Monday, December 26, 2016

Challenge Accepted: Dumbledore's Army Readathon

Guys, will Aentee ever stop being creative? HAHA JK I love it. After her awesome Pokemon readathon, I was hoping she'd do another one like it. And she's come up with a faaab idea. A Harry Potter-inspired readathon centered around reading diversely! And like with the Pokemon challenge, you can earn points for your Hogwarts House! It's going to be so, so fun. And I'm excited to read some books I've been meaning to for AGES now.

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta. I'm not 100% sure if this book fits the prompt, so if it doesn't, I won't use it when I do my wrap-up post! And I will read something else for the category instead. :) But it deals with depression, which has very personal significance for me, and it's going to be my first read of 2017!

The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds. It seems I've not read books with black MCs often enough, and I'm aiming to change that! There are so many I want to read (especially upcoming The Hate U Give), and Jason's book is one of them. I feel like I've heard only good things about TBITBS, so I can't wait!

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore. After LOVING When the Moon Was Ours, I had to get a copy of her first book immediately. And I seriously can't wait to read it. Her writing is gorgeous, and I have no doubt I'm going to love this one, too.

Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed. This book features a Pakistani MC who doesn't want an arranged marriage and who falls in love with someone her parents don't pick. So she has to decide between tradition and her heart. I'm so excited to FINALLY read it. But I won't know how well it'll fit this category until then, so for now, I'm keeping it and will remove if necessary. (Though it could fit quite a few categories here so I will use it somewhere!)

Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee. I've wanted to read this one ever since I heard about it, but I've waited so long to dive into it. Historical fiction isn't REALLY my thing, and so I find myself pushing books off because of it a lot. But after how thoroughly I enjoyed Outrun the Moon, I don't want to push it off anymore!

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. This is one book that has always been a must-read for me. BUT I AM A LOSER WHO STILL HAS NOT READ IT. Forgive me, everyone. If it helps, I'm seriously looking forward to finally understanding the hype for it. :D

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. This has been on my TBR FOREVER, it seems. Shannon has rec'd this one to me before, and I honestly can't believe I haven't read it yet given how many people love it and shout about it all the time. It has such a fanbase, so it's goooot to be good.


I am pretty certain I'll be reading all 7 of these books. But I will leave room for myself to pick different stories if my mood changes OR if I've fucked up in some way and a book doesn't count for the category it's in! Other possibilities: Challenger Deep, Labyrinth Lost, The Bone Witch, Serpentine, and Wintersong. So I'm kinda set on books, but I also never say no to recs, just sayingggg.

And obvs, I'm reppin' the lions. :D

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