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The Book Versus the TV Show

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GUYS, SEASON 4 OF THE 100 IS FINALLY HERE. OMG I COULD CRY. I feel like I've waited foreeeever, and I'm so excited. I won't be able to watch the first episode until Thursday night/Friday, which SADNESS, but it doesn't detract from how happy I am that the show is back on. Anyway, I've teamed up with Shannon and Erica to bring you posts ALL about our favorite obsession in celebration of season 4.

 And for my first post, I thought it'd be fun compare and contrast the book with the TV show. BECAUSE I WANT TO SHOW YOU ALL HOW AWFUL THE BOOK IS. :p

(also there will be spoilers so tread carefully!)


I should've read this before becoming obsessed with the TV show. LOL. It's not that the book is bad. It's just that... the book is NOT the show. Not even close. It falls so far behind what the show is and does, and it's sad. The show is also SUUUUUPER DIFFERENT from the the book, which is what I heard from a lot of people, but like, it was more different than I thought it would be. And in this case, the book is NOT better. And I'm going to explain my feelings by noting the similarities and differences from the book compared to the show.

A little update: Shannon once told me that season one actually started filming before book one was finished? If that's true, then it makes complete sense why everything is so different. But still, even given that, the book was not.... good. 

 The Similarities 
1. Wells is still responsible for Clarke's parents' deaths. He also still follows her down to Earth. 

2. The Blake siblings are still here. And Bellamy is still incredibly protective of Octavia, and he still feels responsible for her. 

3. Bellamy still shoots Jaha to get on board the dropship.  

4. THEY ARE NOT ALONE ON EARTH. *GASP* (But the Grounders clearly aren't going to show up until the sequel).

5. Octavia is kidnapped.

5. At the end of this, the camp is set on fire and one of the 100 has already died by an arrow through the throat. (This isn't a complete similarity, but by the end of the first season, there IS a fight between the two groups, so I'm including it. Plus, you know, Jasper had been speared so it's almost the same). 

The Differences
1. Abby is injected/floated along with Clarke's father. Legit my first thought was THERE'S NO ABBY?!?! How dare.

 2. Another switch-up: Clarke's parents were scientists. The reason they were executed is because they tested radiation on little kids. THE MONSTERS.

3. There is no Murphy, Finn, Raven, Jasper, Monty, etc. Literally the only characters still here are O, Bellamy, Clarke, and Wells.

4. GUYS. NO. MURPHY. MEANS. NO. SASS. It's horrible.

5. Wells does not die early; on the contrary, he becomes their "unofficial" leader (even though everyone still hates him because Jaha is his father). But there's this guy, Graham, who likes to challenge him (and who I think Murphy is based off of). 

6. There is a POV of a girl named Glass. Didn't care for it at all. Understood why it was needed (to show how life on the COLONY [not the Ark, I guess] is and what is happening to them now that the oxygen is running out). But it was irrelevant to me.

7. I think Glass and Luke might be the inspiration behind Raven and Finn. But they are infinitely less likable and compelling. (YES, I DID JUST SAY LIKABLE IN RELATION TO FINN, DON'T JUDGE ME).

8. There's no hate-to-love happening with Clarke and Bellamy. They actually like each other (and not totally in a romantic sense). And Bellamy is not a douchebag. omg. He's like Robin Hood, hunting for food and giving it to the people who can't feed themselves (which is everyone). NOTHING ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS THE SAME, AND I AM DISTRAUGHT.

9. BELLAMY AND CLARKE ACTUALLY KISS! And then she runs away with him at the end after breaking up with Wells for the second time (yes, they were a couple. No, I was not happy). 

10. People actually hate Octavia. Because she stole the medicine they had (Blake sibling switcheroo here, remember when Bellamy took the radio and destroyed it???). She's apparently a drug addict, and she did apologize, but the group decided to banish the two of them.

11. Clarke is kinda the same. Her character in the book is still stoic, determined. She knows medicine and is appointed camp doctor. She's not afraid of the hard shit. But still, she's far less than the Clarke on the show.

12. Her and Bellamy never become the leaders, though. No partnership there. 

13. The intensity and darkness of the show is gone. Everything that makes the show what it is.... is not there.

Maybe it's not fair of me to base my feelings on the book based off the show. But I can't help it. The 100 is my ultimate favorite, and this is just weak in comparison. Nothing I love about the show is in it. It's so completely different, and not in a good way. Like whoops, but I much, much prefer the TV show to you, book. I'm so undeniably biased here, and I'm not even sorry. *shrugs* It's not just the differences, though. like the book moves REALLY fast and doesn't really give you time to care for the characters. There isn't really a plot, other than the stuff I already know about thanks to the show (aka the fact that the oxygen on the COLONY is depleted and the people in power had been trying to determine if Earth was survivable). But the survival part of the story was not as intense as I feel like it should be. It was super easy for them. Bellamy becomes Robin Hood and is able to bring food. The medicine was saved from the crash. Only a few people died, and I didn't even know their names. No one knew them, so there were no emotions attached to the characters left alive. It was SUCH a bland book. (See? Look, I am not completely biased here!) 


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