Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Woes of Being on This Platform

I fucking hate Blogger. I have never had more problems with this platform than in the past year. And lately, all it makes me want to do is throw my laptop at the wall. Which I kinda want to do anyway since I HATE this new one that I have. It makes the problems I have with Blogger 1,000% worse. And in case you haven't noticed, I've had many formatting problems especially. My posts have been wonky, and I can't even color in my links. I mean, I could with this code a friend sent me, but honestly I'm lazy and don't have time anymore to put more effort into fixing the formatting issues than in writing and scheduling the posts. But that isn't even the worst problem that Blogger has given me lately.

(Seriously do not @ me about Wordpress. I've heard it all. I've looked into it. I don't want to put in the $$ nor really have it for self-hosting. I know I complain about this platform a lot, but I'm still fine right where I am and I don't want to move. And I don't want free Wordpress because I've heard it's even worse than Blogger. So, don't @ me, PLEASE).

In September, a draft of mine just disappeared one day. I don't know how. All I can think of is that one of Blogger's recent glitches ended up making me delete it on accident. You see, when I publish or save a post as a draft, it doubles it now. When I get back on my dashboard, I have a new draft; sometimes with the same title as the one I was just working on, or it's just an untitled draft. So I'm constantly having to delete them, and sometimes Blogger will update at the same time I delete, causing me to mess up. But I still feel like I would have realized it, so I'm almost 100% sure Blogger just did an asshole thing and lost my post. And I searched through my web history 3x and could not find it or get it back again. So it is lost for good.

And the worst part? I had about 7 or 8 reviews written in it. A few of them were luckily already on Goodreads, since sometimes I write a mini review after reading a book. But most of them were not. In fact, 5 of them were not saved anywhere else. FIVE FUCKING REVIEWS. Granted, they were minis, but that's still a fucking lot of reviews to replace. So you know what? I'm not going to replace them. I have neither the time nor the energy to do it. Instead I'm just going to talk about the books in this post, so I can at least get them up on the blog in SOME way. And perhaps I will finally take my own advice and stop writing drafts on here without saving them elsewhere. Normally I ALWAYS do that for reviews, but these were minis, so I didn't bother. #filledwithregretIam

Here are the books I read before the worst blogging platform in the history of the universe* ruined me being able to share them in the usual way!

*obviously subjective, but I think most would agree tbh

The Good
The Female of the Species
Guyssss, this book was AMAZING. Important, raw, and super intense. It was about rape culture and what it's like being a girl in this world, and it was about how people aren't just good OR bad. That they're complicated, and it's not always so clear-cut. And the friendship between Peekay and Alex was my faaave. (I really didn't need Jack's POV honestly, but I digress). Tough read, but worth it!
Rating: 4.5 Paw Prints!
 JUST AS BRILLIANT AS ILLUMINAE. I didn't love it or the main characters *quite* as much as the first book and Ezra/Kady (I missed them so, so much), but still. It was SO good and just as mind-blowing and the way that it's formatted and written makes this series so unique and such a cool reading experience. MORE, PLEASE.
Rating: 4 Paw Prints!

The Bad
Stealing Snow
This book was a disaster. I didn't like the main character. I didn't like the love interests and the love square going on. I did NOT at all appreciate how mental illness was used here. And it was incredibly predictable up until like the last 50 pages, when the author starts throwing twist after twist. But sorry, that doesn't make up for a terrible storyline. *shrugs*
Rating: 2 Paw Prints!
Of Fire and Stars
Every time I have to put this book under this category, I want to cry. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. It was probably the biggest 2016 disappointment for me yet this year. I'm so sad. I mean, f/f fantasy? How could that have ever possibly gone wrong? The writing was very meh; the characters were likable but not much more than that? The romance could've used more development for me. And dear god, this book was predictable. #soboring
Rating: 2.5 Paw Prints! 

The In-Between
Kingdom of Ash and Briars
I liked this one but I didn't love it! It was pretty unique and highly enjoyable but there was just something... missing. Like I don't have really have anything negative to say, but I also don't have much positive to say either. I can hardly even remember this one. What even happened in it? I REALLY DON'T KNOW.
Rating: 3.5 Paw Prints! 


Also guys, seriously save your work! It doesn't matter what platform you're on, you should *always* do it. Have back ups. Because it fucking SUCKS to have to rewrite things you've worked so hard on. And I'm for sure taking my own advice. I'll be writing in Google docs and Word forever now.

I feel like I am forgetting a review too, but I've no idea which one it could be. OH WELL.

So have you read any of these books yet? If so, what did you think of them?! 

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