Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Classic Stories I Want to Read This Year

Another personal challenge I'm doing this year is: a classic a month! I'm not someone who thinks that if you don't read the classics, you just can't appreciate fine literature, or someone who thinks those who read classics are literary snobs. I know I don't have to read classics, that it isn't some guideline that bookworms have to cross to be considered a book lover. But there are some stories that I REALLY want to read. I'm going to try to read at least one a month, but we shall see!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
This one will DEFINITELY happen this month. Alice and her story have always been one of my favorites, but I've never actually read the book. So I'm super excited to *finally* read it!

The Hobbit
I read this twice in high school (for two different English classes), but I never finished it either time. So, I want to do that! And also because I love this story, and the movies, a lot. :D

Peter Pan

I've always liked this movie, so I want to read the actual story!

Jane Eyre
I  tried this once before, because my friend and I were gonna read it and discuss together. But then, we quit after like 5 chapters, so I haven't gotten back to it.

Pride and Prejudice 

I have ALWAYS wanted to read a Jane Austen novel, and P&P has been at the top of that list. I'm so excited for it.

a Grimms fairytale

Not sure yet which one, but most likely a Disney story! Since those are really all I know about the Grimms brothers' tales. :p

a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale
I'm not which story I want to read yet, but there are SOOOOO many to choose from. Honestly, I'll probably start with The Little Mermaid since it's one of my favorite movies!
I've read quite a few of Shakespeare's works already, after taking a class all about him in college. But I still have yet to read Macbeth! I feel like it's a must. 

These are all books/stories I own, and since it doesn't equal 12, I will definitely be trying some other classics! I'm just not sure which ones yet. :D But unlike with a series a month, I won't be devastated if I skip a month. This is just going to be for fun! 

Have you guys read any classics; if so, did you like them? Or have you ever wanted to read any? Let's talk! :) 

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