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(72) Top Ten Authors I'm Dying to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten Twenty Authors I'm Dying to Meet.
I've been pretty lucky to have been able to meet so many amazing authors at BEA and ALA, but there are still a few several dozen I'd love to meet!

1. Nora Roberts
She is honestly like my all-time favorite author. Her books got me through high school and some tough shit, and her Circle Trilogy has become an annual reread for me. I've had better luck with her series than her standalones, but I've still got SO many left to read. I love that she's got like a never-ending backlist. Next up on my TBR for her: the Three Sisters Island trilogy! :D

2. Brighton Walsh
BRIGHTON. MY FAVE. I've been a fan of this lady's books since I devoured Caged in Winter one Christmas morning. Her books are not only addictive, but I adore being part of her Brigaders group (even if I don't really participate or go on Facebook WHOOPS BUT I STILL ENJOY IT). 

3. Chelsea Fine
Her AoA trilogy, and reviewing them, is what actually got me into book blogging, so not only are they all-time favorite books, but they are very special to me! Chelsea is a lovely person, too. I'm just very sad it's been a few years since she's had a new book out. I NEED MORE CHELSEA FINE STORIES IN MY Life.

4. Rachel Harris
Ah, Rachel. Kindhearted, sweet, wrote some fabulous books. I've been a huge fan of hers, and a part of her reader group for YEARS. And I'm so sad that I still haven't been able to hug her in person. ONE DAY.

5. Laini Taylor
Gah, I'm still so mad at myself that I didn't try harder to meet her at BEA 2016. Her DoSaB trilogy is one of my favorites ever, and I'm so fucking excited for Strange the Dreamer. I can't wait devour it this weekend. She's definitely one author I *need* to meet someday.

6. Mindy McGinnis
After LOVING A Madness So Discreet, and enjoying all of her other books, she's quickly become another favorite author of mine. I just love that her stories are so gritty and dark and yet hopeful. She's also one of those authors I make sure to follow closely, in case of book news and such. GIMME MORE.

7. K.A. Tucker
I decided against her signing at BEA 2015 for some unknown goddamn reason (I think I wanted to head over to a different signing early), and I wish I would've taken the time to see her. She's one of my favorite NA writers, so THERE BETTER BE A NEXT TIME.

8. Victoria Schwab
VEEE. Gah, I'm still quite bitter that I couldn't go to the con that she came to last year. I did get a signed book out of it (bc Sarah is AWESOME), but it wasn't the same. I've really loved all the books of hers I've read (esp the Shades of Magic series omg my babies), and she's kind of an inspiration for me when it comes to writing and publishing. So I MUST meet her at some point in the near future.

9. Kasie West
I'm pretty jealous of all those who got to meet Kasie this past weekend at Apollycon. I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO MEET HER. Her fluffy contemporaries are such feel-good stories for me, and I've enjoyed/loved them all. And I will read anything she writes.

10. Michelle Smith
Because Play On is such a book of my heart, I may just cry if I do end up meeting Michelle. And I guess that would be payback for my review making her cry. LOL. But seriously, I cannot wait to meet this lady someday. She is so wonderful, and her books are the best kind of stories; uplifting and honest and heartfelt.

11. Emery Lord
I can't believe I almost forgot Emery. Not only is she one of my fave authors, but one of my fave human beings, and I think being in her proximity would make you feel like life is so beautiful and sunshiny and warm. #expectations

 12. Melina Marchetta
I also can't BELIEVE I almost forgot Marchetta. WHO AM I. She is a queen of writing, and I just wish she were closer bc sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get to meet her and then I want to cry over the thought that I won't since Australia is too far away. I hate everything. (Probably for the best as I don't think I'd even be able to talk in her presence)

13. Stacey Lee
Stacey is a more recent favorite of mine. I stayed away from historical fiction that didn't take place during WWII, for no good reason? I guess I thought it was boring? But whoa boy, not the stories that Stacey tells! They are fun and her characters are badass and strong-willed and I just love them so much. I can't wait to read The Secret of a Heart Note

14. Renee Ahdieh
My love for her Wrath and Rose, for Khalid and Shazi, knows no bounds. Renee's writing is just so freaking gorgeous, and I really want to meet the woman behind such amazing books and characters.

15. Paula Stokes 
I just adore Paula. I'd say I adore her books but I still have only read The Art of Lainey omg I am so terrible. BUT I did love that one, and I think she's a pretty awesome person, so I definitely want to meet her!

16. Claire Legrand
I still have only read Some Kind of Happiness, but that was such a personal book for me, and I was so thrilled that she joined the Shattering Stigmas event I helped co-host (idk why I'm mentioning except that it still makes me happy when I think about it! Claire is lovely). Every time she posts snippets of WIPs, it makes me want to read all her books. That will happen. As well as meeting her!

17. Krista and Becca Ritchie
My favorite twins! The Addicted series means a lot to me, like A LOT. I have so much love for the characters and the series, for the way that KB tackled tough subjects, all with grace and kindness and honesty. They are some of the best NA out there, no question. And meeting them would just be AMAZING.

18. Nina Lane
Her Spiral of Bliss series is one of my all-time favorites (still need to finish it, but I've just been dragging my feet, ugh). I've been a fan of her writing for a long time, and I would just LOVE to meet her.

19. Anna-Marie McLemore
Anna-Marie is a new favorite of mine, and I can't believe it took me so long to read her books. They are so lyrical and enchanting, and she seems like a wonderful person just based on her tweets and such. And like, I am just so freaking excited for Wild Beauty and whatever else she's going to publish. I WANT IT ALL.

20. Mary E. Pearson
Because I want to fangirl over the Remnant Chronicles with her and tell her how much her series means to me in person. She already knows I'm a big fan (and she follows me on Twitter! WHAT WHAT), but I still want to meet her so badly. but omg I'm just glad tho that I've got more Remnant books to look forward to. 2018 COME SOONER.

I got to ten, and then I realized GASP I FORGOT SOME OF MY FAVORITES. I FORGOT QUEEN MARCHETTA. HOW DARE I. So yeah, I cheated. Not even sorry. There are still so many fab authors I want to meet someday. AND I'M DETERMINED TO CROSS ALL THESE AUTHORS OFF MY LIST. Even though I'm also nervous about meeting some of them. I mean, how am I supposed to shake Nora's hand without bursting into tears? How am I supposed to fangirl over Melina's words if I can't speak properly in her presence? I've had starstruck moments with authors before, and I think I have definitely gotten better at not being so awkward/quiet, but it's still hard. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. I need to take a class. How to Socialize 101. How to Meet Your Heroes and Not Faint from the Excitement 201. The important stuff!

I'm sure I'm forgetting some authors too (like JK Rowling but I felt that was obvious, of course I want to meet her HAVE YOU MET ME #Pottertrash. also forgot Penelope Douglas, whoops). HAHAHA I CAN'T STOP MAKE ME STOP. 

So anyway, which authors would be on YOUR list? Have you met any of these lovely people yet? Let's talk! :)

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