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My Fave Moments from the Past 3 Seasons

I have a loooot of favorite moments (even more than these, but I was like it's probably too much so maybe only do the biggest/important ones), so this post is pretty long. Haha. BUT I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. I tried to slim it down as much as I could, but gah, I just love this show so much. And with every rewatch, my love just grows. 

These moments aren't always good, not always happy or nice. But most of them are pivotal moments from the seasons, and also ones that I think about over and over again. And I tried to keep track of the episodes, but I didn't get them all. WHOOPS. 


Season One
1. "We're back, bitches!" When they made it down to Earth, that was the start of *everything* so I definitely had to add it here. (episode 1)

2. "I need you." The moment when Clarke and Bellamy put aside their differences to work together to save their people. Day Trip is honestly one of my favorite episodes of ALL the seasons, it's so fucking funny when everyone gets high, and I love Bellamy and Clarke's first adventure alone together. (episode 8)

3. Atom's mercy killing, Clarke doing it so Bellamy wouldn't have to. I don't love it bc I quite liked Atom, but it's a pivotal moment in the season. A terrible ordeal, showing the strength in Clarke and the Bellamy who was unable to pull that lever. Not bc he was weak or bc Clarke is less human and empathetic, but bc the core of who he is could not do it. It was also a turning point in their relationship. (episode 3)

4. When Clarke takes off her wristband. she's always so controlled and logical that doing something like this, that choosing her emotions over reason, makes her feel more real as a character, makes her seem HUMAN (she did do it bc Monty needed a wristband to do his genius boy thing, but I still think it was more a choice to punish her mother than anything). [episode 4]

5. When people volunteer for the culling. It shows the enduring legacy of humanity, and oh my god I sob every time I watch it. (episode 5)

6. When Bellamy tortures Lincoln for Clarke. Not a pretty moment AT ALL (and omg I fucking hate this whole scene bc of how much I love Lincoln). BUT an important one for the two of them. You can see a tentative partnership forming between the two, and after Atom, Bellamy will do whatever she asks. He didn't want to do it, but he did it for her. "it's not easy being in charge, is it?" (episode 7)

7. Octavia taking care of Bellamy when he gets sick from the biological warfare. She had been SO angry at him for what he did to Lincoln that it made my heart happy to see the tender care she gave him, even while she was still angry. (episode 10)

8. When Jasper hugs Bellamy in episode 12 of season 1. IT'S JUST SO ADORABLE.

9. "You inspire them." That moment Bellamy and Clarke become co-leaders, er well, ACCEPT that they need each other to lead their people. They complement each other, and they're strong where the other is weak.  

10. "Lookin' to you, princess." HEART EYES HEART EYES HEART EYES. (episode 13) 

Season Two
#11111 Bellamy's and Clarke's first hug. my heart. oh, my heart. (episode 5)

2. Lincoln teaching Octavia the secret message. and oh my fucking god I just realized he did that, and made sure she pronounced it correctly and remembered it, bc he knew he'd die as a traitor but he wanted to save her of the poison first. and he wanted her to be able to get to Luna on her own bc he wouldn't be there to help her and i h a t e m y s e l f (AND FUCK SHE DID GET TO LUNA WITHOUT HIM LATER ON. FUCK). [episode 1]

3. Octavia negotiating for Lincoln's safety -- "I am Octavia kom skaikru and you have something I want!" fucking badass. (episode 2) 

4. When Anya and Clarke work together to save each other's lives (after trying to kill/kidnap each other, of course). It was the two of them putting aside their differences and trying for peace between their people. I'm still sad Anya was not around to see where what she and Clarke started went. [episode 4] 

5. When Monty is all like, "nu uh I don't trust you I will wait right here and watch over my best friend" to Dr. Singh. BITCH PLEASE. (episode 5)

6. When you realize Lexa was the Commander all along. It was such an amazing moment. this girl who they thought was timid and innocent, who took down Jaha and then stood up, and the mask fell away, and you thought HOLY SHIT how did she ever hide who she was??? (episode 6) 

7. "I can't lose you, too." That moment Bellamy realizes how much he matters to Clarke and how much she needs him at her side. 

