Friday, November 11, 2016

Looking Ahead: Goals for Year 5

For my end posts, I always like to look ahead and make goals for myself and the blog!


 First: a few numbers goals!
*1,000 Bloglovin' followers (pretty ambitious, but I'd LOVE to get there!)
*2,500 Twitter followers
*500 on Instagram and Goodreads 


1. An even better balance between ARCs, new releases, and backlist books. I've done really good at this in the past year, but I could still have a more even balance. I don't like posting too many reviews throughout a month, and I definitely don't like it when they're all ARCs or new-ish releases. MORE backlist reading is in order! I enjoy it so much, discovering a new love that has been out for years. And it's fun to switch it up, and I hope you guys like that.

2. Be more consistent with posting on Instagram. I might have my reservations about this platform, and a hate/love relationship, but I WANT to post more often than I do. And I WANT to get better at taking pictures. I think right now, my biggest issue is not having the space to set up for photos. So if I get a handle on that, and MAKE space, I could actually try to get better at it. I've always loved photography, and I love posting photos, so I really want to do more with Instagram.

3. Actually WRITE and publish more discussion/non-review posts. My favorite posts always end up being the ones I wrote on a whim, for fun, the discussions that people seem to like reading the most. I have so many ideas. I've got LISTS of ideas. I just don't write them very often. But I want to publish more creative and original content for you guys. And I want to actually start expanding on the ideas I have, instead of leaving them on those lists without being written.

4. Start some new features! I have two specifically in mind here, and one of them would be a guest post feature (because sometimes I just don't want to write posts and hey you guys can do that for me ;). No, but I love the ideas and I want to make them both a regular thing on here. I also have an author guest post feature I'd love to start up, but I'm not sure if authors would be interested in it.

5. Get that 80% badge on NetGalley. LOLOLOL. I mean, it's not an impossible goal, but man, it's been slow-going. I've done better than I have in the past with requesting ARCs, and I don't have a ton of 2016 ones left to read. And I'm determined to at least give them all a try so I can start fresh in 2017. But I can do better, with requesting and with reading them. And I'm still also determined to get through the backlist. I'd had a goal with that and failed spectacularly. So, trying it again! Haha.

6. Keep reading a series a month. I've done so great at this in 2016! I HAVEN'T MISSED A SINGLE MONTH. I started doing this along Danielle's guidelines, but it's become a personal challenge for me now. It's helped me finish series I'd put off and it's helped me knock a bunch of them off my TBR for good. And it's been going really well. I love binge-reading so much, and I am for sure continuing this in 2017.

7. Comment back. omg I just have been The Worst at this the past year. I didn't hit my Year 4 goal at all. But I am determined to make Year 5 better in this regard. I want to spend more time commenting on people's blogs and showing them love. I've slowly been getting back into it with a few faves, but it takes up a lot of time. It is definitely worth it, though. And I plan on finding a system that works for me this year!

8. Incorporate more non-bookish areas of my life. I do this, but nowhere near as much as I'd like to. I've talked about personal things before, and I've done some posts about my favorite TV shows. But I want to do MORE. Books aren't my whole life, you know? So I want to incorporate more non-bookish parts of my life on here, especially my writing. Because that's ALWAYS fun to talk about. ;)

9. And lastly, continue to cultivate the relationships I have and make new ones! This doesn't mean just relationships I have with publishers (but a definite goal of mine is to get more comfortable talking to the contacts I have and try to make new ones), but those of bloggers and authors too. It's both harder and easier to keep in contact with people via social media. Easier because it takes a few seconds to send a message and I love Twitter obviously. ;) Harder because I CAN'T see people IRL. But that makes it more necessary, and also absolutely worth it since I love all of you very much and have made life-long friends here. Cannot wait for another year being a part of this wonderful community. <3

Though the celebration is over, I have the giveaway running until the end of November. I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them! Thanks for following along and being a reader of my blog. You guys are the best. <3 

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