Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy 4th Blogoversary to Me!

eep guys, I AM SO HAPPY TO BE WRITING THIS POST! AND TO BE CELEBRATING FOUR YEARS OF DOING THIS OMG. FOUR FUCKING YEARS! I've dropped hobbies many times over the years, and one has never made it this long. But it's become so much more than a hobby to me. It's become one of my biggest passions and the best decision I've ever made. I've talked about this before, but I always bring it back up because of new followers/readers. This hadn't originally been a book blog. I was having a difficult time adjusting to my freshman year of college and the dorm life, and I needed an outlet. Then I found book blogs, and well, the rest is history. ;) And I've not regretted it a day since then, especially after this past year.

It was by far the best year I've had book blogging, even with all the awful 2016 has given us and the stress I've endured in my personal life. This had been a crutch for me in the past, but this year it's been something I just simply look forward to doing. And I've managed to strike a better balance for myself, as well as cut back on my social media use and still keep up with friends and bloggers I adore. It's just overall been a great year for me here, which I will get into more on Wednesday's post. But for now, I wanted to look back on stats and goals and favorite posts of mine! :D

Fun Stats
 *485 Bloglovin' followers
*1,867 Twitter followers
*243 on Instagram and 271 on Goodreads
*Total pageviews: 217,034!
*I receive at least 100 views per post, which makes me happy that y'all are still checking out/reading my posts!
*Highest viewed post: My Thoughts on the Vampire Academy Series (which got 2,512 views at last look, holy shit!!)


My Favorite Posts!
*Please Sir, I Want Some More (tbh just felt super clever with this title, haha!)
*Best Fictional Boys to Ring in the New Year With
*The Year of Positivity 
*Heart and Bravery: Girl in the Blue Coat Review (I was so proud of this one!)
*Where'd All My Negative Reviews Go?
*Nefarious Tales: Top 10 Fave Fictional Villains
*Live-Reaction Review of Winter
*Potterhead July: Two Fandoms Colliding (I sorted The 100 characters into Hogwarts Houses and it was the most fun I've had)
*Reviews are Only One Form of Promotion
*A Quiet Person in a Loud World (all about my life as an introvert!)
*A Lovely Interview with Krista and Becca Ritchie (probably my fave interview I've ever done on the blog, love these ladies and their honesty)
*What More I'd Like to See in Mental Health Books
*All the Cover Redesigns
*The Beauty of a Perfect Ending (my review of The Beauty of Darkness was one of my faves this year)


I also wanted to look back on the goals I made for Year 4 and see what I've accomplished! 
 *Reach 500 Bloglovin' followers (I MEAN SO CLOSE!)
*Receive another Harper Collins approval
*Blurb a book
*Receive a Macmillan physical ARC. √√
*Update the "My Reviews" tab. LOLOLOL
*Use more gifs!
*Start a readathon/reading challenge
*Use the library more. (I have used it, maybe twice? does that count??)
*Get that coveted 80% approval ratio on NetGalley. LOLOLOL
*Write more discussion posts
*Beta-read! (Not yet, but it'll happen)    

omg look at those lone checkmarks next to the Mac goal. I don't even care! I've done so much more than I thought I would this year, which I'll be talking about in my reflection post. So I'm honestly not upset, even though I'd still love to hit some of these goals at some point in my blogging career. I especially think it would be the most amazing thing to blurb a book! And in theory I'd like to use the library more, but they just don't have a whole lot in their YA/teen selection, and it makes me sad. I'm still determined as fuck to hit that 80% ratio on NetGalley, even though it'll take me FOREVER. But I've done really well with eARCs/ARCs this year that I think it's definitely possible. I just need to keep working at it! Though, I've given up on ever getting my reviews tab updated. Sorry guys, but that's like two years' worth of work to do and I'd rather spend that time reading or writing up content for you to read.

I'll be talking more about goals and ambitions on Friday, and you'll definitely see some repeats as a few of these are goals I'd like to be better at/actually accomplish in Year 5. Especially when it comes to the type of content I want to write more of and commenting back on people's blogs (which I had hoped to do better at in Year 4 but that didn't exactly happen). Honestly, just thank you for reading my blog! It doesn't matter if you never comment or if you haven't been around a long time. It doesn't matter if you skim or read more than one post at a time. It just means the world to me that you're here, that you're reading and listening. And it seriously makes my day when you comment. You guys are why I've keep going with this for so long. You make it worth continuing to do this. And I hope you'll stick around in Year 5 because I plan to make it even better. :)

Now I just want to hug you all in appreciation. BUT I CANNOT. So instead, I'm hosting a giveaway! And an international one, my lovelies! There'll be a few more posts to celebrate my blogoversary this week, but why wait? Giveaways are fun! :D

One winner will receive a book of their choice up to $17 on The Book Depository! So as long as you are 13 years or older and TBD ships to you, you're golden. Just please don't cheat and good luck!  

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