Monday, September 12, 2016

#ReadThemAllThon Wrap-Up

1. Boulder Badge (first in series): A Shadow Bright and Burning
I liked this one, but it felt like a mashup of all the fantasies I've read and loved in the last few years, so it didn't really feel unique. And the Chosen One/special snowflake trope was fucking annoying in this. But I am interested in the sequel!

2. Cascade Badge (book that might make you cry): Game On
Ahhh, Michelle's second book in this lovely series did not disappoint, and I was sooo happy about that because I had pretty high expectations going in. I loved it. Not as much as Play On, but it was still really good. :D

3. Thunder Badge (hyped book): Caraval
Although this book didn't receive 5 stars from me, I loved it, and I definitely think it deserves the hype it's receiving in the community. It was super intriguing and felt incredibly unique and I can't wait for more!

4. Rainbow Badge (diversity): Bad Boy
 Elliot has become a fave author for me (even though I haaated Unteachable), and I'm excited for more people to read this one because I think it's an important book. The in-depth look at being transgender and the process. And also the questions this book raises about gender, sexuality, and the differences between men and women in society.

5. Soul Badge (epic romance): The Sun is Also a Star
This epic romance occurred over the span of 12 hours (I think), but it still felt believable and realistic for me, and I totally fell for it and the characters. I didn't really like the ending that much, but I loved the little histories in-between Natasha's and Daniel's chapters, and I loved this book.

6. Marsh Badge (fantasy or supernatural elements, magical realism): Fear the Drowning Deep
This book was just okay for me, which is sad because the premise of it sounded SO good. I did like the atmosphere a lot, as well as the elements of the island and the people on it. But it just didn't feel developed -- the characters, the plot, the romance, none of it. And it was highly predictable, which killed the mystery.

7. Flame Badge (red cover): Lick
I did noooot like this book. At all. I think maybe if I had read it a few years earlier, I would've, but it just aggravated me to no end. I did not like the MC; I did not care about the love interest and his band. And I know this book tried to be feministic and empowering toward women, but it failed with the MC's hatred for women who weren't already attached or not her bff. I definitely won't be reading the second book in the series.

8. Earth Badge (post-apocalyptic): In a Handful of Dust
tbh if this didn't have the name Mindy McGinnis attached, I probably would have just skipped it since I'm not into post-apocalyptic/dystopian books anymore. But I'm glad I did read it because it was a really nice ending to this series. And I've not read a MM book with a main character I didn't love. :)

I honestly did not think I'd make it to the end of this challenge. Work, especially the last two weeks of it, was long and energy-sucking, and I did not have time to read during the week. So I knew that my best chance at this would be to make up for lost time on the weekends, so I did just that. Of course, I didn't have to push myself so hard TO get all the badges. But guys, I'm a really competitive person, especially with myself (which is weird too, and I don't know how to stop). So when it comes to reading challenges, I *must* try my hardest to ~win~ them. And if I don't make it, I get sad. Plus, this one was just so much fun that I couldn't NOT get all 8 badges. I wanted to be the very best. ;)

And now for the bonus Pokemon challenge! 

A Shadow Bright and Burning: 416 pages = 41 CP
Game On: 328 pages = 32 CP
Caraval: 401 pages = 40 CP
Bad Boy: 256 pages = 25 CP
The Sun is Also a Star: 344 pages = 34 CP
Fear the Drowning Deep: 304 pages = 30 CP
Lick: 292 pages = 29 CP
In a Handful of Dust: 371 pages = 37 CP 

also 20 CP per badge completed which = 160 CP
 total here = 428 CP points


 two evolutions for my pick of Charmander: 50 CP each = 100 CP

also adding the 10 CP I started with, which brings me to a grand total of 538 CP points!!

It was not the highest that anybody did with points, but I'm pretty proud of myself considering how much less time I had for this challenge than I thought I would when I signed up. And it was seriously just so much fun. I really hope someone else comes up with some reading challenges like this! 


Did you participate in the Pokemon Indigo challenge too? If so, how did you do?! :)

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