and I fell so hard for her series and its characters and the modern-day flair mixed with the paranormal. I JUST LOVE HER WORDS SO MUCH.

The Raven Cycle
I wasn't sure if I could put this one down since it's not completely fantasy, but Rashika called it urban fantasy, and I'm going with it. I mean, I can't just LEAVE le Raven boys + Blue off of this list. They're my favorites, forever and ever.

I also really wanted to add Nevernight, Uprooted (which I thought I had actually put down on here) and The Falconer/The Vanishing Throne, as well as the Archers of Avalon series (which I also wasn't sure if I could call fantasy or not), but I'd already cheated enough, whoops. *ignores the fact that by mentioning them, she's cheating even more* I just love fantasy a whole lot, guys.


Have you guys read any of these books/series yet? If so, what did you think of them?! 

ALSO. This is where I ask you what YOUR fave fantasy books are bc I am always up for more recs in the genre. ;) 

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