Thursday, October 27, 2016

Books I Can't BELIEVE I Still Haven't Read Yet

Sometimes, I really can't believe I haven't read certain books. The ones that seem to be EVERYWHERE and that seem to have been read by everyone and their mother before me. The ones that people yell at me to read when I mention having not done so yet. Ever since blogging, I've been paying the most attention to new releases and ARCs that I sometimes forget there's a whole world of backlist out there. And even when I WANT to read them, I have trouble finding the time to do so because of said ARCs and new releases. I've been doing better at adding backlist to my TBR and actually reading them, but I still need more balance. And these are books I will DEFINITELY make time for next year! Because honestly, why the fuck haven't I read them yet??? omg.

Older Ones 
I especially want to make Vicious, Gracling, Tiger Lily, and The Lies of Locke Lamora. And of course PJ, but I want to binge-read that series instead! I also super want to read If I Stay soon so I can *finally* watch the movie. Same with The Duff. You know what the worst part is? I totally own all of them, too. SO I HAVE NO EXCUSES. I hope to read *most* of them by the end of 2017, though! :D

Newish Ones
I *think* all of these are post-2014, but oh well if they aren't! And some of them aren't hugely popular, like The Royal We and Made You Up, but they have been in the YA/blogging community. So I still NEED to read them all! But these ones aren't a big priority to me since they're a bit newer. However, I plan to read them someday!


If you've read them; which of these books should I *definitely* make a priority to get to in 2017? Are there any hyped up, ridiculously popular books YOU still haven't read yet? Let's talk! :D 

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