8. "The world's been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember." LINCOLN BABY *sobs forever*

9. "You made her strong." "She was already strong." <--this whole conversation with Bellamy and Lincoln is not only a bromance moment that makes me melt, but it shows who Lincoln is, without question. Loyal, brave (willing to do whatever it takes to help them save the people in Mount Weather), feministic, and so utterly in love with a girl who sees him for who he is. [episode 10]

10. "You may be the Chancellor, but I'm in charge." Clarke has been, and always will be, their leader. and Abby finally recognizes that, and the fact that Clarke isn't a child anymore. It was needed for their relationship.

honorable mentions: Murphy and Raven bonding after he shot her (episode 1), Octavia telling Lincoln that he isn't that monster, giving him forgiveness that he won't accept because he's so goddamn good and pure. And this may sound awful, but I love it when the delinquents get justice on Dr. Singh for what she's done to them at the end of the season. "I hope you know how incredibly special you are to us." AHAHAHA BYE BITCH. 

Season Three
1. When Bellamy sees Clarke for the first time since she said "may we meet again." it is a poignant moment that so shows how much in love with her he is, and how much she means to him. he would literally go to the ends of the earth for her, he'd travel to the deepest depths of hell to get her back. And also when they see each other for the first time since after Mt. Weather, when they touch each other's faces because they can't quite believe they're breathing the same air again. ALL THE FUCKING FEELS. (episode 2)

2. "I'm the Commander. No one fights for me." Badass bitch-queen Lexa would never let someone else take her place. Also, Roan & Lexa's fight, and Lexa killing the Ice Queen. AHHHH I LOVED IT ALL. (episode 4)
3. When Becca and the Commander and her assistant watch Alie destroy the world. It's not a good or nice moment, obviously, but it's so intense... and momentous. It's all I've wanted since the show started: answers! (episode 7)

4. When Raven rejects Alie. It is such, SUCH a significant moment for Raven's character. I that they aren't letting her get magically cured; I love that she accepted everything and decided to go forward on her own. It's a beautiful thing to see.
5. The whole Nevermore episode (#11). It's when secrets and painful truths come to light, and everyone is forced to face their past actions and choices. Ravenalie makes them confront all the things I've wanted them to confront since episode 1 of season 1. It fucking HURT, but it was also the one of *the* best episodes on the show.

6. Jasper telling Octavia it's okay to mourn Lincoln, to fall apart a little. It's reminiscent of the second episode of this season, when Octavia tries to comfort Jasper. I love that these characters try to be whatever someone needs in a moment. It's beautiful. (episode 12)

7. When Bellamy and Clarke talk about Octavia and about forgiveness. Bellamy's crying because he needs O to forgive him so much. And he needs Clarke. She left him, and Bellamy's alienated himself because of his support of Pike and the massacre, and he's been so alone. But Clarke is there to comfort him, and to give him what he needs: compassion. That huuuuug. *sobs* (episode 13) 

8. When Lexa shows up in the City of Light and saves Clarke. SHE IS SO FUCKING BADASS. That was a great ending to this glorious Commander's reign. I'm glad they gave her, and Clarke, this. (episode 16) 

9. "I don't know what I believe anymore. I just know I have to live with what I've done." Bellamy is finally beginning to understand why what he and Pike and the rest of Farm Station did was bad. Why it was wrong. And that he condemned a group of people because he was hurt and angry. And I think he really needed to realize that. It's an important step for Bellamy to move beyond everything that happened and try to atone for his choice. He will carry it with him, as he always does, because who he is NOT who he's had to be to survive. None of them are. (episode 16)

10. "You don't ease pain. You overcome it. And we will." I needed this. I think it's important for the show to send this message, and I'm so glad they're doing it. Also, loved seeing Clarke and co. defeat Alie! (episode 16) 

honorable mentions: when Bellamy and Clarke get that chance to talk again in episode 5; it was painful but necessary for their relationship to move forward. Sinclair's and Raven's relationship; I love that he was such a support for her after she became disabled ("The Raven Reyes I know doesn't give up." GAAAAH). 

I tried, guys. I did. But there are just too many moments that I both love and think that are significant for the characters/the show. Do you agree/love any of these moments too? Which ones would make YOUR list? DID YOU WATCH EPISODE 1 OF SEASON 4 YET? DID YOU LOVE IT? LET'S TALK.

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