Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 Releases

Oh my gosh, October is FULL of so many book releases. I swear this is like the longest of these posts I've ever done. So have fun browsing! :D

October 1st

  October 4th 

October 11th

October 18th

October 21st 

October 25th 

I've already read: SO MANY. Iron Cast, A Darkly Beating Heart, When the Moon Was Ours, Gemina, and This Adventure Ends were my favorites. I loved all five of them. I also super enjoyed Last Seen Leaving and will definitely be reading more Caleb Roehrig books. Fear the Drowning Deep was an okay book, but one that I probably could have skipped and been fine with that. Our Chemical Hearts was hilarious and emotional. And What Light was a really cute and quick read. oh, and I can't forget about Holding Up the Universe, which sadly did not go that well for me. I'm still not sure what to think of it.

I still need to read/review: again, SO MANY. I made a huge dent in my BEA pile during the summer, but I've still got quite a few ARCs left to read. Foxheart, Replica, Spare and Found Parts, and The Lovely Reckless are the bigger titles. I also have a few I'm not sure if I'll read, at least not yet, but I made sure to put them on this post. And I've got a few from NetGalley, like Glitter, The Weight of Zero, and Beast. I also have Blood Red Snow White to read. I was doing SO good at getting ARCs read and then whoa something happened. But I have time to get them reviewed so I have no doubt I'll catch up!

My highly anticipated: for a book I don't already own in some format, it's definitely Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. I'm not a huge fan of adult fiction anymore, but MELINA MARCHETTA. I *must* give it a shot. But I'm also super excited for Beast and Foxheart, both of which I will absolutely be reading before October ends. And I've heard great things about Something in Between, so that is on my radar! oh duh! Midnight Star is also a highly anticipated book. Can't wait to see how that series ends!

Which October releases are YOU excited about? Any that I *need* to have on my radar? Have you read any of these; if so, did you love them? Let's talk! :)

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