Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Happiness Tag

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This tag was created by Veronika and Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques, and I was tagged by Veronika! I LOVE doing tags, but I just don't do them very fast. But I knew I had to definitely do this one, because it's all about the things that make me happy, and I looove talking about things that make me happy.


For the sake of making myself only choose 5 things, let's just say that automatically my friends, family, and pets make me happy. So, I'm excluding them, even though they obviously make me the happiest.
1. A new favorite book. You know what I'm talking about, those books where by the end, you feel like you're never gonna be the same again? It doesn't happen that frequently for me, so when it does, I savor the experience. I love a lot of books, but there are some that went above and beyond that. And those are the ones I love finding.
2. Pokemon hunting. This is a new thing, but one that brings me so much happiness and joy all the same. I love that not only am I spending time with the fam by going out, but that I get to catch Pokemon. I was a huge fan when I was a kid, and I feel like I had always dreamed it could be a real thing, and now it is, and it honestly makes me so happy (except when the servers go down or the GPS decides it can't find a signal).
3. Ice cream. I have a *slight* addiction to it. (Okay, you caught me, it's a huge addiction and something that probably needs to calm down a bit). It's basically my comfort food, and I can never get enough.
4. Fall. Michigan is always really beautiful in the fall. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler. I can wear hoodies, boots, and jeans, which is like my favorite kind of outfit. The sunsets are just downright gorgeous. The only thing that really sucks is that October can get super rainy and gross. But I LOVE THIS SEASON.
5. The 100. As much as it makes me cry and makes me want to stab someone because I'm in so much pain, I LOVE IT. It is the one TV show that I always make sure to watch when it's on. It's the only one I care to keep up with. I am so in love with it, and with all the characters. I am seriously going to be devastated when it stops because I can't live without it. (That is how bad this is; I may need an intervention).

This section honestly took me the longest to do, and I don't know why, because I love music. But I'm learning that many of the songs I love aren't exactly happy songs or that make me happy. Other emotions? YES. But yeah, so I tried to just go with those that only make me feel good and that I enjoy singing  just because they make me happy. :D They're also all pretty recent; they were already on my mind!
1.  The Schuyler Sisters (Hamilton). YOU WANT A REVOLUTION, I WANT A REVELATION. It just makes my feminism heart so happy, and honestly the Schuyler sisters are my faves of the whole cast, especially Angelica. Intelligent, badass, and full of attitude. She's the best. I'MMA COMPEL HIM TO INCLUDE WOMEN IN THE SEQUEL #WORK
2. Blank Space (Taylor Swift). Really, the whole 1989 album, which was her best yet, imo. But this one is definitely the favorite, especially that awesome music video omg.
3. Dibs (Kelsea Ballerini). This song is just so much fun, and I love singing it. I've become a major fan of Kelsea's, and I looove her whole The First Time album. Some of my other favorites include Peter Pan (!!!), Square Pegs, Stilettos, and Secondhand Smoke.
4. Fight Song (Rachel Platten). This is my go-to when I just really need a quick pick-me-up song. It's amazing.
5. Make You Miss Me (Sam Hunt). Okay, honestly I just really wanted to share a Sam Hunt song on here because I am OBSESSED with him. Like, completely and utterly in love. And so his music makes me happy as hell. But this one has been my latest favorite, and I just love singing it.

Oh lord, can I cheat here? Because omg too many bloggers, I can't just pick 5. IMPOSSIBLE! Honestly this question is so rude. UGH FINE IF YOU INSIST. *prepares to cheat* Also since I talked about my blogging friends and how much I love them in the blog tour post for This Adventure Ends, I'm going to focus instead on the BLOGS that make me happy and the ones that I make sure to read daily. (Not that these bloggers don't make me happy, but I wanted to do something a bit different here). (And also not that my blogging friends' blogs don't make me happy, but. okay wait, this is getting ridiculous. JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE EVERYONE AND JUST DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE PEOPLE OUT).
1. Cait @ Paper Fury. This girl's posts are FABULOUS and I seriously get so excited when I get a new email from her blog. I read almost everything she writes, and her posts are always making LOL. Her personality is HILARIOUS and I love her dedication when it comes to her blog and commenting. Cait is kinda #goals tbh.
2. Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner. I've been following Jamie probably the longest than anybody else on my blogroll. But I hadn't been a consistent reader of her blog for so long, but it's now one that I check as often as I can. I love how open she is in her posts, and how she's continuously bringing out new content after so many years. And honestly, her non-bookish posts tend to be my favorites BECAUSE they're not about books. ;)
3. Hannah @ So Obsessed With, who has not been around as much because of her precious new baby, but who has been one of my favorite blogs since early last year. I love her writing and her personality and I always get so happy when a new blog post shows up in my email.
4. Gillian @ Writer of Wrongs. Her blog is definitely one of my faves. I loooove her discussion posts/non-reviews the best. They're just so fun and I tend to agree with her a lot because we seem to share a lot of the same taste in books. And her voice is hilarious and really adds a uniqueness to her posts. 
5. Aentee @ Read at Midnight. I'm a newish follower of Aentee's, meaning I've enjoyed talking to her on Twitter for some time now but have only recently been subscribed to her blog. Honestly can't believe it took me so long to do that because her blog makes me happy. She comes up with such unique and fun content/events, and I adore her posts.
Also Kaitlin (The Mismatched Reader), Zoey (Uncreatively Zoey), Mariam (Flying Through Fiction), Sarah (YA Book Traveler), Sarah (Kerosene Lit), Nori (ReadWriteLove28), Sabrina (The Forest of Words and Pages), Danielle (Love at First Page), Mary (Mary Had a Little Book Blog), Bekka (Pretty Deadly Reviews), Crystal (Bookiemoji). My fabulous friends, who want to be mentioned: Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight, Val @ The Innocent Smiley, Rashika @ Xpresso Reads, and Amber @ YA Indulgences. And basically everyone I follow on Twitter. And omg if I forgot you, I am SO sorry. There are so many of you I just adore. There's a reason I'm addicted to Twitter. ;)


I tag everyone I mentioned above (yes all of you), as well as whoever else wants to do this! :D

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