Thursday, March 2, 2017

Falling In Love With a New Story

I have a confession to make that some of you might already know based on past posts of mine, but: I've never finished writing a story. YUP. NEVER. I don't know really why except that I'm lazy and don't wanna do the work. I've never had a strong motivation TO finish what I start. But I'm kind of at a point in my life where I need to get serious about writing if I really want to become a published author. Like I can't just keep starting and stopping WIPs and never even TRYING to get further. And I'm willing, more than I've ever been, to do the work and make this dream happen.

I started a new story, and though I say this every time, I really think this is the one. It is so much of everything to me, and I find myself utterly in love with it and I'm always either a) thinking about it or b) writing it. Currently, I have more pages of snippets and later scenes than actual story, but I'm going with it. It's working for me right now, and though it's gonna be a pain to piece together all of this at a later point in time, I'm not forcing it. It's been so fun, and also hard to write (it's pushing me to constantly do better), but those are the best WIPs. And I love it so much that I want to talk about it a bit!

1. The main character:
bisexual. angry. 20. intelligent. murderous. motivated. skilled with daggers (and kind of the sword) and the art of killing. determined to make those who shattered her suffer for it and rule the kingdom.

2. The story:
It's about PTSD and healing, about a woman who is tired of men owning her. It's about a girl who was taken from her village at a young age and has spent too many years as a castle whore, the King's favorite, until one day she decides enough. It's a fantasy that deals with rape and the culture surrounding it, that is quiet on the action but not on the characters. It's about revenge and justice and the fine line between the two. It's about Liliana (my MC who needs a better name tbh), becoming a Queen through bloodshed and terror. Not a villain story, but also not a hero story.

3. The love interests:
Emori, one of the new whores in the castle. She's mean and cold and aloof. She doesn't like people and spends much of her time fighting everyone there. She's from a neighboring kingdom, an enemy one, a village that raises hellstorm women. But she's been a slave for as long as she can remember, and yet she is still so strong-willed. She both intrigues and infuriates Liliana, and the two definitely form a close bond.
Hunter, the assassin who turns Liliana into a killer. He's an orphan who was picked up by a member from one of the guild, and trained to become the killer he is today. He's a calculating, cool character who murders for money, and for Liliana. They've been friends for years, and there is a possibility of something more between them.

But don't let this fool you. This isn't a love triangle, nor is it a story with romance in it. Though my MC is attracted to them both, though she cares for them both in different ways, she isn't able start a relationship and doesn't know if she ever will. She still needs time to heal, but that won't happen magically by the end of the book.

4. The most difficult and easiest parts to write:
most difficult: the world-building. ALWAYS the world-building. Right now I have a lot of blankness surrounding the world, especially naaaames. So I've got to spend some time on this alone, and have yet to do it because it's so much work and I'm lazy. haha.

the easiest: surprisingly, it has been the characters. I mean, usually I feel like I know the voice of my MCs early on, and the general personalities of everyone. but these babies have had such strong voices since the beginning, and I'm LOVING writing them and their interactions. the only one I don't know super well is Hunter. I've also got backstories to pin down.

5. The central plot:
tbh, I haven't totally figured this one out. I know that my MC is gonna become Queen, after she along with her assassin murder like everyone. This sounds so terrible. LOL. (oh well, I'm not writing a nice story). And a key element to this is Liliana working through her trauma and her feelings for two different people while moving toward a goal of freeing the women of her kingdom. I feel like there should be more to it, because it's not gonna be a book filled with action. idk. I'm still thinking about it as I write on.

6. Here's a snippet :D

(sorry this isn't super readable. if you click on it, it should be clearer!)

I've been fairly busy with this WIP, and I'm *almost* at 10k words. I just figured out my 2nd chapter, so I've started that, and I'm working out solid backstories. So yeah, I'm excited! I love this story a lot. 

Are you guys writers? Have you ever started a WIP and knew it was the one? How do you move beyond writer's blocks? Let's talk! :)

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